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I really loved The Luxe series and I kept wondering who could play the Hollands if there was a movie so I finally got the নায়িকা I would like for those parts.
And here they are the Elizabeth Holland and Diana Holland in my head for the book... I got 2 options for each:
My first option is Teresa Palmer(Elizabeth) and Kristen Stewart (Diana) because I think they really look alike.
My সেকেন্ড option is Evan Rachel Wood (Elizabeth) and Emma Watson (Diana).

So,what do আপনি think? (I would really like to know, so please comment!)
 Teresa Palmer
Teresa Palmer
ক্রিস্টেন স্টুয়ার্ট
Kristen Stewart
 Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel Wood
এমা ওয়াটসন
Emma Watson
The Holland family(except Elizabeth and Diana) want Elizabeth to marry Henry Schoonmaker, only one problem....
SHE DOESNT প্রণয় HIM!!!!
Diana loves Henry making it a big love-square because Penelope THINKS she loves Henry but personally I am not sure she really does(I am still on the first book people, stay with me)
Diana and Henry are a perfect match. I personally wish Elizabeth would stop being a snob to Lina though. She fires her because she spills tea, big woop.
Sorry I have gone compleatly out of subject.
So my opinion is that Henry and Diana should be together.