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This part was where the blame for two possible reasons for being inappropriate অথবা insulting U.S.
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Owen: Keep it down so I can win the loot
Try, I will, but I still gotta fart, NO TOOT!

Heather: Toot on, but you’re still out of luck
আপনি suck the লেবু chuck

Gwen: Wait till you’re voted out for being such a lout!

Courtney: I’ll dance a jig when Chris shoves আপনি out the plane!

Alejandro: When, you…
Don’t hold back and leave the pack
Truly there is nothing stopping you, you, you

LeShawna: Swimming in your eyes
It’s butterflies
And suddenly there’s nothing I can do
Sorry, Harold

Lindsay: Wait… something’s itching in my brain
Someone’s back in the game!
My former flame!
And Tyler is your name!
The Tyler, just the same old Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler
Back আপনি came!

Tyler: আপনি remember me?
Oh, she remembers me!

(All lyrics were obtained দ্বারা myself after listening to the songs for so long)
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"Episode 1:
Walk Like An Egyptian part 1:
Welcome to season three of Total Drama! Right now, 17 contestants are on their way to begin their journey around the world.
(At that moment a bus pulled up and out stepped Gwen, Courtney, Duncan, and Heather)
Gwen: Another day, another season.
(Harold, Noah, and Cody, Noah wearing earplugs to avoid hearing Harold going on about his facts)
Thank আপনি earplugs. I never leave প্রথমপাতা without them.
(Inside the bus, Owen can be heard saying "I can't go out there" and DJ grabs him and brings him out himself)
Nothing personal Owen. But this is the only way i can get আপনি off the bus.
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Owen: I miss the way, Izzy ব্যক্ত hello!
দ্বারা hoofing me, in the kiwis!
I missed the daytime when Izzy moved so slow.
Gwen: Ooh, Ooh.
Owen: 'Cause other times, she'd get freaky!
Oh, Izzy! Oh, Izzy! I, I miss আপনি so!
Oh, my Izzy, my little Izzy. Why'd I ever let আপনি go?
Gwen: Actually she kinda dumped you.
Owen: I miss her smile, and the way she liked to bite
on my arm, when there was trouble-
Which was all the time. (laughs)
Oh, I miss the way, she'd always say goodnight.
Gwen: Ooh, Ooh.
Owen: And hoof me and the kiwis double! Ouch.
Oh, Izzy! Oh, Izzy! I, I miss আপনি so.
Oh, my Izzy, my little Izzy!
Why'd I ever let আপনি go?
Why'd I ever let আপনি go...?
Bridgette: I'm sorry, so sorry.
Sorry like a ফুল after the first frost.
And I'm sorry, like a দস্তানাবিশেষ that's been dropped and feels so lost.
Oops, I really messed up.
At least I 'fessed up!
Geoff: আপনি didn't 'fess up, আপনি got caught on national TV!
Harold: It's international, Geoff, Total Drama is seen all over the world!
Geoff: Ugh!

Bridgette: But I'm sorry, so sorry.
Sorry like a surfer who's busted her board!
And I'm sorry like the band when they play a wrong chord...
Oops, I really screwed up.
I felt some dude up!
Geoff: International TV, huh? In front of all my friends!
Bridgette: But, I'm sorry, so sorry!
Geoff, I really think আপনি rule.
You're so cute that আপনি make me drool!
And if আপনি give me one আরো chance...
I'll do my happy, happy dance!
Geoff: আপনি are pretty cute when আপনি dance... aw, no, no!
Bridgette: Geoff, you're the one for me.
And I'm so incredibly, wildly, madly, crazily...
Oh, so completely, infinitely, beyond...
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