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The song's dark and edgy, and Bonfyre is dark and edgy.
The chorus is how wyldfyre sees the world...
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group motto.
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victim ঘোমটা mentality
Something to tide আপনি over until I start releasing some of the big things; Here is everything you'll need to know about certain people, objects and deities in my main series of অনুরাগী characters!

Cresoon: The goddess of the crescent moon and the creator of the Kayverian race. Cresoon is believed to have been born at midnight of the very first night a crescent moon lit up the night sky, earning her tthe শিরোনাম of Goddess of the Crescent Moon. Cresoon is worshipped mainly দ্বারা the Crescent tribe and a few stragglers who believe in the words of the crazy old Kayverian who claimed to have been taught...
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