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posted by BlairChuckFan
♥Seth: So what's the GP,RA?

Seth: I didn't know they had মিউজিক্যাল in Chino. I didn't even know they had dancing অথবা laughter.

Seth: Over-exposure, its a major উৎস of conflict in a relationship. Summerith, Sethimer? আপনি understand what I'm saying?
Ryan: No no, but that's normal.

Seth: What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.
Ryan: What happens in Mexico?
Seth: I don't know because it stays there! That's why we must go.

Summer: Besides, Marissa is happy now.
Seth: And দ্বারা happy আপনি mean gay.

Seth: Alright, I'm gonna go make magic happen. I feel like my hair's working for me tonight.

Seth: Hold up,...
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posted by Iheartthetele
    [Seth and Summer Cohen went into their limo and drove out of the large Cohen house, headed to the Airport. Their wedding was perfect all they could ever imagine. আপনি see them in the back of the limo waving to their family and বন্ধু saying goodbye till they come back.]

“I am so excited for Tahiti, Cohen!!” ব্যক্ত summer with a gleaming smile on her face.
Seth rubbed her cheek. “It’s where I’ve always wanted to bring আপনি with me. I প্রণয় আপনি so much.”
“I প্রণয় আপনি too. Always have.” Summer said, gazing into his beautiful brown eyes.
She runs her hands through...
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Ryan: Maybe আপনি have the summer flue
Seth: Yeah. It's November, but it's possible.
Ryan: And maybe আপনি need some Anna biotics.

Summer: Why don't আপনি go work another corner?

Seth: I was nemo and I wanted to go home.

Marissa: It's great. Isn't it great?
Summer: It's great.
Seth: What's great?

Seth: What happenes in Mexico, stays in Mexico.
Ryan: What happens in Mexico?
Seth: I don't know becuase it stays there. That's what we must go!

Seth: What are আপনি doing?
Ryan: Studying.
Seth: Dude, I cant take it anymore. Puch somebody for old times sake.

Marissa: Who are you?
Ryan: Whoever আপনি want me to be.

Seth: Dude,...
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posted by girly_girl
5: Starting up my list, at number five we have Seth and Alex. Yes, alot of
people forget that before Alex and Marrisa, there was a brief time when Alex
and Seth went out! From the off, they seemed to be a couple who really had
alot in common, too much in common as Seth later found out!

4: Summer and Zach are at number four on my list. They may have looked cute
together but from the moment Seth and former "Ice queen" Summer first locked
eyes, we knew they were destined to be together and we pretty much hated
any one who got in the way of them!

3: Coming in at number three, we have Lindsay and Ryan....
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posted by niky16

“So, has anyone seen Marissa?” Anna asked as she glanced at the clock that now read 10:40.

“Nope, can’t say I have, but knowing Marissa and how she was অভিনয় at The Bait ভান্দার last night, she’s probably suffering from a major hangover and trying to make it go away with downing a couple more, at that Volchek guy’s house.” Summer fumed at the mention of Marissa Cooper.

“Hey, cool it. She’s going through a rough time, with Hailey coming back and all, she’s most likely having mixed emotions right about now.” came the unexpected reply of Seth.

“Well Hailey was...
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posted by niky16
“Actually Cooper, my mom talked to Hailey today on the phone and she ব্যক্ত that Hailey was thinking of moving back to কমলা County to start up a new business branch here and leave her business partner in charge of the branch in Hawaii.”

“Yea right, I appreciate your pathetic attempt to cheer me up Seth, but I don’t buy it. Now if আপনি excuse me I need to go get plastered and forget about this whole thing.” Marissa ব্যক্ত as she drained what was left of her beverage.

“Marissa wait,” Anna yelled to her as she walked out of the lounge.

“What?” Marissa ব্যক্ত slightly annoyed

“It starts...
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posted by niky16
“I could really use a drink.” Marissa answered

“Coming right up,” Alex smiled as she took a glass from behind her.

“Alex, what are আপনি doing? She’s not 21, আপনি could loose your license for that.” Mandy warned (Her bartender’s license)

“Eh, she’s had a bad day, leave her alone.” Alex ব্যক্ত as she handed Marissa a tall glass.

