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posted by CapShunsuifan13
Just a sample of a fanfic ive considered writing. Tell me what আপনি think.
All SOA characters belong to Kurt Sutter aside from my OC

He was back in his own country, it had been so long but he was finally back.
No that wasn't right, he wasn't in his own country, he hadn't been there in 18 years. No he wasn't there, but he was home, it had been ten years since he was last here. Ten years.....
He stepped out of the SUV, the cold air hitting him in the face like a ton of bricks. This was California it shouldn't be this cold. He nodded to the driver, letting him known it was okay to leave. But the black...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and ফ্যান্টাসি :)~
Chapter 31
        The worst form of betrayal
    I think I woke up, it still painfully hurt to breathe. But I was still in the woods, অথবা at least পরবর্তি to it. Witnessing the moment.
    The moment my sister died.
    I hadn’t been able to hold the tears ever since I appeared here, leaving my sister behind, I still couldn’t believe it. I missed my one chance, I remember what she had said, though I didn’t understand most of it, but I do now.
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posted by MissCarolyn143
Hey Guys,this is my very first story পোষ্ট হয়েছে in this club!
I hope আপনি প্রণয় it!
Make sure to মতামত if আপনি like it অথবা if আপনি found anything wrong with it cause I really wanna improve my writing!

Part One:
The dried leaves crunched beneath her feet as she walked in the dark woods alone searching for a way out of it on this dark scary night, I knew I shouldn't have accepted Beck's stupid dare!,she thought to herself, Now look what happened!,to busy thinking of ways on how to get back on her brother,Autumn didn't...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and ফ্যান্টাসি :)~
Chapter 29
    Who and what is it?
    Practically everyone in the room was leaving, the police had left already, to খুঁজুন the other places Dorothy’s been, hoping to find some evidence.
    Dad had stormed out when we were released and mom, Jess, and I were just leaving when a group of girl’s blocked my way, leaded দ্বারা a lucid looking Meredith.
    “Your in our way.” Jess said, levelly. “Better get out of it.”
    “I’m not here for you,”...
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posted by IlovePatch97
My প্রণয় so beautifully bound in robes of scarlet hue
With nails so black scraping away at rotting church pews
I tell আপনি I প্রণয় আপনি আরো than myself
But to understand, from me আপনি shall receive neither money nor wealth
What আপনি খুঁজুন for is not emotion অথবা passion, it’s much আরো precise
It’s the golden fortune which comes with a price
So আপনি take the deal and strike my head
Your beating heart, now made of lead
Allow me the peace of mind to soften the last deadly blow
Perhaps this is how our story ends of আপনি the Raven and I the Crow

(Crows and Ravens, in European legends are known to symbolize death)
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posted by BlondLionEzel

I woke up. I couldn't see well, but I was able to see myself. I have grey fur, grey patches on my legs, paws, and tail, with a blue tip on the tail.

"Hello?" I called out. Gosh, I didn't think I knew how to talk.

"Yo! Are আপনি alright?" A voiced called out to me. Someone was trying to find me!

"I...don't know" I responded.

"You don't know?" The voice responded. It was a white female নেকড়ে with purple eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked her.

"I'm Lilly. It's nice to meet you. Are আপনি new?" Lilly asked me.

"Again, I don't know" I responded. I didn't know if this নেকড়ে was friendly অথবা not.

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posted by CatiePotter
সঙ্গীত is the only class I have with him. The longest class.

"Nick play that part of the excersice again." told our band teacher Mr. Bova.

No one argues with Mr. Bova, we all think he's scary.

"Why do I even stay in this class?" I sometimes ask myself. The fear of being yelled at? The fact that I loved playing the flute? অথবা Nick.... no I moved on! অথবা at lest I tell myself I did. I don't know what it is, his poping messy, curly blond hair, even আরো sunkissed than mine. অথবা the way he smiled to himself, his perfect smirk. I don't why I ever crushed on him.

Nick finished the part of the routine, his...
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I crept in through the front door of the old house I call home. “Mom?” I called.
    No answer.
    “Mom?” I repeated. “Moooom?”
    I heard footsteps, then my mother peeked out from behind a heavy oaken door. She was dressed in a white sheet that she had wrapped around her chest. It came down to her feet, which were bare except for the thin golden chains she had ট্যাঙ্গেল্ড around her left foot. She had a washcloth pinned in her hair.
    “Mom?” I asked. “What are আপনি wearing?”
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Hell is nothing আরো than the outcome of a natural life
Humans are not built for perfection অথবা purity
Every human no matter what is stained in someway
It could be a horrid thought, A mistaken word said
Perhaps actions that ended in consequence
This is why I chose not to fear it, but embrace it
If আপনি are to believe in heaven অথবা hell than believe it’s whatever আপনি want
Only the dead have seen it so how is we to know it’s a horrific place
Perhaps it is just a place আপনি can be sent as a personal decision
I’m am not fully faithful, stepping into heaven would be fraud
I choose to accept whatever happens, in truth it is not me I worry about
Understand it’s all matter of opinion and I’m open to all
posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, ফ্যান্টাসি
    Never, in the fifteen years that I’ve grown up in this town, did something strange and unexplained like this ever happen.
    All over the news were photo’s of us displayed on there, saying that we were found, and that a freak accident occurred but now were fine.
    But that wasn’t a freak accident?
    It felt too real and purposeful to be random, it was literally one half a সেকেন্ড when the storm came and changed the sunny outside. I’d never been so scared in my life,...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 17
    High school, the worse kind
    I was so angry that we had to go school the পরবর্তি Monday morning, that I even considered skipping. Now, it’s got nothing to do with Ryler, okay maybe a little. But also due to the fact that I have to face Meredith and Cal, yeah, I may have an infatuation. But it still hurts to see Cal with her.
    It’s hard to break a crush you’ve had for a while, but I can work something. But now I’m angry because I could spend the whole দিন with Ryler, who was Adam...
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