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posted by lollipopszx3
Disclaimer ;; I got this idea from Stephaniiie's-Number-1-Fan. :D

Me :: Hello everybody!

Marcus :: Why are we here?

Me :: Well... I kidnapped you...

Marcus :: Why?

Me :: Becuase... *falls to ground in pain*

Alec :: Jane... stop torturing the girl.

Jane :: The HUMAN girl. Why do we need an explaination?? I need a snack.

Me :: AHHH!!!

Alec :: *numbing Jane*

Me :: Thank আপনি Alec.

Alec :: *nods*

Me :: Now... let's be mates.

Gianna :: *slaps me upside the head*

Me :: Ow... Why did I bring আপনি anyways??

Gianna :: Becuase I rock.

Everyone :: *rolls eyes*

Me :: Shut up everyone!

Aro :: Young girl... please...
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The দিন has come and we can all now stop wondering what songs and artists have made it onto the New Moon soundtrack! We are really looking অগ্রবর্তী to what promises to be an amazing soundtrack for our listening pleasure!

1. Death Cab For Cutie – “Meet Me On The Equinox”
2. Band Of Skulls – “Friends”
3. Thom Yorke – “Hearing Damage”
4. Lykke Li – “Possibility”
5. The Killers – “A White Demon প্রণয় Song”
6. Anya marina – “Satellite Heart”
7. মুসে – “I Belong To আপনি (New Moon)”
8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – “Roslyn”
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Done All Wrong”
10. Hurricane Bells – “Monsters”
11. Sea নেকড়ে – “The বেগুনী Hour”
12. OK Go – “Shooting The Moon”
13. Grizzly ভালুক – “Slow Life”
14. Editors – “No Sound But The Wind”
15. Alexandre Desplat – “New Moon (The Meadow)”
One মাস later
fist I was save দ্বারা edward 2 times,he saved me from being hit দ্বারা a অগ্রদূত and when i was in port angels,I had Vicky with me we got হারিয়ে গেছে and people were trying to take my baby she was screaming i was yelling then he came and got vicky and helped us out and took us to ভোজনকারী and we talk

Second,i found out he can read minds but not mine

thrird,him and his family were ভ্যাম্পায়ার he thought once he told me that i would not want to see him anymore i ব্যক্ত i dont care what আপনি are

and forth,i think im falling in প্রণয় with him he's great around Vicky,Vicky loves him,but im scared to meet his...
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Chapter 1- That's Life

Columbus, Ohio
September, 1911

Thomas was running after me. He'd left Lily far behind him. It wasn't my fault I was faster than both of my best friends. He called after me. “Aw. Come on Esme! Give me a chance!! We all know you're the fastest. আপনি don't need to rub it in!” I giggled.

“Yes. I am fastest. This is called Tag, Tom. The point is to run away as fast as আপনি can,” I kept going at a pace faster than his. Once he was far enough behind, I began to scale the giant oak বৃক্ষ that was convenient placed in my backyard.

“What are আপনি doing Esme?” he asked panting...
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posted by renesmeblack
End of Chapter 1:

I jumped off of the balcony, followed দ্বারা Rosalie.
"You can't even control your wife," she ব্যক্ত to me.
"I'm not going to get hurt. Besides, Emmett should've seen it coming."
Then I noticed Jasper was following us.
"Jasper, I doubt we'll need you," I said.
"Alice sent me. None of আপনি might need me, but Jacob does."
Rose and I looked at each other. Jacob thinks we saved Bella. If he finds out Bella is a vampire, he may attack at any moment. Just what we need, an angry নেকড়ে pack attacking us and breaking their own treaty.
All because of Jacob.

