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posted by winxoxoclub
So we tried sleeping again. We all stayed awake this time though, cus we sooo didn't want the insistent to happen again.
Bloom: wow, I can't picture us turning evil, especially not Flora!
Flora: নমস্কার I can turn evil as often as I want! Hm!
Stella: I don't want to. We MUST have had TERRIFYING cloths!
Layla: gee it would probably give us good exersize!
Tecna: it's so. Illogical! Who has ever heard of the bad winx?
Musa: we'll defiantly not me!
The winx all laughed.
Kiiiiiii keeeeK
Bloom: oh, Kiko what's rong?
He pointed at the winx, then made devil horns, pointed at himself and made glasses with his hands.
Bloom: you.....you saw us turn evil?
Bloom started crying.
Flora: I.... I can't believe WE were the ones who destroyed alfea!
Winx: we know!!!
They all started crying themselves to sleep. Kiko ended up sleeping on Blooms lap.
Bloom: go....! Go.....!
Flora: ugh. Blooooomm.......stop kicking....
Stella: shut up.....
Layla: groan
Tecna: *snoor*
Musa; -.-.
Good morning! ব্যক্ত the winx.
posted by Princess-Flora
 I missed আপনি
I missed you
Wizards of the black বৃত্ত versus the Specialists
Tecna: আপনি did (relieved and everyone looks over in her direction)
Ms. Faragonda: yes, but আপনি will have to do it fast because after midnight the spell will become permanent (hint at what the cure is)
Tecna: okay but what is the cure
Ms. Faragonda: (if আপনি figured out the hint then আপনি know the cure) true loves kiss
Tecna: Really? (Shocked that it is so simple)
Ms. Faragonda: I would hurry because there is only five মিনিট until midnight
Tecna: okay, but what if it doesn’t work?
Ms. Faragonda: (sighs) then আপনি will have to say goodbye and it also...
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AN: Hey! Stellamusa101/FinalAccount here! So, before আপনি scroll down and read, I have something to tell you, they would be some Italian words in this article, well, as a spell অথবা something (but if আপনি don't understand it then guess what it means). BTW, if আপনি watch Once Upon A Time, well, then this story is inspired দ্বারা it. Thank you!

There was a storm. Musa can hear the sounds of thunder there. Stella can feel the ignorance of the rain there. Flora can feel the plants getting water from the rain. Though it was a good sign, they still feel something bad behind the presence of the rain.

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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
"Well girls, wonderful job on defeating Trittanus. আপনি will all get a vacation soon, and along with some very special Red ফোয়ারা boys..." Ms. Faragonda teased.

Stella, being her usual upbeat self, squealed."Really? We NEED new clothes! ASAP!!!"

Suddenly, there was a loud crash, followed দ্বারা screams.

"What is going on??" Flora asked.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, we better go check it out!! Let's go girls!!" Bloom commanded.

The girls transformed into their Sirenix and flew outside, only to see the infamous Valtor fighting some girl in an unfamiliar form.

"This is what আপনি get for not agreeing...
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 The best character in Winx...
The best character in Winx...

5. Mitzi: I will start off with an extremely unpopular opinion. Mitzi is my fifth পছন্দ character. I honestly have yet to see one person besides myself who actually likes Mitzi. So why do I like her? I like her because she hates Bloom, crappy reason, yeah I know but I can't help it. I also like her because she is a Trix fangirl like myself. While all of the people in Gardiania (sp?) where all 'yay Winx' she was like 'Aw yeah Trix'. That made me laugh. I also really প্রণয় her witty insults and comebacks.

4. Darcy; She is one of my পছন্দ because of her general attitude. She's calm...
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I see on a blog a post like this and i read it . I though some অনুরাগী would agree if i will post some trix stuff . it made দ্বারা an anonymous অনুরাগী . :

As for the Trix, firstly, the appearance of the Ancient Witches makes them look like older versions of the Trix. They’re as good as look alikes.

I remember Stormy saying, after they failed to get the Dragon’s Flame from Stella’s ring, “We shall be as we once were. There was no explosion” in the RaiEng dub of S1, and in the French and Italian dubs, it’s আরো like, “We will be like in the ancient times. In those times, there was no explosion.”...
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posted by summergreen
[Helia drives up to Flora after she sees the painting of him and her to apologize for স্নেহ চুম্বন Admeral]
Helia: I am so happy আপনি texted. আপনি look amazing today…. Did আপনি like it? ….. Please say something.
Flora: আপনি ruined everything.
Helia: I know.
Flora: No, আপনি don’t know. আপনি ruined us! আপনি ruined every other relationship I will ever have. How am I supposed to fall for someone else when you, do things like that!
Helia: I don’t want আপনি to fall for anyone else.
Flora: But I need to…. Because I can’t be with you.
Helia: We were bigger than my one mistake. We are bigger.
Flora: No, no you...
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posted by Flora_xx
 There's some Flora and Helia drama stirring up...
There's some Flora and Helia drama stirring up...
Previously on Decisions...

