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posted by Swhit2
Hi! My name is Izabella, but I prefer Iz and I created this spot for people to post there fanfictions! My fanfiction is called Crescent Moon, and I would প্রণয় it if আপনি guys read it! (:
It has it's own spot at : link

I hope আপনি like it, i've been লেখা it for quite some time now! Also, I will read anyone else's Twilight fanfictions. Just leave a মতামত below if আপনি want me to check yours out (:

Also check out Eternal Midnight, a fanfiction written দ্বারা VAMPirella1997. She's a very talented writer and has supported Crescent Moon a lot.

Thanks! Remember to comment! (((:
posted by DestinyGirl
This is my first Twilight fanfiction ever!:) So plz be nice and give me a মতামত on what আপনি think about it, please!:D

Bella is the origin of vampires, but she was put to sleep for the past century and forgot most of her memories! Her and her siblings সরানো to Forks and find... a family of vampires?! Will Bella be able to remember her হারিয়ে গেছে memories? E&B

1. Beginning

this is where we're moving?" I asked Annie——my 'sister,' though we're really just best বন্ধু who claim each other as sisters. And Kyle, my actual older brother.

We were standing at the, "Welcome to Forks" sign——all...
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