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posted by Robssesed
My name is Bella and im very shy
Never fit in, no বন্ধু at my side
when entered forks high school it was all different
I was the new shiny toy আপনি could hear there hearts beating fast if আপনি listened.

In the cafeteria I saw the best sight Edward Cullen the প্রণয় of my life. gorgeous messy hair skin as pale as a ghost I want him forever and will never let him go.

In Biology I sit beside him he acts really weird,
the পরবর্তি I want to ask what's wrong but he doesn't appear. Finally he arrives and we talk we win the golden পেঁয়াজ but that was all,

In La push সৈকত I hear some stories true but very gory
I go to the bookshop to check out a book then I go প্রথমপাতা and I গুগুল it.
Just wanted to let আপনি know that THE third and final SAG Foundation Auction is ending today. There is a lot of great stuff related to the nominees of this year’s SAG Awards, especially a suitcase autographed দ্বারা Anna Kendrick (who plays Jessica) and George Clooney. link

আপনি can check out our blog highlighting a few items here: link with a complete তালিকা of items (at the bottom)

The full auction site can be found here: link

Happy bidding, Twilight fans!
posted by Alice_Cullen_
Life & Style recently revealed a couple of spoilers অথবা sneak-peaks for the upcoming New Moon so far. Some differences enhance the বই while others, not so much.

1) Bella takes a আরো daredevil approach in the film, pushing fate in order to make Edward appear to her. While Bella does do some of this in the book, apparently she does it আরো so in the movie.

2) Since Robert Pattinson is what draws a lot of people to the Twilight saga চলচ্চিত্র filmmakers couldn't resist his draw. Instead of only being a voice in Bella's head he is আরো like an apparition (like Obi-Wan in তারকা Wars). Rob himself...
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TwilightBlog: Have আপনি read New Moon? If so, what do আপনি think about it?

Charlie Bewley: Yes. But being totally distractible, I'm a useless reader. However this one I just sailed thru, especially from page 453 onwards...

What's great about New Moon is the author's style delicately protracts the plot to reveal all the stakes for each character involved. This gives impact at major turns of events and also allows actors a much easier job of playing the characters truthfully and to the readers expectations.

Full credit to Stephenie for her intrinsic knowledge of human emotional interplay. Fairly genius...
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posted by Alice_Cullen_
The Character

Name: Edward Cullen

Type: Vampire

Special Ability: Hears the thoughts of others-with the exception of Bella Swan

About Them: Edward is known for being charming, polite, determined, and very stubborn. He is very protective over Bella and puts her safety, humanity, and welfare before anything else. He often over-analyzes situations and has a tendency to overreact-especially in situations where Bella's safety is at risk. He often uses outdated speech and grammar from his human life in the early 20th century. Edward is impossibly beautiful. His skin is "like marble"—very pale, ice cold,...
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posted by xBellaxEwardx21
Ok...so i saw twilight about a week ago! I loved it so much, i was also introduced to a few new actors. Like Kristen and Rob. I প্রণয় both of them. But some of my বন্ধু and other twilight অনুরাগী don't and i dont get why?!?!?

