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posted by hgfan5602
All these years...
Are so memorable,
Every bit of it.
Even though they are not all
Good memories,
Bad memories are just as memorable
As good memories.

Looking back on the past,
Remembering my life before,
How everything was so amazing,
How all my বন্ধু changed my life,
Giving me memories that will last
My whole life long.

Do not worry,
I still remember all the good times
That we had.
Doing cannonballs into the cold water,
Laughing like we don't have a care
In the world.

I still remember
How আপনি gave me all your courage
How আপনি allowed me to প্রদর্শনী myself,
To be content to share all my knowledge
With the world.

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This song was never released in the U.S because she didn't want people to see it as a publicity stunt. This song is about George. W. Bush, I think.
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posted by alicia386
Just to let আপনি know I was attacked last night. They tried to burn me দ্বারা setting my house on fire. My husband was scared so he left me alone. He took the children also. I don't think I should continue with this story but the sad thing is that I can't stop. I won't stop. I will do what my aunt wanted me to do and I will finish this story but I miss my husband and son so much right now.

It took weeks but Jade was finally able to track down where this secret club stayed and had their meetings. They might be demigods but they weren't hard to find. It just took patience. "You thought আপনি could just...
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posted by 1999jacko
3 miles away

Gemini woke from his sleep, his wand in his hand with an old brown tendril half out of it as though he had been fighting someone. He slowly ব্যক্ত under his breath," samantanes," his voice rough and gravely from a thousand years of unconscious, after a সেকেন্ড of waiting a huge water hand shot from his body clearing his way backup to the surface. He grabbed the wand and jumped up onto the surface as 18 of his ( former) captors came towards him tendrils flying everywhere. He could see the fiery robes of his worst enemy Virgo at the front, but as they ran অগ্রবর্তী Gemini saw the flabby...
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Okay some weird girls decided to make this extremely weird video. And the award for weirdest video today goes to . . . . Sims in Real Life. (aplause)
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