"Helia, son, there is no easy way to tell আপনি this but আপনি cannot be with Flora" His dad said

"What? Why?" Helia shouted, outraged

"You're betrothed to another girl"



"Helia, I never knew আপনি were engaged!" Flora said, looking at her boyfriend for answers

"Neither did I" Helia ব্যক্ত glaring at his parents, if looks could kill, both of them would be on the floor as dead as a well...a dead person.

"Listen son, we got আপনি engaged so that it would help our family. আপনি know we need money right now,...
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posted by lovebaltor
Author's Note: Due to the success of my link, I decided to make one based on our পছন্দ witches. I do hope আপনি all enjoy.


Question 1: Which of these styles most স্যুইটস্‌ you?

A. Something blue, it's got to have blue. If not...something dark, and equally charming. Can't loose those boots, and of course the mascara and nail polish. It shouldn't clash, but it shouldn't have much either. An occasional নেকলেস অথবা bracelet wouldn't hurt either.

B. I need something dark, like purple, অথবা even the slightest hint of violet. But, it needs to look good - retro even....
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posted by Flora_xx
 Get ready for a FloraHelia story...
Get ready for a FloraHelia story...
I'm back with a new story that I've been DYING to write! Of course I couldn't start straight away cuz I was still in the middle of 'The Fairy Of Nature' (It's completed now! Plz read!) so I kept that idea in mind and - Enough of my almost life story! Onto the story...
Ps. Oh I almost forgot! This one is আরো descriptive than my first fanfiction! And the characters may be অভিনয় differently but it's my story!


Somewhere in Magix...

The Winx and the Specialists where downtown in Magix just hanging out and enjoying time with each other when...
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posted by Flora_xx
 Flora has been saved!
Flora has been saved!
Sorry, not many pictures cuz It would take me longer to post this. So last time, they got the antidote for Flora and managed to save her before she died but Diana escaped and left a note for them. With her bond with nature, Flora managed to open the doors of the dungeon. Riven all led them to a dead end and they could hear a voice looking for them...
Voice: Let's look here

Layla: Look what আপনি got us into Riven!

Voice: I found them!

Chatta: Who is it? I can't look!

Stella: Flora! Guys! Chatta? Lizzie?

Flora: Stella! Thank goodness! I thought you...
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posted by enchanting424
I got this idea from lovebaltor's প্রবন্ধ about the Trix, so yes, this প্রবন্ধ is defending Layla/Aisha...

Ok, so my point is to not make everyone loved crazed অনুরাগী of Layla, but come ON! Lets get serious, im so sick of seeing মতামত regarding that girls on here dont like her for her skin color অথবা her feautures that most resemble an african american woman. i really dont give a damn if আপনি dont like layla, thats your choice,but dont post মতামত saying shes ugly because shes DARK,or ugly because her hair looks nappy অথবা whatever. Im sorry, but racism, even the littlest bit of it,is so offensive,...
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posted by tslol99
Stella just found out she has a sister

Stella: My WHAT!!!
Stella:s mom: Your sister she is going to Alfea পরবর্তি year
Stella: পরবর্তি YEAR
Stella's mom: Guys give us a sec please u can get t know Cassie Cassie y don't u প্রদর্শনী them your room
Musa: Ok come on Cassie right
Cassie: Yes

the others leave Stella and her mother with and go into Cassie's room

Brandon: Sooo Cassie aaahhhhh what do u like to do
Cassie: I like to read write walk my cat FB
Tecna: What does that stand for
Cassie: ফুল Bloom
(everyone looks at Flora and Bloom both girls blush)
I know but I named her that before I even heard of Bloom
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 Group believix + cheesy power fight = Turning off the tv! :D
Group believix + cheesy power fight = Turning off the tv! :D
Before i start this ff, i'll like to say sorry not for finishing দ্বারা other one, none seemed to read it so i guess there wasn't much point in doing it. Anyway please মতামত rate and enjoy! :)

"Look at what my sweetheart got me! He's ssoo sweet!" Sighed Stella, her soul neck-deep in happiness. "Congrations!" Smiled Flora.
"Wow, Riven would of never had brought me that!" Admired Musa, staring at Stella's beautiful pearl necklace, shining silver like drops of rain in a eternal twilight.
All the প্রণয় n pet customers had stared at it as if it was Britney Spears in the shop! Stella preened Ginger (Her...
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added by tecna535
 Fella and Lemmy
Fella and Lemmy
So for being late but i had many test and i ad many thigns to learn for this days

The rise of tritannus

In the first scene we can see the Winx performing the benefic সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান . Bloom the singer. Flora ,Stella and Musa were playing the গিটার .Tecna the electric পিয়ানো ( I don’t know who to call it ) and Layla the drums . They were wearing new outfits . I personally think the rock outfits from season 4 were better . Kiko was their too . After one song Bloom ব্যক্ত something like : “Thanks for being here “ . Then Bloom sang a new song that I think it called ‘The Power to change the world...
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