My friend ব্যক্ত its cause she dosn't play a good Bella..but i think she plays an amazing Bella. The only thing is she could have been alittle আরো clumsiers!!!People say she is annoying??!?!?! নিড়ানি, hoe is she annoying. Maby if আপনি sawsome of her other moives, আপনি wouldn't think that. She is an amazing actress. its just she hasn't been able to get a fame boost until now. But still people don't like her. Well i প্রণয় Krsiten. She is one of my পছন্দ acteress and i think she is so natural and beautiful!!! so if আপনি like Kristen প্রদর্শনী her some support and send her fanmail অথবা something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha
posted by awesome11th
MY opinion on Taylor lautner in New Moon but what made it exciting in NEW MOON is when JACOB TOOK OFF HIS শার্ট HE WAS SO SMOKING HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PEACE! ps taylor lauttner if আপনি get this message your the hottie of my WORLD!MY NAME IS GOING TO BE MS. LAUTNER IWAS BORN TO MARRY THIS MAN
posted by odd-duck
Okay so the first film twilight is proving to be the blockbuster we all knew it would be. But now there's already talk of new moon and the director won't be directing this one. Do we know why? I personally can't see why she's want to ditch this project that has proven so successful.
They could have stopped after making Twilight and left it at that, but if they make New Moon surely they can't stop half way. And if they don't will we have a new director for each film? I'm worried that film makers will drag this on and will eventually ruin the films. দ্বারা the end, if they make Breaking Dawn they will have left so much out that we won't recognise it.
posted by wyrley
 Twilight bunch
Twilight bunch
Hi, does anyone know where to get the twilight book collection from for a reasonable price and possibly in birmingham? because i keep searching and i can't find anywhere doing it for a price which isn't 50.00 for the collection. Do আপনি have an idea অথবা something that will help, because i have watched twilight, and i have heard that the বই are really good, hopefully the collection consists of
*new moon
*breaking dawn
I would like to be able to at least read one of these since all i have heard is positive মতামত on this collection.
posted by meizoel
Here It's The তালিকা Soundtrack Of Twilight Eclipse

1. Metric - Eclipse (All Yours)

2. মুসে - প্রণয় is Forever

3. The Bravery - Ours

4. Florence And The Machine - Heavy In Your Arms

5. Sia - My Love

6. Fanfarlo - Atlas

7. The Black Keys - Chop And Charge

8. The Dead Weather - Rolling In On A Burning Tire

9. Beck & Bat For Lashes - Let's Get Lost

10. Vampire Weekend - Jonathan Low

11. Unkle feat The Black দেবদূত - With আপনি In My Head

12. Eastren Conference Champions - A Million Miles An Hour

13. Band Of ঘোড়া বিষয়ক - Life On Earth

14. Cee Lo Green - What Part Of Forever

15. Howard কূল - Jacob's Theme

16. Battles - The Line

17. Bombay Bicycle Club - How Can আপনি গেলা So Mouch Sleep

cek www.free-writing.com if u want download it
posted by jackie5starr
First and foremost all of the characters all flawless in many ways. However, who is the best? Many have different opinions but studies প্রদর্শনী through picks that Edward Cullen, the protagonist of the story, is the most popular. Bella, the magnet of danger, finds herself in many death experiences but Edward never fails to save the day. I don't disagree with the studies because I personally প্রণয় Edward too...now now girls...don't get your hopes too high and give all the normal guys around আপনি a chance. Don't expect too much because no can be as irresistable and flawless as Edward...if আপনি agree with me, please comment.

Alice K.
posted by angelicdiva
Seventeen-year-old Isabella "Bella" রাজহাঁস moves to Forks, a small town near the Washington coast, to live with her father, Charlie, after her mother is remarried to a minor league baseball player. She is quickly befriended দ্বারা many students at her new high school, but she is intrigued দ্বারা the mysterious and aloof Cullen siblings. Bella sits পরবর্তি to Edward Cullen in biology class on her first দিন of school; he appears to be disgusted দ্বারা her, much to Bella's confusion. A few days later, Bella is nearly struck দ্বারা a অগ্রদূত in the school parking lot. Edward inexplicably moves from several feet away and...
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WOW I thought it was terrific! I loved it :)
Especially the end. The ending was both হৃদয় wrenching to watch & amazing to watch because আপনি saw the horrible agony both Edward & Bella were in. Edward who was trying to restrain himself form killing her yet his প্রণয় for Bella was what kept him from totally losing control. & Bella who was in such pain but আপনি could tell দ্বারা the look in her eyes that when she saw Edward take her wrist for that বিভক্ত করা সেকেন্ড before she হারিয়ে গেছে consciousness আপনি saw her total and complete trust for him. That is why I thought this scene was AMAZING! I also of course LOVED Roberts song Let Me Sign. I think it really makes this part of the film fantastic!
posted by soldiergal
Isabella "Bella" রাজহাঁস moves from sunny Phoenix, Arizona, to rainy Forks, Washington, to live with her father, Charlie. She chooses to do this so that her mother, Renée, can travel with her new husband, Phil Dwyer, who is a minor league baseball player. Bella attracts much attention at her new school and is quickly befriended দ্বারা several students. Much to her dismay, several boys in the school compete for shy Bella's attention.

