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Fanart drawing of Ichigo Mew
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1. Put laxatives in her drink.
2. Tell her she has a moustache.
3. Keep getting mixed up with whether her name means জাম্বুরা অথবা Pomegranate.
4. After about a মাস of getting confused, about which one is right, decide to solve the problem দ্বারা just calling her "Mr. Grumpy."
5. When (and if) she tries to talk to you, pretend not to hear and stare at the exact same place for the পরবর্তি 15 minutes.
6. Keep insisting to her that her and Mint are a couple.
7. Force-feed her Ichigo's cooking.
8. Pinch her cheek and go "Aww, who's a good wolfy then?"
9. Everyday, ask her if she's going to America yet.
10. Find...
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1. Burn ALL her books.
2. Whenever she's trying to read, creep up behind her and start গান গাওয়া "We wish আপনি A Merry Christmas." as loud as আপনি possibly can.
3. Constantly ask if somebody sneezed in her hair.
4. Ask her "Why do আপনি get antenna in mew form? Porpoise's don't have them!"
5. When she is carrying খাবার at the café, run right in front of her yelling "Neeeeeeep!" Then blame her for the mess when she drops the food.
6. Every week, send her heaps advertising leaflets in the post. With a note পরবর্তি to them saying "Because I know আপনি প্রণয় reading."
7. Steal her glasses.
8. Offer to try and braid...
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I've been hearing a lot দ্বারা অনুরাগী shouting "Who's idea was it to name every one after food?!?! 2.lettuce WTHF?!?! This ones the worst 3.pudding Only Zakuro অথবা wateva and Ichigo are the closest to normal" (Real comment.)

So here I'm going to explain all of the main characters' names.

As আপনি all know, the mews and aliens are named after food, but the mews and the other males are named also with colours (with the exception of Zakuro)

Here I go.

The Mew Mews

Momomiya Ichigo:
Momomiya = পীচ shrine. (Momo can also mean pink)
Ichigo = Strawberry.

Aizawa Minto:
Aizawa = Dark Blue Swamp
Minto = Mint...
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Verse 1
Ichigo: Let's eat some strawberries...
Mint: With parfait, cakes, and ধান cakes
You'll be happy if আপনি eat them all
Lettuce: অথবা a bunch of other fruits...
Pudding: Kiwis, sweeties, and peaches
I really like fruit!
Mint: অথবা cold ice cream
Lettuce: Put it in the freezer to harden
Top it with sauce later
Pudding: I like all of these...
Ichigo: I'm a little irresolute
But that's OK, because I'm cute!
Zakuro: Just being very sweet...
Lettuce: Would leave something...
Mint & Lettuce: be desired~
Ichigo: Put on your পছন্দ topping
If আপনি don't have it, then go shopping
wait for it nyaa~
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