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Harold: আপনি might think I know it all
And maybe I'm headin' for a fall
I'm just that brainiac guy
Left alone to sit and cry:
I have some প্রশ্ন for আপনি first
Take some time to school me
Quench my thirst.... for knowledge
Cause, Gosh!
I just gotta know....
How'd আপনি get so hot?
Trent and Justin: Baby
Harold: You're so smokin' hot
Trent and Justin: Baby
Harold: My physics know-how ain't got a hope
Of explaining why your butt's so dope
Trent and Justin: (Baby, Baby)
You bend my মহাকাশ time continuum
Trent and Justin: (Baby, Baby)
Then আপনি shake what your mama gave you-em
Trent and Justin: (Baby, Baby)...
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posted by Fangirl99
Owen: I miss the way, Izzy ব্যক্ত hello!
দ্বারা hoofing me, in the kiwis!
I missed the daytime when Izzy moved so slow.
Gwen: Ooh, Ooh.
Owen: 'Cause other times, she'd get freaky!
Oh, Izzy! Oh, Izzy! I, I miss আপনি so!
Oh, my Izzy, my little Izzy. Why'd I ever let আপনি go?
Gwen: Actually she kinda dumped you.
Owen: I miss her smile, and the way she liked to bite
on my arm, when there was trouble-
Which was all the time. (laughs)
Oh, I miss the way, she'd always say goodnight.
Gwen: Ooh, Ooh.
Owen: And hoof me and the kiwis double! Ouch.
Oh, Izzy! Oh, Izzy! I, I miss আপনি so.
Oh, my Izzy, my little Izzy!
Why'd I ever let আপনি go?
Why'd I ever let আপনি go...?
Lovin Time দ্বারা Alejandro, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sierra, and Tyler
Alejandro: No need to get crazy. It's lovin' time at last!
Cody, Noah, Tyler, DJ, and Alejandro: আপনি don't wanna eat us up.
Owen: We're mostly full of gas. No, no!
Gwen, Courtney, Heather: It's mating time for scarabs.
LeShawna: So, what'cha waiting on?
Izzy: Just ignore us humans!
Cody: Ooooo.
All (except Bridgette and Ezekiel): And make out till the break of dawn!
Alejandro and Cody: It's lovin' time.
Gwen, Courtney, and Heather: Lovin' time, lovin' time...
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Don't আপনি have a feeling sometimes in the first season when Duncan was going out with Courtney was odd, Because hes the TOTAL opposite of Courtney and she is the TOTAL opposite of Duncan! Even Sierra said, "I saw sparks between Gwen & Duncan!" They were made for each other! Unlike Courtney she, nags,nags,nags and NAGS! Shes a pain! Remember in Total Drama Action, she made like a 700 page letter for not what to do and what to do! Remember she ব্যক্ত "You need to give me a complement every hour!" Gwen, we all know she's not like that shes cool, she's relaxing she doesn't NAG! This has always been my প্রশ্ন has he been using Courtney? অথবা is he অথবা was he using Gwen?
posted by aleheatherfan01
P.S read cold pt 1 and 2 before আপনি read this.....
I grabbed my moms keys and ran out the door. I was shivering i was so excited. I slammed on the gas and sped off. It took me an ঘন্টা to get back to the producer studio. I parked the car pushed open the car door as quickly as possible and I couldn't belive my eyes. There he was. Chris stood behind him and ব্যক্ত "its all yours" the paraded away like a stuck up super model. I ran up to the short robot that was alehanjro. I noticed a little meter on his face that had a happy smiling face on one side and a sad depressed face on the other. It was in the middle now like a relaxed mood. He spoke softly and slowly he ব্যক্ত
I grinned and ব্যক্ত lets go to my house.
posted by 7thGradeGenius
Owen: Keep it down so I can win the loot
Try, I will, but I still gotta fart, NO TOOT!

Heather: Toot on, but you’re still out of luck
আপনি suck the লেবু chuck

Gwen: Wait till you’re voted out for being such a lout!

Courtney: I’ll dance a jig when Chris shoves আপনি out the plane!

Alejandro: When, you…
Don’t hold back and leave the pack
Truly there is nothing stopping you, you, you

LeShawna: Swimming in your eyes
It’s butterflies
And suddenly there’s nothing I can do
Sorry, Harold

Lindsay: Wait… something’s itching in my brain
Someone’s back in the game!
My former flame!
And Tyler is your name!
The Tyler, just the same old Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler
Back আপনি came!

Tyler: আপনি remember me?
Oh, she remembers me!

