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What is Tramadol? What are its uses?

Tramadol is a medicine used to treat severe to moderate pain situations. It is an opioid pain medication that comes in the brand name Ultram. It is also available in combination with paracetamol which has fever-reducing properties.

It works on the central nervous system to relieve pain. It was introduced in 1963 in Germany. It is one of the most prescribed medicines in the USA. It is approved as a secondary painkiller by the national health service. Its power is one-tenth of morphine, making it a safer and potent painkiller.

It is also used in cancer-related pain conditions. The doctor's advice is for post-operative pain relief as well.

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How to treat moderate to severe pain?

In today's running globe, people suffer from various muscular pain due to stress and physical activities all day long. Many injuries also contribute to the same. Muscle cramps, sprains, minor fractures, jerks, backache, headache, or joint pain are common. Buy Tramadol for getting relief in moderate to severe pain conditions.

This article highlights various questions about tramadol, its dose, precautions while taking it, possible side effects, etc.

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What is the suitable dosage of Tramadol?

Tramadol is available both in oral tablet and injectable form. It helps treat acute or chronic pain. You may take a 50 to 100mg tablet every four to six hours a day or as needed. But do not exceed 400 mg per day. Take the liquid form of tramadol only by the measuring spoon, as prescribed by the doctor.

Both immediate-release and extended-release tablets are available. Its effect lasts upto 6 hours.

It is considered safer as compared to another analgesic. The dependency power of this opioid is lesser than morphine.

What precautions should I take before taking Tramadol?

Although tramadol is an effective painkiller, yet take it with caution. Consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Any misuse or overdose may cause harmful effects. Tramadol may also cause physical dependence. Withdrawal symptoms may occur.

Tramadol may slow or stop breathing, so take it in a lighter dose. The doctor's supervision is advised while consuming it. Inform him about any drastic feeling of headache or chest pain at once.

Check if you are allergic to it. Tell your doctor about all other medicines you take, like cold, fever, breathing problem, headache, sleeping problem, blood pressure, etc. They may also contain opioids which can interact with tramadol.

Do not drink alcohol or take any other sedative simultaneously along with Tramadol. It could be life-threatening. This may also result in a withdrawal syndrome.

Renal or Liver patients must take this medicine as per the doctor's advice only, or it may worsen their disease.

Pregnant women should not take this medicine without a doctor's consultation at all. It may be hazardous for the mother and fetus. The infant born could bear abnormalities, be born premature, get in a coma or even die. It also does pass through breastfeeding.

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