“I was just trying to look out for you.” Mandy mumbled as she continued to serve people drinks.

“Yea well, she’s with me.” Alex grinned

Marissa handed Alex a couple of dollar bills, but Alex declined them. “It’s on the house.” she ব্যক্ত as Marissa...
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posted by niky16
chapter 5.

Volchek turned into a darkened alleyway where he halted his prized posession of transportation. He stepped out, cigarette in hand and walked over to the side of a building. The door opened a crack to see who was outside and beady little black eyes peered from within.

"About time. You're late." the gruff voice from the other side of the door spoke

"Yea, I know, I got held up." Volchek ran his hand over his head.

"This is the third time its happened, once আরো and I'm cutting আপনি off."

"C'mon O'Malley আপনি wouldn't do that, that's bad business skills right there"

"No, its a smart business...
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posted by kellyclarkson12
Well,I have to express my opinions about my favourite characters and Summer Roberts is my favourite. And now,those are the reasons why I admire her so much and want to look like her:
1.She is very good,kind,beautiful and helpful
2.She is very caring and protective about her job in season 3.I really liked the way she protected the cute rabbits.
4.She is very good বন্ধু with the rest of the characters especially Ryan,Marissa and the new character Taylor Townsend and she is very fun to be with.
5. She is very fightsy and strong character. After all the difficulties she's been through,she has overcomed...
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posted by kelsey887
Here's a তালিকা of my পছন্দ : )

5. Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle
4. Ryan and Taylor
3. Marissa and Volchok (they were interesting..)
2. Ryan and Marissa










article :O

- captain oats and princess sparkle were a good fit : ) both plastic ঘোড়া বিষয়ক and all

- ryan and taylor were funny, i liked taylors stalking tendencies and pretending to be his sleep therapist and all

- marissa and volchok was kinda messed upp but it was interesting, and since ryan and sadie were also going on at that time, marissa and volchok seemed so interesting...
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posted by mtgryanchando
It's been nearly 7 years since "The O.C." ended on FOX, but what would have become of the characters after the প্রদর্শনী ended? Thanks to Adam Brody, there is now a possible answer for one of them.

In an interview with Nylon magazine, the actor says his character, Seth Cohen, would likely be dead দ্বারা now. Hold your horses, "O.C." fans, that doesn't necessarily make it canon. Still, Brody says, "I think he'd be going down to Mexico and probably had a bad car accident. It wasn't any fault of his own, but yeah, knowing what I know now about Seth and his poor decision-making, that's my guess."

It's not an entirely unhappy ending for Seth, as his afterlife experience sounds pretty fantastic. "I mean, he's probably hanging out in heaven watching Jimi Hendrix and Lou Reed live," Brody says. "He's probably getting the best সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান ever!" Summer (Rachel Bilson) must have been devastated, though.
posted by niky16
Chapter 8: Thursday: The Rebellion

Marissa laid sprawled out with Volchek on his mattress when there was a knock on the door. Volchek sat up lazily and glanced in the general direction of where the knock had come from as Marissa began to stir from her sleep beside him.

“Yo Volchek!” the voice yelled through the door.

Volchek got up, running a hand over his head and opened the door. Revealing a group of dingy looking guys, holding a couple packs of বিয়ার and cigarettes.

“What’s she doing here?” one guy asked

“Sleeping.” Volchek replied with a grin.

Marissa sat up and looked around the...
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posted by niky16
“Notice how she never denied it. Okay so Summer had a point about Marissa and Hailey, now Marissa is hanging out with that surf nazi of hers and I think she’s developing feelings for that Bait ভান্দার manager. So let’s look at it this way, Hailey is coming back and Marissa says she doesn’t want to see her, but we both know that she does. Her surf nazi boyfriend has her doing কোকাকোলা and lying on her back like somebody’s দুশ্চরিত্রা and now Marissa has feelings for yet another girl. I mean don’t get me wrong, ...Marissa has been my best friend for most of my life and I really don’t want to...
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posted by niky16
“What are আপনি going to L.A. for Marissa?” Anna asked suspiciously

“Um, shopping.” Marissa lied

“So you’re taking two cars?” Seth asked

“No...in fact, if আপনি would be so kind as to drive my car home?” Marissa asked

“Sure...I guess.” Seth ব্যক্ত as he ran a hand through his hair.

