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In Bart Simpson #12 On page 16 homer has glasses insanly put on him from প্রতিমূর্তি 5-6 on page 16

On page 5 of #12 in প্রতিমূর্তি 5-6 Maggie is not holding a sword as she is in image 5

Also on pages4-5 of #12 Santa-choo has no spot on his right cheek

On page 10 lisa's right foot, left দস্তানা and Right দস্তানা have white diamands on image 2(middle image)
However in image 3 she does not have them on.

if আপনি want to reply there is a reply piece in the ফোরাম of the simpson comics
it includes if আপনি want to add changes in #12 অথবা other SIMPSONS COMICS(including Simpsons classics,Lisa comics ect.)