The Kane Chronicles The নায়ক of Olympus meet the Kane chronicles!

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PixyStar436 in da house! I got this idea...from some other person. Okay let's start!

PS, if there are { } around words, that means a note FROM ME. Got it? Good.


As soon as we prepared for this trip, the first word we heard was Percy Jackson.

Okay, okay, he wasn't THAT popular. Although my dear brother is a huge fan of him [hey, what was that for?], I mean, Carter CAN do better. There was just a demigod traveler that came with us and WOULD NOT STOP talking about him. Me? I thought it was sickening.

I'm just saying. No offense Percy.

Anyway, when our team came off the ship, we were greeted by two very hot boys. I could see Walt frown from the sight of them.

One had blond hair and the other had black hair. I knew the black haired dude was Percy. They were lithe and built, but not too buff.

Walt had narrowed his eyes.

I took his hand and squeezed it. I let go and shook Percy's hand. "Sadie's the name."

He smiled in a brotherly way. "Nice knowing you. I'm Percy."

After Walt was reassured that Percy wasn't going to cheat on me, he unfolded his arms and shook his hand. He said, "Hey, dude, Walt is my name."

The blonde guy smiled warmly at us and stuck out his hand to the group. "I'm Jason."

Suddenly Cleo yelled, "Hurry up!"

Percy's smile went a little bit crooked. "Okay," I swear one of the Camp Half-Blood campers glared at her in distaste. But Percy cleared his throat. "Let's get going."

"This," He began, "is the sword arena."

"So cool!" Shouted Carter.

"And this is the climbing lava wall..."


"These are the forges. You know, where they make stuff."

"Can I make a--a--staff?" Blurted Carter.

"Excuse me?" Jason and Percy obviously did not know what a staff was. I face-palmed.

Jason was confused. "What's a staff?"

I tried to help. "It's"

Suddenly, a girl walked along. "It's the cool weapon she has there. See?" She pointed.

Our crew stared at her.

"Oh! Sorry! The name's Piper." She said, smiling at me. I smiled back.

She was wearing an orange tank top with short jeans. She also had an eagle feather in her hair. Cool, I thought. Where'd you get those?

She looked at me, arching an eyebrow, like, talk to you later? Then gave Jason a peck on the cheek and strolled away. Jason's face was beet red.

He regained his position, ears slightly pink. Percy snickered.

"Okay. Okay!" Said Jason. He looked like he was trying to forget whatever happened. "Let's move on."

They showed us a ton of cool stuff. At the end of the tour, Piper and I kind of...bonded. She said since Michelle {A character I made up} was on a quest, and won't be back in some time, she offered to share her bunk. She told me it was better than staying in the Hermes cabin anyway. I thanked her and started unpacking. But then...

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The Kane Chronicles 9 উত্তর

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Hey hey hey! I'm back!

PS, the Heroes of Olympus demigods are like the pov style in the Lost Hero. On with the story!


"What is that smell?" Piper scrunched up her nose.

I pointed inside the bag. Piper sighed.

"It's the Stoll brothers."

I didn't know who they were, so Piper explained that they were brothers from the Hermes cabin, and they pranked people a lot. Their names were Connor and Travis.

"And," She concluded, "Connor falls in love with every girl in this camp. You better have a boyfriend..."

I cracked a smile. "Yes. Yes I do."

She grinned. "You can get on with packing up. I'm gonna go check on the boys." And she left.

When I finished packing, I went outside to see what was going on. I guess it was free time.

"Everyone, gather 'round!" Called a scrawny boy. By this time I had caught up with Piper.

"That's Leo. He's gone on a quest with me before. He's acually really helpful." Piper whispered.

"Yeah," Walt added. Walt? He gestured his hands to the Canoe Lake. "We are playing Truth or Dare."

Connor smirked at the crowd. "It's gonna be epic."

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I don't think I'll be posting more unless I see more ppl commenting! Sometimes I can't stop the urge...
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wink today. ; >

Piper III

Everything was in order. They made a friend, stayed in their bunk for a half year, and got used to this kinda routine.

