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posted by Lollipop97
Name: Delaila Daniella Monique Monré

Nicknames: Dannie, Monzie, Dazzy and DaDa

Age: 15

Birthday: 2 February 1995

Zodiac: Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac: Pig

Height: 4'9

Weight: 99 pounds

Stereotype: The Shy girl

Likes: Her পছন্দ show; Total Drama Castaway, volley ball, soccer, gymnastics and basketball.

Dislikes: Arteries, dirty tooth brushes and racists.

Fear: Getting stuck in an elevator.

পছন্দ Color: Purpel

পছন্দ Food: Green apples and spaghetti

Bio: Delaila was born in Kadhimain, Iraq. She lived with her mom Talila, dad André, big brother Hakan (would have been 32 দ্বারা now) and twin sister Fatima Maria until she was 5 and they refuged to Tenesee, USA to get away from the war. Her brother was a soldier, but she হারিয়ে গেছে him in the war because he was a victim of one of the hidden landmines. She's relly smart even thought she had a hard time after they moved and her brother's death. When people first meets her, she's very, VERY shy and scared to open up, but when she get's to know people better, she can be relly funny and talks much. She loves sports and she's on her school's soccer, basketball, and ভলিবলখেলা team since she started in high school.

Exstra: Delaila is a vegetarian. She also has braces because her teeth was ruined a little because of the bad surroundings while being in the war, so they weren't able to "take care" of her teeth

Audition for something:

*Camera turns on*

Delaila: Uhm, hi everyone. My name is Delaila, and i wanna be in your প্রদর্শনী because i'm nice to almost everyone i meet. . . AND i wanna get my mind of the war that's going on in my প্রথমপাতা country. . .
*Tear rans down her cheek*

Delaila: Oh, yeah, but if আপনি wanna make me eat meat, i'll probably rip of your arms! Teehee, just kidding, so, uhm, pick me, cuz it would make me really really happy! Bye! *Does peace sign*
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dannys the hater ...*grumbles* stupid cheater
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posted by DuncansMyLuv14
 Camielle Anderson
Camielle Anderson
Name- Camielle Anderson

Nicknames- Cam, Cami (everyone), বেগুনি (Duncan), Purple-haired whore, Pansy (Heather and Melody), Amethyst Angel, Lovable বেগুনি (Courtney).

Stereotype- The Flirt/Sex Kitten

Age- 16

Personality- Camielle's sweet, shy and lovable most of the time, but she's secretly a major player who uses her sweetness to get as many guy অথবা girls (she's bi) as she can at once; she once had 6 boyfriends/girlfriends at once until she got found out দ্বারা one, then dumped the rest out of fear they would figure it out. She sees a majority of the contestants as eye candy, but she REALLY has it bad...
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posted by brittnw15
Name: Alayna Marie Carter

Age: 16

Height: 5ft 1in

Stereotype: The smart alic

Personality: Alayna is a very sarcastic person. She is a striaght A student, so she is very intellegent. She comes off as harsh when আপনি first meet her but she's actually very friendly when আপনি get to know her. She is easily annoyed. She can not tolerate stupidity. She was raised in a "redneck" environment and she tries to hide that as best as she can. When she is angered her southern accent slips out. She also holds a grudge, she never forgets anything. She is a very caring person and would do anything she could to help...
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posted by taytrain97
Name- Shawn Patton McGrady

Nickname(s)- Carrot-Top, Forrest, Ginger

Gender- Male

Age- 17

Stereotype- The friendly jock with a sense of humor


Hair- Light red and shaggy

Eyes- Blue

Skin Tone- Tan from spending most of his time outside; lots and lots of freckles

Height- Six feet three inches

Weight- 154 pounds

Build- Buff, but not grossly buff

Other- Almost always has a goofy smirk on his face


Everyday- কমলা Miami Heat jersey; dark blue shorts; sandals

Swimwear- Black boardshorts

PJ's- Boxers...?

Party Clothes- 'What, আপনি mean like Geoff's parties? Why would I change for them, man?"...
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posted by taytrain97
Name- Renata Rachella di Angelo, also known as "Ray"

Nickname- Ray

Gender- Female

Age- 17

Stereotype- The stuttering geek


Hair- Extremely curly and frizzy hair

Eyes- Bright and blue as the sky, has small black-rimmed glasses that she rarely wears unless she's reading.

Skin Tone- She has extremely freckled cheeks, but everything else is just plain old white.

Height- Five-feet, eleven inches

Weight- 170 pounds (but who's counting?)

Build- Curvy and tall

Other- There are many scars on her hands and legs from when her dog, Dude, was just a কুকুরছানা and just learning how to bite. Her cheeks are...
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Serena's theme song
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