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Full Name; Dark The Demon.
Age; 10.
Lives with; Where ever Mephiles goes.
Country; Unknown.
Food; Unknown.
Movie; Unknown.
T.V. Show; Unknown.
Music; Bloodcurdling screams...
Video Game; Unknown.
Sport; Unknown.
Bffs; None.
Enimies; Mephiles, Sonic, Rebecca, Robo-Knuckles, Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, and Crescent.
Rivals; None.
Instrament; None.
Likes; Destruction, death, and chaos.
Dislikes; Others.
Personality; Cold hearted, emotionless, cruel, ungiving, and সামগ্রিক evil.

How I discovered him...

Rebecca's home---

I sat with Rebecca, Manic, and Robo-Knuckles, on a পালঙ্ক watching T.V.

Crescent would have been with...
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Lucifer the Dark

Nickname: Luck.
Species; Genetically altered Mobian African pygmy hedgehog-demon.
Name deprived from; link, god of hell, demon, Satan, devil, light-bearer, morning star, fallen angel.
Age: Unknown, ageless. Probably about 27 in the current timeline.

Theme Song: link

Lucifer was created as a back-up for the link, in case the original failed. In a way, আপনি could say that this made Lucifer and Solaris ‘cousins’. Nicknamed ‘Project Lucifer’ after the after Satan, because of the Scientist’s unwillingness to work on two experiments at once. What the scientist’s didn’t count...
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Name; Rachel link the Hedgehog.
Call-sign/Operational Nickname; Mercy.
Age; 17.
Theme Song; link.
Location; No-where. Roamer.
Parantage; Father; Sonic the Hedgehog. Mother; Unknown. Died during childbirth.
Abilities; Control over water (Ironic, considering she hates it) speed (just as fast, if not, faster than her father) and can use most weapons.
Armed with; Arkansas Toothpick, P-90 Assult Rifle, AK-47, Heckler & Kock G-11, RDX Grenades, Desert Eagle, R-7 Jetpack, Maghook, and a few M-22 Plazma Grenades.
Weapon discription; Arknsas toothpick; A long sword ক্রুশ Dagger, so sharp if আপনি leant on...
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