As they got used to it, we started throwing in activities. Capture the flag, steal the bacon, dodgeball...there were so many things to do! Of course, Sadie would get used to it. She was just that kind of girl. And she had a boyfriend. So it seemed mandatory that we had to be friends.

Now the boys were playing the recording of their Truth or Dare game. We watched as it flickered on the screen.

Connor: let's play Truth or Dare!
Jake: no way, man. I'm still hurt, ya see?
Travis: dude, but this is WAY fun. There are no girls!

All the girls glared at Travis.

Boys: < mutter and nod in agreement >
Travis and Connor: < smile smugly >

All the girls glared at their boyfriends.

Carter: so let me start! Walt, truth or dare?
Walt: dare.
Carter: < mimics stroking a beard >
Boys: < shifts in seats >
Carter: Walt, I dare you to do the Macarena in front of...
Boys: < shifts in seats >
Carter: Mr. D!!
Walt: < mouth hangs open > what? No! I bet I'll have to do the dishes for the rest of the month!
Carter: but Mr. D does like the Macarena... < smiles evilly >
Walt: not fair! But I'll do it.
Walt: < walks over to the big house > Mr. D?
Mr. D: yes, twerp?
Walt: I want to do a dance for you... < gulps >
Mr. D: < looks suspicious > well than start, twerp!
Walt: < turns on boom box, starts dancing >

Everyone is in an uproar. Walt looks so funny! And like he's gonna die. Sadie's laughed so hard she's holding her stomach.

Mr. D: are you done yet, twerp?
Walt: < trying not to faint from embarrassment > yessir.
Mr. D: < looks green > good. Now, I need to usher myself to the restroom. < runs to the bathroom and
throws up >
Walt: < runs back to Percy's cabin >
Leo: < grins a tape > we got that piece of epic-ness!
Leo and Connor: < high-five >
Walt: Carter, truth or dare?
Carter: truth...
Walt: do you have a crush on Zia?
Carter: < hesitates and mumbles, > yes...
Walt: < teases > what? Can't hear you, sorry.
Carter: < grumbles > YES! Okay?
Walt: < smiles > okay.

Zia playfully shoved Carter. "What, is it that bad that I'm dating you?" She teased. Carter playfully shoved her back.

Carter: okay, me again. Nico, truth or dare?
Nico: truth.
Will: sissies! Is Walt the only man here?
Will and Walt: < high-five >
Carter: let's give you a feel of being a man. Will, you answer this too. If you chose anyone in this camp
to marry, who would it be?
Nico: has to be in this camp?
Carter: or HAS been.
Nico: Thalia.
Jason: < creases brow > no way, man! She's a hunter!
Nico: < shrugs > whatever, man. Carter said so.
Percy: and Will?
Will: Lacy. I would marry Lacy.

Lacy squealed.

Percy: Nico, your turn...
Nico: Connor, truth or dare?
Connor: dare.
Nico: I dare you to propose to your newest crush.
Percy: not a good dare! I wouldn't do it in a million years.
Nico: < smirks > too bad! You have to do it now, too!!

Silence passed over the crowd.

Percy: < finally he says, > fine.
Sadie: < walks in >
Walt: < smoothing his hair > hey Sadie!
Sadie: < winks at Walt > hey guys!
Walt: < walks over and takes Sadie's hand >
Connor: < yells > hey you! Stop holding hands with my future girlfriend!
Walt: < confused > what are you talking about?
Connor: < kneels down > Sadie, I have been waiting five hours for this but, will you marry me?

Everybody laughed at this. Connor's ears were red.

Walt and Sadie: < stares at Connor >
Sadie: hey, red-head?
Connor: yes, love?

Everyone laughed again. I swear that in Connor's place there was a huge tomato.

Sadie: sorry Connor, but Walt is my boyfriend...
Connor: < stares at the ground >
< sad music plays in the background >
Jake: okay, let's stop being emo like Nico!
Will: your turn, Percy.
Percy: okay. < walks outside to Annabeth > Annabeth, will you marry me?

"Lunch time!!! Pavilion! Everyone!" Called Chiron.

They paused it and saved it for next time.

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