2. HUH?

I was running through the...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Zoey's POV
I woke up, happy as can be. The তারিখ last night was one of the best nights ever! I never thought I would end up dating Collin. I was wondering when does someone become your boyfriend? I mean we have kissed. Are we going to fast? I don't know anything about relationships. I never been around any one who has been. It's kind of weird now I think about. I guess I should go find Alice অথবা someone. I would feel the most comfortable around hair. She would see me planing this, hopeful come to me. So, I just planned to plan to say " Alice come to my room, I need help". It worked. She knocked...
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posted by renesmeblack
11. Casper's Fate

I couldn't help but cry. Aro has my baby, who may be one of the best weapons he's ever had, through his eyes. অথবা he may be used as bait to kidnap the rest of us. Casper was going to live as part of the Volturi. Mark paced in the hall, trying to find where Casper was. Jacob had broken at least ten water glasses when he got a drink.
Now I was curious what he was looking for in the fridge. He came back with two bottles of formula.
"We have to feed the kids," he explained. Karrie rushed up to him and took the পরাকাষ্ঠা bottle from his hand. After one sip, she threw the bottle...
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Chapter 13 পিজা Boy (Nessie's POV)

I opened my eyes and saw Jake, my father, Sam and my grandfather standing over me. Sam had a strange look on his face like a deer caught in headlights; almost as though he wanted to run out of the room but he couldn’t. He was carrying a freshly killed elk. I swallowed hard trying not to think about what I was about to do.
    “Nessie, আপনি don’t have to do this we can try to find another way…”
    I looked at my husband and wanted to cry. He looked horrible. His hair was standing up in every direction I could...
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posted by Edward_Bella234
End of Chapter 5

“Hello Charles” I spoke directly to him.
    He smiled at me. “Hello Esme. How are you?” The way he looked at me. . .he looked like he was in প্রণয় but maybe I was just exaggerating.
    “I am fine thank you,” I replied to him. Then turning to everyone else I ব্যক্ত “Why don’t we go get comfortable in the sitting room?” Our small group moved through the hallways of our largish house until we reached the sitting room just off the hall. “I’ll go put on a record to listen to”
    The parents started up...
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posted by renesmeblack

I loved hanging out with Billy. In many ways he and Jacob were the same. They both thought taking their girlfriends to the চলচ্চিত্র was a good taking-it-steady kind of date. Billy had the same eyes and laugh Jacob had.
But there was one thing different. Billy was going to let me have this child, the child Jacob wants to be rid of. I couldn't help but feel angry with him about this. Wasn't having the child a mother's choice? The father wasn't going to carry a boulder on their stomach. And they definately won't be giving birth to a screaming infant. The rest of the family shouldn't have...
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Chapter 10: The Cat’s Out of the Bag
I was in complete awe of my body as well as the little miracle that it contained, “She knows your voice Jake,” I told him through my tears of happiness. He smiled at me and seemed to be genuinely happy for the first time since he found out that I was pregnant. He again kissed my stomach and then continued with a trail of kisses leading to my face, স্নেহ চুম্বন my cheeks and nose, “I প্রণয় আপনি so much Renesmee.” I kissed his ear, “I প্রণয় আপনি too,” his lips found mine and he kissed me so overpoweringly that I fell back into the বিছানা with him. He lay...
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posted by renesmeblack

Renesmee stormed out of the car and headed towards the house I drove us to. That's after she tried to take a bite out of my hand. She's really pissed. I'm scared she might divorce. Aw, not even one whole দিন of my dreams coming true!
Renesmee screamed. I got out of the car and ran towards the house. There she was, kicking at a large Doberman. There was blood flowing down her arm. I phased- we were in La Push, for Pete's sake!- and growled at the now-puny dog. It's head was a third as big as my paw. The Doberman whimpered and scurried off. I phased again and ran to Renesmee. She was crying,...
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Chapter 7: Broken Glass
I slowly opened my eyes my head was throbbing I was in Amore’s bed. Jacob was sitting with his head in his hands facing the wall. “Jake,” I croaked, “what happened”. He spoke with his head still in his hands, “you passed out Renesmee.” I tried to sit up but couldn't, and Jake finally looked at me. The look on his face took my breath away his eyes flashed with pain, anger and fear. “I cannot do this anymore,” he whispered. I felt my হৃদয় sink, “do what I?” I asked nervously. He looked at me clearly shaken. “Sam almost হারিয়ে গেছে everything in there,...
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Chapter 4: Of Panthers and Goddesses

