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 The Narrative single 'Moving Out"
The Narrative single 'Moving Out"
On the begining of 2016, The Narrative return of their quiet period of সঙ্গীত production for the new album, and released the song "Moving Out". Read the premiere note:

To listen the song, click link

"Formed nearly a decade পূর্বে in Long Island, New York, indie pop/rock duo The Narrative sprung onto the scene in 2008 with their debut EP, Just Say Yes, and continued to build buzz with their 2010 full-length, self-titled debut. Several successful tour outings, tons of media praise, and a loyal fanbase forged from DIY ethics characterized the following years, but the band have been relatively quiet...
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 The Narrative @ New York
The Narrative @ New York
Check out the premiere of The Narrative's new single "Chasing a Feeling" at American Songwriter:


The Artist: The Narrative
The Song: “Chasing a Feeling”
Fun Fact: This Long Island duo met on Craigslist.

Songwriter Says: “‘Chasing a Feeling’ is about accepting that life keeps moving forward, whether অথবা not you’re ready for it. Being indecisive doesn’t stop everything around আপনি from changing, and getting swept up in a really difficult moment in your life can feel endless but eventually it passes. It’s about time, how আপনি spend it, and how it eventually brings আপনি clarity and...
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On December 2, The Narrative released their long waited সেকেন্ড studio album titled Golden Silence. After 4 years of production, the 12-track album is a mixture of their lives, their stories, and musical influences. Different from their পূর্ববর্তি albums, Golden Silence is a male-female album featuring a modern yet classic sound composition. Songs such as "Oklahoma Air" hold a country air and in "Reason to Leave" the banjo screams for freedom. "Chasing a Feeling" put the atmosphere in a cool upbeat and as "California Sun" holds to "It feels good with the sun in your eyes, good vibes and the golden silence".

Listen and buy "Golden Silence" on link
 the narrative single "chasing a feeling"
the narrative single "chasing a feeling"
Lyrics from the new single দ্বারা The Narrative, "Chasing a Feeling" from the forthcoming album to be released in the fall 2014.


Creature from another life
Walking out from in the light
The times is wrong, place is right
And he crosses to the other side

He reached out and touched her hand
Yeah, and awoke in wonderland
Where black is white and wrong is right
But she killed him with her half smile

It made his life worth living

And now she's gliding away
And he hesitates
Yeah, he waits and he waits
Now she's changing her name
Petals in the air float to the ground
Oh this life is fleeting, fleeting, fleeting
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The Narrative
Song: Eyes Closed
Album: Just Say Yes
Date: 2008

The clouds hold
A storm over this road
You're dreaming
Or at least you've got your eyes closed

And this dormant প্রণয় আপনি built
Inside your stubborn ways,
Well it's begging now for air,
Oh the sudden breath of change

As these waves crash
Against the highway cliffs
I'm so scared
They'll flood me where I sit
When roads they change to waterways
They never carry প্রথমপাতা

You pull back
And আপনি angle towards the window
Now the rain is crashing down
And oh my god, you're beautiful

And I'm so unsated
Still I pray you'll hold back your escape (from...
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The Narrative will release soon the new single "Chasing a Feeling" from the new album. The name of the single was confirmated দ্বারা the band on ফেসবুক post, with a "Soooooooon" caption.
The band not say the তারিখ of the debut video, but they ব্যক্ত in others social networks, that it is really close to be finished and released.

আরো the narrative news at link
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 The Narrative new single "Chasing a Feeling" frame
The Narrative new single "Chasing a Feeling" frame
This Wednesday, 27, The Narrative released their last single "Toe the Line" on আপনি can listen to the song on the link bellow


Check bellow the lyrics:

You make sure আপনি sure look fine
I'll come প্রথমপাতা and toe the line
I know men are made of dreams
sometimes dreams are all they see

Paint it black and paint it white
paint it 'til আপনি feel alright
I see color, I see red
I see মহাকাশ between our bed

And we've got a long road
But we've got a burning coal
Sometimes it feels too hot to hold
I hope it never goes
I hope it never goes cold

Able tongues they come and go
sneak right দ্বারা the radio
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 The Narrative album
The Narrative album
The Narrative
Song: Don't Want To Fall

This is a decision that I've know for a while made,
I remind my self as I'm walking up to your gate.
through the wire and diamonds I can see your shape,
your fumbling around with your keys.
You say we can sit and stay but I'm trouble keeping up with আপনি pleasantries
don't আপনি find them unsettling, can we go walking?

It's probably a good idea; yeah It's probably a good idea.

'Cause I don't want to fall in প্রণয় with আপনি again
I'm so afraid I'm capable of it.
And after time I can't accept you're still the song on my breath.
You're not easy to forget.

Moving in rhythm...
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