(All lyrics were obtained দ্বারা myself after listening to the songs for so long)
posted by 15sturmelle2
"Episode 1:
Walk Like An Egyptian part 1:
Welcome to season three of Total Drama! Right now, 17 contestants are on their way to begin their journey around the world.
(At that moment a bus pulled up and out stepped Gwen, Courtney, Duncan, and Heather)
Gwen: Another day, another season.
(Harold, Noah, and Cody, Noah wearing earplugs to avoid hearing Harold going on about his facts)
Thank আপনি earplugs. I never leave প্রথমপাতা without them.
(Inside the bus, Owen can be heard saying "I can't go out there" and DJ grabs him and brings him out himself)
Nothing personal Owen. But this is the only way i can get আপনি off the bus.
posted by Fangirl99
Alejandro: We're heading down to Newfoundland, that rocky eastern shore!
Owen: I'll have the shrimp, mussels, cod, and the গলদা চিংড়ি thermadore!
Gwen: I can't get a thing to bite, so we better get there first!
Courtney: Row harder, faster, both of you. For the win, work up a thirst! Stroke, stroke, stroke!
Heather: It's a sea shanty, and it's darn catchy! Yes! Go on, DJ, your turn!

Tyler: Izzy, you're a nut-bar, but আপনি sure can catch a fish!
Izzy: মাছ they're fine, you're right kind, to my partner, he's Irish. And if আপনি want the পরবর্তি reel, he's all yours!
Sierra and Cody: Trying our best, Courtney, our arms are getting fried!
Gwen: Courtney, do আপনি see?
Courtney: Could it be? Steer hard starboard side!
Heather: It's a sea shanty, and it's darn catchy!
DJ: No, আপনি can't catch me, with a sea shanty!
posted by 7thGradeGenius
Bridgette: The strings of my heart
Are a ট্যাঙ্গেল্ড mess
It’s beating so hard, jumping out of my chest!
I tried to fit two men in my soul
I ended up stuck to a pole!

Choir: She got stuck
Should’ve ducked
Worse of luck
Stuck, stuck to a pole

Bridgette: I fell for every little thing that he said
And when I closed my eyes he jumped on his sled
He’s moved on; I’m still stuck in this place
Will someone pour warm water down my face?!

Choir: She got stuck
Should’ve ducked
Worse of luck
Stuck, stuck to a pole
Stuck, stuck, stuck to a pole!

(As আপনি can [probably] tell, all of these lyrics were obtained দ্বারা myself as I listened to the songs over and over until I got them right. অথবা almost)
chris:the challenge is to find the magic panda!

noah:magic panda?yeah,you heard me.magic panda!now,the first team to find it gets invisibility and the losing team voted someone off.And...NOW!

alejandro:hey,lindsay,bridgette.i wa thinking,maybe আপনি can me find the magic panda.sound good?


alejandro: great.

Alejandro (cc):this is gonna be easy.i practically got the those girls around be finger!maybe we can go to the final 3...

eva:hey,is anyone gonna hhelp me find the panda অথবা am i gonna be all alone here?

noah:im going with the সেকেন্ড one.

eva:what did আপনি say to me?!*pushs noah.*

noah:*hits the ground*

(20 মিনিট later.)

alejandro:found the magic panda!

chris:ok,so the killer east,you have to vote someone off!

vote off:

sierra,noah,cody,DJ,ezekiel,tyler,owen,Harold অথবা eva.
Alejandro: This show's a train, it's moving fast.
You and I weren't meant to last.
Voting for me just wasn't right,
So look out now, you're in my sights.
Heather: Mr. Fair now, suddenly
I have to barf now, excuse me!
Don't try to make me feel ashamed.
I know আপনি would've done the same.
Heather and Alejandro: I'm gonna make it.
You can't stop me now, just আপনি try.
Our fortune's waiting
It's time for আপনি to say, good bye-bye-bye.
Cody: I never thought I'd get this far.
Let's face it, I'm no TV star.
But now I'm in the final three,
Unless we get caught in that tree!
Cody: No!
Sierra: Wow!
Cody: Oh!
Sierra: You're...
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(Song can be found here: link)

(Courtney) What's not to প্রণয় about New York City?
The taxis honk out a New York ditty,
The crime is high, the pigeons fly,
What's not to প্রণয় about New York?
(Owen) The lights are brighter, the fun is funner,
The bagels are bageler, the bums are bummer,
The dirt and grime make every alley shine,
What's not to প্রণয় about New York?
(Lindsay) The stores, and the fashion,
Big shows are a star's passion,
It's crazy 'cause the city never sleeps!

(DJ) Dance break!


(Lindsay) ...For the প্রণয় of dance, stop!

(All speaking) Subway trains and the hustle bustle!
Cappucinos and the mobster's tousle!

(Owen) Pretzle stands for all us pretzle fans!
What's not to love...
(All) What's not to love...
What's not to love...
About New York?
posted by Miley_Demi4ever
Owen:It's creepy how they stand there,and don't even blink!
I don't wanna see his bum,naked and pink

Noah:Hey buddy,
can we bribe you,
to strip yourself down?

Owen:Yum-Yum Happy Go Time Fish?

Noah:Don't kill him,Clown!

Courtney:No way,I can't strip him,Duncan will Freak!

Heather:And I'm allergic to uniform

Gwen:Okay,that just weak

Sierra:I made a vow that Cody's the only man for me

Gwen:Okay,so then I have to do it,uh,Hello?Injury!? Ow!