“Nessie!” Zafrina crooned as she caught me in a warm embrace. “I am so glad that আপনি came!” She exclaimed, she turned to Jacob and hugged him as well. “Thank আপনি for sharing her on your honeymoon”. He grinned at her. I felt my stomach rumbling again and I clasped it. “I am so hungry,” I confessed. Jake smiled at me alright lets go get আপনি something then. I looked at him and smiled, “No, I’m আরো thirsty than hungry…I want to hunt.” I turned back to Zafrina, “Do আপনি mind it will only take a little bit”. She looked at me curiosity...
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After Bella married the vampire Edward, she became pregnant with their daughter. Sam, after finding out about this, decided to lead an unprovoked attack to kill Bella and the baby. Jacob and Seth, however, refused to follow Sam on this, and broke away from the pack to aid the Cullens. Leah, despite her dislike of vampires, decides to যোগদান them so that she can protect her brother and get away from Sam. Her choice actually hurts Sam, who sends a messenger to try to persuade her to come back to his pack. She wants to remain in Jacob's pack until she can stop being a werewolf, and despite the initial...
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Chapter 40: Captivity Loves Company (Nessie's POV)

Jane kept shooting Amore and I the dirtiest looks. She was jealous because we were Aro’s new pets, I was confident that he wouldn’t hurt us. We were too valuable to him. I worried for Nahuel though; they kept him locked up since he had already betrayed them once দ্বারা trying to warn us. Amore was terrified and cried tearlessly most of the time. I touched her hand, “Stay strong, my sister. We will be alright.” She looked at me worriedly and held my hand tighter, “I want to go home.” I made sure not to have these silent conversations...
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Chapter 37: Sacrifices of the হৃদয় (Jacob’s POV)

“Renesmee!” I growled as I tried to break free of the power that the little Volturi vampire had over me but it was no use. I watched in horror as Seth lay crumpled on the ground, and Renesmee and Amore were out of my reach. I closed my eyes and in my mind I shouted, “Edward where the hell are you!” I wished that I was in নেকড়ে form so that I could call for Leah, and Sam’s pack. Yet part of me was secretly glad that I couldn’t involve them, it would have been a senseless massacre. We couldn’t beat them alone not with Jane and Alec’s...
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Chapter 34: The First Night of Forever (Amore’s POV)
It was so odd to be up all night long not even so much as be sleepy দ্বারা morning. Aunt Bella and Uncle Edward returned after a few hours and informed me that they found Seth and spoke with him and he had headed প্রথমপাতা agreeing to come and see me in the morning. I drew all night long. At first I could only draw myself with the mystery guy and then it started to freak me out so I forced myself to focus on other things. I drew my mother as she sat and watched TV. I saved it for a present for my father for the পরবর্তি holiday. I had to say it was pretty...
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Chapter 31: She Was So Young
Jake and I walked through the door of his house completely drained. The memorial had taken so much out of us. I had to watch Seth fall apart all over again. Jake drove my car to the memorial I rode in front with him and Leah and Seth were in the backseat. During the ride to the memorial he freaked out, “What if she doesn’t want me anymore?” Jake tried to reassure him, “nah, আপনি imprinted on her it is forever.” Seth looked at him fiercely, “Jake she is 100% vampire now. This changes everything.” I looked at him wide eyed, “Does it change how আপনি feel...
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Chapter 27: Awakening
As I opened my eyes one of the first things that I noticed (amongst the fact that I wasn’t in any pain) was that I no longer had the urge to blink. The room looked amazing; everything was surrounded দ্বারা prisms of brilliant color. I could hear every sound inside of the house as well as what was going on outside. I could hear Nessie and Jake leading a very anxious Seth into the woods, towards Nessie’s parent’s house I was assuming. I wondered why they didn’t stay to come and see me and then with a shudder, I remembered what Nessie’s mom had said. I was dangerous....
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