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I প্রণয় this chapter!!! হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ :P Get ready for some action. I hope আপনি all enjoy it, too :] As always, thank আপনি SOOOOO much for every ounce of your support!!! প্রণয় আপনি guys bunches and bunches! <333 Enjoy!
Giving up my Soul
“Athe, I’m fine, honestly. I just want to lie down for a while. But I’d প্রণয় it if আপনি stayed with me.” Athe gazed painfully into Summer’s golden eyes, “Of course I’ll stay.” She straightened the blankets for Summer, “I don’t understand this at all,” Athe started, taking a আসন on the wooden chair পরবর্তি to Summer’s beside, “You’re pregnant, so soon?” Summer exhaled deeply out of habit’s force, “I know. It’s not failing to boggle my mind either. It wasn’t this way with Chloe. I’m afraid she won’t be able to handle a sibling, being so young herself.” Summer put her hand to her forehead, “And what about Aro?” Athe laughed half-heartedly, “No need to worry about him, darling. He’ll be elated when আপনি tell him.” Summer twitched her lip. That was exactly what she was worried about. She ran away for Chloe’s protection. What drastic measures would she need to take for her oncoming baby? Or, the better question, what drastic measures would she NOT be able to take, since she was now a শীর্ষ priority for the guard’s watch. Athe leaned back her head and stared at the ceiling, then at Summer, “Don’t hesitate telling Aro, dearest. As a wife of another elder, take my advice. You’ll regret ever withholding information from them.”

Summer turned to face her fair-faced companion, “I trust your every word, hun.” Summer meant that, too. What she hated the most in this marriage was being in chains, forever tied to fearing your husband rather than loving him. As Machiavelli put it so well, “It is better to be feared than loved,” and that is precisely what the Volturi lived by. It was their “honor code” so to speak. Athe perked up, grasping the armrest of the chair she was seated upon. Her expression was daunting; her eyes narrowed, her lips tightened into a hard line, and she was utterly motionless. Summer raised an eyebrow, “Athe?” “Shhh.” Athe put her finger up to silence Summer for a moment. Summer noticed Athe was glaring directly at the bedroom window, which gave view to a tiny green field of grass. Summer crawled off বিছানা and ran to look out the window. She couldn’t see anyone, until a pebble hit the glass. Athe was ready to run to Summer’s side, “No, Athe. আপনি have to leave now. Please, for your own protection.” Athe’s jaw slightly dropped, “Are আপনি insane? Leave আপনি now, when আপনি look like someone’s signing your death sentence?” That will probably happen very soon, Summer thought to herself. “Please Athe,” Summer pleaded, “I’ll be fine. Now go, I’ll catch up with আপনি in a few minutes.” Athe backed down, her face lifeless, and sauntered out the room. When she heard Athe’s bedroom door shut, Summer quickly unlocked the windows. There was Jacob, standing in the grass, appearing as the অ্যাঞ্জেল and Romeo he was. Summer let her reality fade away with the past. His muscular physique, his deep দগ্ধ শর্করা shade, his amorous eyes, his dazzling white smile…everything about him appealed to her so strongly. Okay Summer, geez, FOCUS!

“Hey, beautiful.” He whispered and waved to her. She quietly giggled and waved back, “Jake! I was positive—“ “You’d never see me again.” He shook his head, seeming awfully smug, “You should have read me differently, honey. I don’t give up, especially with the girl of my dreams.” She blushed, but her surroundings pulled her back to earth. She was in the Volturi’s residence, not Forks. This was a fatality trap waiting to clamp down on an innocent soul. “This is probably the biggest decision I’ve made in years, and I know we don’t have much time, but Summer, it’s been a pain back প্রথমপাতা without আপনি around.” “I know, Jake, and I’m so sorry for telling আপনি that I didn’t want আপনি with me. I had to say it, for reasons I can’t explain at the moment.” Jake grinned broadly up at her, “I forgave আপনি before আপনি even asked me to. So, I just have one প্রশ্ন for you, will আপনি do me the honor and run away with me?” Summer bit her lower lip, “Jake…I can’t. Chloe’s not with me. She’s with Aro.” That made him grit his teeth, but he wasn’t about to give up after he’d travelled so far, “Not a problem. I’ll teach that ridiculous husband of yours a valuable lesson.” “No Jake, you’ll be killed.” “Ha, please,” Jake rolled his eyes, “I have the advantage. My smell makes them run.” “Jacob Black, don’t আপনি dare do this!” He stretched out his arms in confusion, “I প্রণয় you, Summer,” his words compelled her হৃদয় to fly away carelessly, “which is why I’m not giving up this fight.” She involuntarily stretched out her hand to stop him, “Alright, alright, Jake, wait!”
He stared at her as she hung her head in defeat. She loved him, right? She stopped to analyze her marriage with Aro. Was it fulfilling? Not extensively. Was it joyous? She faked half of her joy. Did she trust him? Not at all. Did she fear him? Absolutely. Did she প্রণয় him? …No. Not like she loved Jake. And she knew in her হৃদয় Aro didn’t প্রণয় her as Jake loved her. His entire act was only to make her stay with the Volturi, without the help of Chelsea’s powers. Her eyes were finally opened. How could she have been so blind? After all the drama, she gained the courage to face Aro and tell him the truth. “I প্রণয় you, too, Jake, with all my heart. And, if I die, I die because of my প্রণয় for you.” “Wait, Summer!” He couldn’t stop her though. She sped down the hall till she reached the large mahogany doors that led to the elders’ hall.