“Oh really, so you’re not going to visit a certain someone.” Anna persisted

“Uh..no. What are আপনি talking about? I don’t even know anybody who’s in L.A.-
Marissa stopped in mid-sentence as it dawned on her that Hailey was in L.A.
Seth grabbed Anna দ্বারা the arm with an excused

“C’ mon Anna I’m...
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Hi guys!

So, I প্রণয় Ryan and Marissa, I'm pretty sure আপনি know that. And I প্রণয় all their scenes. But I decided to write about MY শীর্ষ ten RM scenes. There are লিঙ্ক in case আপনি don't remeber!

10. The Debutant dance -Don't really know why I প্রণয় it, just do.

9. The First তারিখ - I thought this was cute and funny!

8. A playful moment - This was when they were playing with a brownie. I really wish they had আরো moments like this instaed of the drama!*Half of the scene is in the cohen house and with Theresa(ugh)

7. Marissa seeing Ryan leaving Newport(Season 1) - I think this is one...
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1. Ryan - Ryan is basically like a bad boy with a heart. At first, I thought he would betray the Cohens অথবা somthing like that, but it turned out he he was really looking out for them. I প্রণয় him.

2. Summer - Okay, আপনি just have to প্রণয় Summer. She's funny, pretty, a good friend, and perfect for Seth. We all be lucky if she was our sister in my opinion.

3. Seth - Seth is adorable, funny, and sarcastic.
Does much আরো need to be said?

4. Sandy - I don't really know why, but I প্রণয় Sandy. He is my favroite parent on the OC. If it wasn't for him, we wouldnt have gotten to know Ryan.

5. Marissa - I know...
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posted by odekanmi
Ryan and Seth are brothers according to O.c series.Seth is is the Biological son while Ryan is the adopted one but what are similarities and differences Similarities 1 They are both males 2 They প্রণয় their chicks 3 They keep entering girl drama issues 4 They প্রণয় to hang out 5 They both have the nack for trouble 6 They both প্রণয় their family 7 They both প্রণয় playing computer games Enough of the similarities let's check out the differences Differences 1 They don't have the same genetic make up 2 Seth as lived in O.C all his life while Ryan grew up in chino 3 Seth lived in the main house while...
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posted by girly_girl
After লেখা about my least fave couples on The O.C, I decided to write about my faves!

My Fave O.C Couples:

5: Okay so the might have been the reason that Summer and Seth, (who I believe
were destined to be together since they first locked eyes!) weren't together in
Season one and two, but I have to say that Seth and Anna were my number five
couple on The O.C. They were as quirky as each other and shared the same sense
of humour. And they looked really cute together!

4: Marrisa and Ryan are my number four. Yes, I know that aside from Summer and
Seth, they are most peoples fave O.C couple. But...
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posted by girly_girl
So alot of the cast have Twitter pages and I have made an প্রবন্ধ so আপনি can follow them!

*link {Played Taylor Townsend}

*link {Played Ryan Atwood}

*link {Played Summer Roberts}

*link {Played Seth Cohen}

*link {Played Marrisa Cooper}

*link {Played Julie Cooper}

*link {Played Alex in Season 2}
 A ছবি Autumn পোষ্ট হয়েছে of herself on her twitter page!
A photo Autumn posted of herself on her twitter page!
posted by Madzalicious
Last week I decided to find my DVD Box of The O.C. season 2...I hadn't watched The O.C. since it stopped!
As I started watching I slowly remembered why I totally adored this series and why no other series (in my opinion) will ever get the same right mix of humor and drama and everyday problems.
Personally I watch a lot of different series, from 24 to Desperate Housewives to ক্রাইম সিন ইনভেস্টিগেশন (Miami, Las Vegas AND New York!) to Gossip Girl and everything inbetween. I am very aware of the fact that I am addicted to watching series...but yet I have figured out that not one of these series has প্রদত্ত me the same...
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