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 1x21- Miss Red
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This The Mentalist screencap contains পাঠকক্ষ, তাড়িখানা, গুদাম, and স্টোরেজ গুদাম. There might also be খেলবার, পারিবারিক কক্ষ, and বৈঠকখানা.

Soo this is my first (Jisbon) অনুরাগী fic I'm writing, so I hope আপনি like it! I'm not familiar with the ratings on অনুরাগী fictions but... okay I'll tell it straight away... there's no sex in it. Also, sorry for my spelling errors! Hope আপনি like it and please comment!


It was slowly getting dark and the সারমেয় were tired of searching, so was the team. অগ্রদূত Pelt could see her boss getting আরো nervous every single সেকেন্ড she stood there.

She didn't blame her tough, it wasn't every দিন when your colluege gets হারিয়ে গেছে in the woods. Jane wanted to proove something again in a case, and ব্যক্ত he'd find it in...
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I knew it! I knew that Jane figured out the change in Rigsby and অগ্রদূত Pelt's relationship! He was just waiting for the right moment to use it to his advantage. Although I still thought he could have held out a little longer, but knowing Jane, the temptation was just killing him, he had to blurt it out.

As for Rigsby, denying it only admitted his guilt. Instead of "I don't know what আপনি are talking about" he should have ব্যক্ত "Me and অগ্রদূত Pelt, I wish, but আপনি know that's against the rules Jane". Anything other than how well he handled the 'black mail' moment. Shame on আপনি Jane, the amount of things...
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