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 New pics of Robert & Kristen - Oct15th, 2010
New pics of Robert & Kristen - Oct15th, 2010
ক্রিস্টেন স্টুয়ার্ট
This is a sweet and adorable chapter! Thankies to all of আপনি for পাঠ করা and commenting on my last post! Have I mentioned enough times how amazingly loving y'all are? I hope so! :D Much প্রণয় to each of আপনি all, from me (: Enjoy!!
Fighting for Hope
Jake ran down the abandoned, dim-lit রাস্তা and stopped in front of a classically-styled Venetian প্রথমপাতা with white pillars. The door was unlocked, so Jake rushed inside. Everyone was quietly waiting in the family room at the back of the house. Bella and Chloe were safely with the Cullens again, nervous...
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posted by a-jforever
Ok so I finally got round to লেখা it. Well the beginning of it anyway. So here is Unhappy Love!

Chloe's POV:

I didn’t want to সরানো but then again I was seventeen and had no choice really. We had just got settled into our new house and today was the first দিন of school. Uh, I hate school I can’t wait to finish it. I climbed out of my Green mini, yes I had a mini, and anyone who had a problem with that could just say it to my face. I wasn’t usually so pissed off, but I left behind everyone I loved and cared about including my ex boyfriend,Ben,because we were moving I decided long distance...
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posted by LexisFaith
এডোয়ার্ড ও বেলা
edward and bella
"Hey, Dad!" I called as I closed the front door behind me.
"Hey, Bells." He answered from the couch. "Did আপনি have a good time at Alice's?"
"So much fun." I smiled to myself. "I'm really tired so I'm going to take a ঝরনা and turn in early." I told him as I started up the stairs.
"Okay. Night, Bells."
"Night, Dad."
I stood in the ঝরনা and let the warm water run over me. I had taken in too much information for today. I was only able to take in so much at a time.
The reason it felt normal being with him was because it wasn't the first time. I had laughed with him, married him, slept পরবর্তি to him....
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posted by Summer_Leanne
I'm hoping y'all are loving it. Don't be afraid to tell me who আপনি like the most and who আপনি want আরো emphasis on. প্রণয় আপনি guys! (not only because you're reading, but because আপনি guys are awesome Twihearts! ^.^)
Everyone headed to their rooms for the night, but not until they reassured Summer that they didn’t blame her for Aro’s suspicions. “Thank আপনি everyone. আপনি all are প্রদর্শনী আরো compassion towards me than I actually deserve.” “Absolutely not!” Alice quickly protested. She danced her way over to Summer and gave her an ample,...
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 Bella crys about Rosalie to Carlisle.
Bella crys about Rosalie to Carlisle.
Bella’s P.O.V:
“Rosalie?” Carlisle asked, confused. “I thought আপনি guys were best friends.” “Yeah, so did me.” I sounded pathetic, complaining about Rosalie.
“Honey, leave it is-you know Rosalie.” He said. “I know. But she ব্যক্ত she could…well…” He sighed, “Bella spit it out.” I fell to the floor crying, “Dazzle him. She ব্যক্ত she could dazzle him and seduce him.” He ran over to me and scooped me up in his arms against his chest, “Oh, Bella.” He set me down in the chair. “Bella, nobody other than আপনি can ‘dazzle’ my son.” I sniffled and nodded.
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posted by Tatti
So, I decided to continue লেখা about Alice but this time I added Jasper's point of view. Hope আপনি liked, if আপনি have any thoughts about it leave a comment.

September of 1945


So the war has been over... Too bad for me and others of my kind. It'll be harder to explain people deaths. I stopped for moment and watched clouds passing me by. What am I going to do in my life? The north would be heaven to me if I don't feel that strangling pain radiating from my victims. I can feel their fear, anger and desperation wherever I am going, it follows me to every city, every state, every country or...
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part 10

“Come on lovebirds, there’s a thunder storm coming and I don’t want দ্বারা baby out in it!” Alice ব্যক্ত running out to her car without a backward glance. I grabbed Edward’s hand before pulling him after her.
~    ~    ~

part 11
The biggest roll of thunder yet sounded over us just as we entered the Cullen house. It was right over us দ্বারা now making the sky outside black like the night.
“Bella!” Esme greeted me, sweeping me into a very motherly hug.
“Hi Esme.”
I followed Alice into the Lounge only to find Emmett and Jasper locked in a fight...
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posted by eclipselov

The pain was horrible. I couldn't take it anymore. I opened my eyes to find darkness surround me. I try to scream. But all that comes out is a low moan. I know im becoming something different than what I already am. Im probably going to die. I don't mind much. Just to get out of all this pain and darkness. I can hear my own হৃদয় beating. I wonder if my family would miss me. But for some reason i don't remeber who they are. My memories are slipping away. I've never been আরো afraid than right at this moment. I have to get a grip on who I am....
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They all stare at me like I'm some Greek god. I just don't feel comfortable here. I had agreed to যোগদান their coven, and the first thing I heard was a giggle from the kid... Renesmee, was it? It was like she wanted me here. That vision of hers was amazing and beautiful. But it looked like... me. It had the face of a thousand angels... did I really look that nice? "So where did আপনি come from?" Carlisle asked. Alice and Jasper were gone somewhere, whoever they were. I didn't answer Carlisle's question. He didn't try again. Taking in everything at once was impossible. I darted out the door without...
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posted by twilightrox43
This is probably gonna suck so please dont hate me LOL.:)

