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posted by Codby
I feel like nothing. I feel empty. I don’t feel sad অথবা happy অথবা angry. I just feel like there is a black hole in me. A black hole where my হৃদয় should be.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I write story’s and other stuff. I still go to school and I work. I still do everything but it just হারিয়ে গেছে meaning. Why do I go to school, why do I work. Why do I write story’s and other stuff with happiness and sadness in it, while I feel empty.

I know the উত্তর on these questions. I go to school and I work for a better future. I write story’s and stuff, just because I can.

I tried for days to become...
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posted by juliet_fan
I say things with no air
until this despair go's num,
people lie to me and pity me
they hurt me and laugh,
I lie to them to those most cared about
and I lie to help them to,
like a ফ্রোজেন butterfly
অথবা dieing poppies,
with no meaning
always being left alone,
I thank the words that hurt me
and welcome this lovely pain,
like ice hard and strong
but always so very fragile,
trick mirrors are all around
with there twisted and fake images,
a হৃদয় of abyss and a tortured mind,
the forgotten chess peace
অথবা the only one standing in a fight,
always left farther then last
and beaten inside,
always will be the last standing lie
cuz I’m not 'ok'

this is my worst but it has meaning to me.
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