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It's দিন 1 of recording of the 4th season of Total Drama - TOTAL DRAMA RELOADED! Check out some behind the scenes footage as Christian Potenza says hi to the cast including Brian Froud.
Chris:hello wellcome to the best প্রদর্শনী on this earth total drama reloaded last time things got a little fierce between courtney and duncan and আপেল pine took ফ্রোজেন pops to school in a staring competition. Tonight 1 contestant from team ফ্রোজেন pops will be eliminated because of আপনি guys so lets not waist anymore time and get the elimination over because this is only a 22 মিনিট প্রদর্শনী so now lets get to it.

The first three skulls go to heather, alejandro and cody and katie, d.j, owen, and noah

Noah:just great im stuck here for longer

*alejandro's confessional*
I can't believe আপনি stupid অনুরাগী didnt...
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The total drama season 4 is Total drama reloaded. (or so i have heard). So season 4 will have 12 contestants. Each will play against each other in a school type game. Yes thats right all old 22 contestants and Seirra and Alejandro are gone. আপনি can go to ইউটিউব and see 12 contestants. আপনি tube can প্রদর্শনী আপনি all the 26 episodes দ্বারা the way. So sorry the 24 will not get to be on yes thats right season 4. Of course people complained about this so total drama dicided to do something special with them in season 5. But for now আপনি will...
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Chirs:hello and welcome too total drama reloaded. Last time gwen and courtney went crazy and everybody hates duncan poor guy JOKING!!!!!!! but6 the biggest shock of last week was when gwen and trent K.I.S.S.E.D and courtney saw it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris:Ok lets get started with the double elimination ceremony heather cody and d.j two of yous will be eliminated the first person eliminated is D.J

Chris:normally we would let আপনি say something after your eliminated but get lost!!`

Chris: Since the অনুরাগী could't decide to vote off পরবর্তি I WILL!!!!!!!! Heather and Cody who will i pick uuuuummmmmmmmm HEATHER...
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Chris: Hello and welcome to total drama realoade. Tonight it is every camper for themselves so now is the time when the drama heats up and Trents হৃদয় beats up! So lets not waste anytime and ger the সেকেন্ড elimination started.

The first skull goes to Trent! Now Katie অথবা Lindsay who will it be?uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lindsay my girl your safe! Looks like Katie will be taking the walk of death.

Lindsay: Bye bye Sadie.

Trent: Um Lindsay it's Katie

Lindsay: Okay bye who ever আপনি are.

Katie: Whatever this place suck.


(Girls holding Courtney back from Gwen}

Courtney: I want the শীর্ষ bunk!

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Chris: Hello and welcome to Total Drama Realoaded. Last week আপেল pine were vitorious for the সেকেন্ড time in a row i think the game is getting a little to easy for these guys. So i have a huge suprise today! So lets get this elimination started!

Chris: First skull goes to Cody, Sierra and D.J. Noah ummmmmmm and katie. Heather and Alejandro the final skull goes to Heather bye bye Alejandro your out of the game.................... Jokes tonight was a non elimination your safe, for now.

FROZEN POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandro's confessional: I would just like to say I am trully sorry to all the people...
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Chris:hello and welcome to total drama reloaded last time things got a little fishy with duncan and courteny man duncans a two timer and met there team mates the two teams names are ফ্রোজেন pops and আপেল pine! Stay tuned and find out what will happen tonight on total drama reloaded!


Noah: UGH not this place

Owen:noah isn't this great me and আপনি side দ্বারা side wow we can be like the unbeatable team

Noah:*sarcatsiclly* sure

sadie: I wonder what our first challenge is going to be!

d.j: i hope it has something to do with helping animals

sierra:who cares im on the same team as cody...
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