Summer breathed in. “It’s time you’ve started taking your own advice, Summer.” She ব্যক্ত to herself, “You’ve been encouraging Athe to take some independence over her life. আপনি know who আপনি belong to, and it’s not with Aro.” She pushed opened the doors, only to find Chloe in tears on Aro’s lap. This was a positive sign for her choice, although her maternal instincts kicked in, “Aro? What are আপনি doing? Why is she crying?” “What are আপনি doing here, woman?” Caius harshly interjected. She ignored him, “Aro…” He gave her a cold stare, “None of your concern, Summer. Why are আপনি here?” She was taken aback দ্বারা his tone. It reminded her of the “old” Aro. “I came to speak with you.” She walked up to him and took her sobbing daughter into her arms, gently swaying and coddling her. He glared at her, “I’m busy at the moment. Take your child and come back later.” She growled, “No, I won’t.” She tried not to scream, “I’m leaving, Aro.” His eyebrows knitted into a scowl, “WHAT?! আপনি must be joking.” “No, I’m not. I’m tired of আপনি pretending to প্রণয় me so I would stay to suit your own purposes. I have all eternity to live, and I’m no longer spending it locked up married to a bloodthirsty vampire who has no respect for anyone except his own self!” He angrily marched over to Summer, slapping her ferociously across the face. Chloe screamed at the sight. “You will respect me, আপনি abhorrent brat!” Aro yelled aloud.

All of a sudden, the doors flew open yet again. There he was, Summer’s saving angel, rescuing Romeo, and ultimate Prince Charming. Jake put his arm around Summer’s delicate waist, and she clung to his chest. He kissed Chloe on the cheek and wiped her tear-stained face, “You just প্রণয় to mess things up, don’t you, bloodsucker?” Jake was correct, his smell disgusted them, and even held them back. “Who the heck are you? Get your hands off them!” “No,” Jake ব্যক্ত confidently through his teeth, “you had your chance for her love, and you’ve wrecked it horribly. She’s mine now…and though I can’t ever deserve her, I’ll protect her till the দিন I die.” Aro snarled beneath his breath, realization crossing his face, “Whatever আপনি are…you know the Cullens.” Jake remained silent, only glowering at conceited Aro, “Well, be sure to let them know to expect the worst attack of their lives. One they will not live to see the end of.” Summer’s হৃদয় wailed internally. This was not what she wanted, but it was what she saw coming then entire time. However, it still managed to মুষ্ট্যাঘাত her in the gut. “Sure, I’ll pass along the message.” Jake mocked, “But, trust me; they’re going to প্রণয় the challenge.” Jake smiled and led Summer and Chloe out of the hall. Summer didn’t look back. She didn’t need to. Her true প্রণয় was at her side, and that was all she ever hoped for. Besides, she would see Aro again soon enough. She was already commanding herself that if anyone was going to die in the fight, it would be her first. Jake knew she was praying in her হৃদয় for his protection, as well as the Cullens and her daughter. “Everyone will be safe, sweetheart. The Cullens can’t hate আপনি for anything, even if they wanted to. Those filthy bloodsuckers don’t stand a chance again you, me, and our vampire friends.” She ran her fingers through his short black hair, “I have faith, love, especially in you.” Jake had no clue she was with child yet. She didn’t want to tell him, because he would probably despise her অথবা add to her protection. Still, although she would be killing two lives instead of one, she had to psychologically prepare herself for death. Aro and the Volturi were dangerous enough while not underestimated.
Thankies so much for reading! Hope আপনি loved :D
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