Urban Legends How do আপনি do bloodymary? And do আপনি belivr in her?

lolfan88 posted on Jun 17, 2011 at 03:51PM
I know there is more than one way to do bloodymary and i would like to know the.And do u belive in bloody mary i do!I can`t look into a merra at night!

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বছরখানেক আগে pandawinx said…
I'd like to say no, but I wouldnt want to piss her off, just in case! :P
বছরখানেক আগে IsidoraSmiley said…
Mary was a real person,and I do believe in her ghost appearing in the mirror and killing people and so on...Here's how to call her:

1.Turn off the light and say 'Bloody Mary' 3 times in front of the mirror and she will appear.There's five this she can do to you if you call her any way you like - claw your eyes out,kill you with a knife,drive you insane,pull you into the mirror and no one will ever see you agan and the last one, she may do nothing right when you call her but she will turn the water in the shower to blood, make blood come out of your ears and mouth and try to kill you at night.
2.Turn the light off and say 'Bloody Mary in front of the mirror any times from 3-100.
3.Turn the light off, light 3 candles and say 'Bloody Mary' 13 times in fornt of the mirror.
4.Turn the light off,light 6 candles,write 666 with somethihngred on the mirror,say 'Bloody Mary' 3 times in front of the mirror.
5.Turn the light off,spin 3 times,flush the toilet,say 'Bloody Mary' 3 times in front of the mirror.

That's all I know! Hope I helped you (to try to kill yourself)!