When Bella sits পরবর্তি to Edward Cullen in class on her first দিন of school, Edward seems utterly repulsed দ্বারা her. However, over the পরবর্তি few days Edward warms up to her,...
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I প্রণয় it! Its one of my পছন্দ parts in the whole movie!So romantic & passionate :) It gets me all hot & bothered LOL!I also thought it wasn't 2 overdone, it had just the right amount of passion everything was very subtle yet sexy 2. The part I like the best in the scene wasn't just Edward & Bella স্নেহ চুম্বন I did & do like that part. But the part I really thought was great was when Edward recoils away form Bella. I like it so much because as a viewer u R totally sucked into their chemistry and প্রণয় u completely forget the fact that Edward is a vampire and when he recoils u like Bella R snapped back 2 the reality of the situation. That's why I think this is a really good part of the movie.
Here is a link to pre-oder the Twilight DVD(i hope it helps)


I hope that helps. :)

I personally am really excited about it coming out because I thought that they did a good job in the film. I know a couple of die hard "Twilighters" didn't like it because it wasn't exactly like the book but my thing is...Nothing is ever as good as a book because some things are just impossible to do. So considering all of that...I think they did a good job and considering the budget they were on. But i must say that i wasn't really a অনুরাগী of the sparkle scene however...when I read about it in the Twilight...
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I want to share a little review of twilight eclipse and breaking dawn দ্বারা kristeen stewart (bella swan) and alex Meyer

These little snippets reviews
Transcript: Interview Alex Melaz - Eclipse and Breaking Dawn
Rebecca Murray Hollywood চলচ্চিত্র at the Los Angeles Premiere of Warner Bros.. Pictures Clash 'from the Titans.

Alex Meraz - New Moon and Eclipse
What Brings আপনি to Clash of the Titans?

Alex Meraz: "I want to see the Clash of the Titans in 3-D, Sam Worthington - cool actors."

Will it be 3-D?

Alex Meraz: "You know what? I do not know When I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3-D, yeah. So I think this is...
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5 Reasons Why New Moon Will Be Better Than Twilight

Here is an excerpt from Deadbolt.com regarding the শীর্ষ 5 Reasons New Moon will strike critics and অনুরাগী alike as better than Twilight:

New characters, new conflict:

The benefit that most sequels have is that the main characters and their relationships have already been established. This leaves the door open for deeper exploration of the story and characters as the each actor has grown into the roles. For an actor, it is all about the interpretation of a character on paper and the transfer of emotion to the screen. A novel can describe emotion,...
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posted by Edwardluvr
OH MY GOD!!! I got this news from a friend telling me to go to stepheniemeyer.com so I did and this is for all of those who don't know yet:

Movie News Flash!

So, many of আপনি have heard that the release of the sixth Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, has been moved from this Thanksgiving to পরবর্তি summer. First and foremost, please know that this schedule change has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight, me, অথবা Summit Films (so enough with the আইএমডিবি death wishes, okay?). This is Warner Bros. decision, and it was not motivated দ্বারা anything Twilight-related.

Now for the good...
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This just in: Dakota Fanning thinks it would be, like, "really cool" to be in the sequel to Twilight—even though she hasn't read the book. She's still in negotiations for the role of nasty bloodsucker Jane in Stephenie Meyers' New Moon, and admits she still has a lot of homework to do.

"I haven't read all four yet," Fanning told E! News while promoting Coraline over the weekend. "I'm working on it. Getting there. I'm just about to finish the first one."

Not even on New Moon yet? Does she know how bad this Jane can be? Well...

"The character is what I would be excited about. It's kind of evil,...
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