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Okay so we all know about David and তারকা but honeslty...What was they're relationship? David never showed any romantic affection towards তারকা but he was very posesstive of her. Take for example when she's about to get on Michael's bike to go get something to eat, the হারিয়ে গেছে Boy's zoom up and box them in. Then David asks where she's going, she reply's saying "for a ride" and then he just stares at her and says "Star". Honeslty what is going on! I'd প্রণয় to hear all your opinion's on what আপনি think was going on between them :)
posted by Outsidersfan123
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~three months earlier~~~~~~~~~~"Hey sweetheart are আপনি positive that আপনি don't want to go with me and your stepdad to New York" my mom ব্যক্ত "yeah mom it would be nice to spend a couple of years with dad" I ব্যক্ত "call me as soon as আপনি get off the the plane ok" mom ব্যক্ত "mom calm down im 18 years old i am going to graduate in 11 months im not 12 anymore" I ব্যক্ত "your right sweetie sorry" " its ok mom". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the airport~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As I walked in the airport me and my mom ব্যক্ত a tearful good bye and got in the plane to take me to Santa Carla,California.I then sighed saying "great from sunny Arizona to sunny and burning hot California".
this is my পছন্দ movie of all time!-the first one! i wish the হারিয়ে গেছে boys had stayed হারিয়ে গেছে no আরো horrible movies! and if i was a critic i would say thumbs down no আরো হারিয়ে গেছে boys চলচ্চিত্র they are just not as good as the first! so who's with me?
come on! we need people to say how they feel about anything this was just my opinion,you have your's i am incouraging everyone to write somthing
somthing great that speaks to the world about something আপনি hate and somthing আপনি like something আপনি feel অথবা have! we need people to speak out!
posted by Outsidersfan123
~~~2 hours later at the Santa Carla airport~~~ "Grace is that you" dad ব্যক্ত I nodded "hey dad long time no see" "6 years hows mom" "she's fine dad" "lets go home". on the way to the house I told my dad everything that has happend sense I last visited "I cant believe how old আপনি are now 18" ~~~~~~~~~~~ at the house ~~~~~~~~ "I left the room the way it was when আপনি last visited me" ব্যক্ত dad "thanks dad" i ব্যক্ত i stared at my room a king size বিছানা with purple satin covers,white curtains,a tv,a computer,a desk,a nightlight,drawers,and a closet."you start school tommarrow ok Gracey" i smiled at the nickname dad gave me when i was 7 "ok dad"
posted by giveCoreyaStar
Petition supporting Coreys family, sister, six degrees of hell movie makers and his fanbase to get him a তারকা on the Walk of Fame.


"“My family is so happy with the #givecoreyastar! campaign! Thanks to everyone involved esp @6degreesofhell and some special fans!”"- Cari Haim

“March 19, 2012 - Strong efforts are underway to help COREY get his Hollywood Star!" -

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“As the...
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