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posted by MephilesTheDark
My হৃদয় was thumping hard in my chest, my breath all I could hear in the darkness. The fear of the hunted lay down upon my shoulders, adrenaline the only thing keeping me from falling to my knees.

I was exhausted. The enemy was not far behind... I pushed myself faster, knowing it was hopeless. he would catch me.

If I weren't so preoccupied with my flee, I would have shuddered at the thouht of those venomous green, reptile-like eyes, the blood-red sclera accenting the image of fear.

My legs felt like lead, my arms were heavy, my breath coming in raggid gasps as I tried futiley to get away from...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
Full Name; Dark The Demon.
Age; 10.
Lives with; Where ever Mephiles goes.
Country; Unknown.
Food; Unknown.
Movie; Unknown.
T.V. Show; Unknown.
Music; Bloodcurdling screams...
Video Game; Unknown.
Sport; Unknown.
Bffs; None.
Enimies; Mephiles, Sonic, Rebecca, Robo-Knuckles, Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, and Crescent.
Rivals; None.
Instrament; None.
Likes; Destruction, death, and chaos.
Dislikes; Others.
Personality; Cold hearted, emotionless, cruel, ungiving, and সামগ্রিক evil.

How I discovered him...

Rebecca's home---

I sat with Rebecca, Manic, and Robo-Knuckles, on a পালঙ্ক watching T.V.

Crescent would have been with...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
Defeated. Again.

I melted into my shadow form; a black puddle-like substance, as my defeator, Shadow, stepped over me, holding out The Sceptre of Darkness. I refused to be trapped in that again!

He stood with it out in front of him, and held it up. The cursed object floated in the air above his head, his arms outsteached.

In this melted form, I was pulled towards it, until I was contained. Only for a few seconds, however, as I destroyed it, fear the only thing I felt. I was never going to be held prisoner it that thing again.

The bat girl gasped in horror as the Sceptre shattered, "It's destroyed!"...
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Cold and dark, a place where shadows thrived. Much of my time had been spent in the shallow recesses of my mind, a meaningless black hole of confusion and destruction, ripped apart দ্বারা my violent memories.

I am Mephiles the Dark, shade and intelligence of Solaris, the eternal sun god, a creature with the power to travel through time. The other half is Brother, known as Iblis, the raw power of our being. Brother is a monster made of living flames, a heartless creature with destructive intents.

We became separate entities when an Energy engine failed during our creation, splitting us into two...
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Welcome to the land down under, we're gonna kick আপনি in a lake!
যেভাবে খুশী guy
A beutiful song I found when looking for my faveroute type of music; orchestral অথবা classical. From the movie about World War II, Schindler's List, comes হারিয়ে গেছে Children.
schindlers তালিকা
হারিয়ে গেছে children
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