Courtney:If we're gonna find the clue...

Heather:There's only thing to do!

Sierra:Force someone to strip him down!

Courtney,Heather,Sierra:And,sorry, Gwen it's you

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dont we all প্রণয় our hottie evil villain in this third season?
Basic stuff about Alejandro:
Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot

Gender: Male
Hair color :Brown
Eye color: চুন Green
Episode Eliminated TDWT: Hawaiian Punch
Place TDWT: 2nd (In Australia)
Relationship Heather, Courtney (One sided, on her part)
Family Father, Mother, Julio (uncle), Carlos, José (brothers)
Friends Courtney, Lindsay, Tyler
Enemies Everybody (except friends)

Facts about Alejandro:)

Alejandro was willing to let Owen be eaten দ্বারা giant bugs, making him the সেকেন্ড contestant to purposely endanger another...
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This is a তালিকা of all locations that the contestants of Total Drama World Tour will visit.
Egypt was the first location visited in the season, in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, after an eleven-hour trip to there. During the episode, it was ব্যক্ত to be a very hot part of the year, as well as scarab mating season in the সেকেন্ড episode. Chris stated that the heat makes
them "killy". Their challenge there was "Pyramid Over Under". As seen, there are scorpions in Egypt, অথবা most specifically, the pyramid the contestants had to go over অথবা under, as one বৃশ্চিক is seen stinging Tyler's hand. In...
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posted by Stellawinx4eva
Courtney:We're গান গাওয়া as we're falling
Heather:While some are cannon-balling
Alejandro:Our lives begin to flash before our eyes
Noah&Cody:We might just go Ka-blooey
Tyler&Harold:Get Smushed and become chewy
Everyone:except there's tons we want to before we die..

Cody:Billiards Champion
DJ:Make it প্রথমপাতা to see my mama
Sierra:Marry Cody
Bridgette:Catch a barrel
Lindsay:Be a actress in a drama
Courtney:Corporate lawyer
Gwen:Prom destroyer
Harold:Be a ninja with throwing stars
Alejandro:Lion tamer
Owen:New খাবার namer
Tyler:Preparing for the parellel bars
Noah:But first...
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chris-hello and wellcome to total drama island last week trent and his group tried to take down duncan but they had to risk geoff because hes in duncans team so will trents plan work and will duncan get elimanated ok lets find out right now bridgette geoff dunacan courtney katie eva and gwen one of yous will be elimanated ok the marshmellows go to gwen,bridgette,katie,courtney and geoff dunan eva one of yous will be elimanated ok the last marshmellow goes to dddddddduncan eva sorry times up for you

eva-im out uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


eva-yous all suck


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posted by CyD12
Im sorry
So sorry
sorry like a flower
after the first frost

and Im sorry
like a mitten
thats been dropped
and feels so lost

oops I really meesed up
at least I fessed up
(you didnt fessed up, আপনি got cought on national TV)
(its Internacional Geoff, Total drama is seen all over the world)

but Im sorry
so sorry
sorry like a surfer
that jas just busted her board

and Im sorry
like a band
when they play
a wrong chord

ooops I really screwed up
I felt some dude up
(Internation TV huh?)
(in front of all my friends)

but Im sorry
so sorry
Geoff, I really think আপনি rule
আপনি are so cute when আপনি make me drool

and if আপনি give me chance
I will make my happy happy dance
(youre pretty cute when আপনি dance)
(Aw no, no!)

Geoff, আপনি are the one for me
And Im so incredibly, wildly, madly, crazily
oh, so completely, infenitely, beyond
Chris: Goood morniing!

Heather: What? Who? Where? Nooo!

Alejandro: I feel like I was reborn...

Gwen: ...Where are we?

Duncan: All I know is that we're in the middle of no-where again...

Gwen: *roles eyes* ... Okay, so who's missing... Noah, Duncan, Bridgette, Geoff, Cody, Sierra, Alejandro, LeShawna.. Heather??

Heather: Why are আপনি all, like, looking at me! I didn't wanna die! That's all!

Noah: Ten people aliveon a deserted island.. great!

Chris: Uh... Someone forgot me here?

Noah: And you, M************ A******! Why wont আপনি প্রদর্শনী your F****** face already?!

Chris: Ohh, nastey.. Hehehh, cause I'm not...
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posted by marimari14
Alejandro: I'm tall, I'm tanned,
I'm young, I'm handsome.
I'm coming to bring back your wee ones...
So, hush my sweet
Condor. Let me win this one please!
So try, attack me.
But I won protection.
I don't feel that pecking, so,
Save your objections.
Hush, now, condor,
Let me in the final three.
Whoa! Augh! No!
Chris: Next!
Cody: I, Oh, I-I-I...
I've got problems with condors...
Problems with condors...
Why, oh, why-y-y?
Am I not at home? I ponder...
Trust me, oh, trust me-e-e!
I'm your best friend...
...and I'll never eat eggs again-n-n-n!
My licorice! Oof!
Chris: Good news! আপনি can have another chance later! But...
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