As Edward and I were out hunting, I saw what looked like some strange animal. What was that? Without a chance to say anything, Edward spoke up. "Let's go." He suddenly zoomed toward the site and I followed, catching up quickly. As we got closer, the image morphed, creating a body kneeled over a mountain lion. A vampire. Edward looked confused. He had never seen her before. Neither had I. Her eyes were a reddish-orange. A newborn. Instead of running away, she walked straight up to us with a spring in her step. She was very graceful even...
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posted by twilight-7
The threat of Mitchell appearing at any moment to kill us dangled over our heads for the পরবর্তি few weeks. My wedding was coming ever closer and although Rosalie, Alice, Esme and I all poured our hearts into preparing, we knew it probably wouldn’t ever happen. I really did want to marry Edward. I wanted to be his wife and with every দিন that passed I was getting closer to it but it felt as if I was being teased. As if Mitchell was watching me, letting me get nearer and nearer the তারিখ and then he was going to appear and kill me just as it was in reach.
Tess became unbearable. She never left...
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posted by twilight-7
তারকা then italics is Loretta speaking. Just italics is Kayla.

Kayla’s POV

I pushed against Loretta, pushing her away. I knew I had a chance to regain control of my body again. It was me who had screamed after Edward. I fought her, feeling her spirit near to me. It was strange being in my own head but not able to do anything other than watch and think. She was in command of everything while I sat helplessly in a small মহাকাশ in the back of my own head. All I could really do was sort of hit myself against my skull, annoy her into recognising I was here. It caused her some moderate pain but not...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 1: the first meeting
I was remembering the first time I was trying to hide from my only enemy…..Damien I was running away from him for 160 years but he never gave up chasing me. My life is a living hell every little thing made me fear for no reason it’s just the part of the curse I can’t control it…….
Angela asked worried I looked at her
-Nothing I was just worried, আপনি were starring there for, I don’t know half an hour!
-oh I'm sorry I was just remembering things
-ok, do আপনি want to talk about it?
-no I'm fine
-ok so I…um..i mean… we were wondering if আপনি wanted...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Sorry all we have are action movies. Chris ব্যক্ত as enter the living room / dining room. No problem, I like action movies. I said. Okay, here is the pizza. Mr T said. They turned on the movie but I didn't really pay attion to it. I was thinking about everything. Like how I could get out of and how to get this thing off my leg. I sat there tiwling the thing around my ankle. We watched startrec. In the first 5 minutes, there was a war, a person got killed and a baby was born. It was weird. The movie was good, the পিজা was good but I only got 2 slices. I think I am going to turn in early guys....
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Chapter 18
we were talking about leaving and then jacob said"Well we all cant go that would mean bella's all alone"

"Ill watch her"i ব্যক্ত and tanya's thoughts
edward do আপনি really think thats a good idea

"Like i would trust you"he ব্যক্ত প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে me picturesof bella in his head
you hurt her so badhe showed me pictures of when i left ans sam found he i flinched

"Stop what ever আপনি are doing"tanya ব্যক্ত to him,jacobs thoughts changedso আপনি dumped bella for this bloude bim-bow

"What ever আপনি say let me go cheak on her"he ব্যক্ত and left to there room,that bothered me so much i had so much jelously right...
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I was hunting when i heard a scream coming from town.My mom was already runny so i started to run and jasper flew দ্বারা me,gosh i was like an old lady
"dont please please"a girl ব্যক্ত then i finally cought up with jasper and mom she was standing in front of jasper Tj was on the ground with a young girl who was in a tang শীর্ষ and jeans
"stop"mom said
"why should i,this is what we do?"he asked her in that tone that made me madd
"STOP IT KNOW TJ"i yelled at him he looked at me and looked scared and madd he was going to get it

"why alex this is what we do,what happened to us we used to প্রণয় it that...
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me and vicky went to the store and got some খাবার we were walking around the store and then i seen alice oh crap!
"muma look"she ব্যক্ত and pointed to the fruity pebbles she loves bright colors
"you want some"i asked her
"yes pwease"she ব্যক্ত lookig and sounding cute
"k"i ব্যক্ত grabbed the box put it in the কার্ট and kissed her she was in th eseat of the big cart
then alice was ahead of i said"heyy alice"
vicky turned and looked at her"pritty"is what she said
"why thank you, heyy bella who is this?"she asked me smiling
"this is vicky my daughter if আপনি couldn't allready tell"i ব্যক্ত smilling at vicky
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posted by AdaLove
Laurent was an original member of James' coven. When James and Victoria chose to hunt Bella Swan, Laurent told the Cullens everything about them.
After this, Laurent went to live with the Denali Coven; despite living with "vegetarian" vampires, Laurent cheated the diet as evidenced দ্বারা his red irises.


When Bella visited Edward's meadow, Laurent stumbled across her, having returned to Forks as a scout for the vengeful Victoria. He attempted to kill Bella (he was currently hunting when he found her) and he reasoned that being killed দ্বারা him was a better fate than being found by...
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posted by genyva
ok well i have this typed out on the টেবিল of contents as chapter 7 but it 6 so yeh enjoy

6. No-Where To Run
Renesmee’s point of view
I cant deal any আরো she’s driving me crazy they are all driving me crazy .I hope this will all end soon I don't want to be her any আরো I need something new to do. No আরো lying around moping.
Well I'm not really moping I'm just so bored and lifeless. Maybe I can go out of town. Well, so they don't get upset, I’ll take Claire. Just stay out for a couple of nights in the city. I প্রণয় Seattle. Its so much fun maybe I can go on a little shopping spree get...
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