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added by numba1oso
নমস্কার there!
Okay, I know this spot isn't very active, but let's change that, shall we?
Let's start with the announcment of book tow, The সিংহাসন of Fire!
Rick Riordan says the book should be released on May third, 2011. I'm excited now!
The first chapter is up on the website. আপনি can find the link at the bottom of the article.
Also with that link comes the cover. Yes, the cover. It's pretty amazing, actually.
So, how many of আপনি are going to celebrate with a অনুরাগী fiction অথবা two? I might.

Well, I should go.
posted by goddessoflife
Okay, welcome!
I'm still working on this group, but আপনি can go ahead and write arcticles, make questions...anything!
Also, আপনি can make অনুরাগী fictions. I recemend these because I like to read what everyone comes up with.
Any ideas what that name of the পরবর্তি book is?
(I wish I knew!)

Who do আপনি like better?
Carter or
I like Sadie better :P


P.S. Do আপনি like Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
I do...

অথবা not! It wont let me post! Jeez, that gets annoying.
What do আপনি guys want to see in the rest of the series? অথবা do আপনি want new characters to join...I hope it turns out good.
Which one do আপনি like better?
Eygptian অথবা Greek Mythology.
I like Greek better.