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The wind blew against the windows making harsh banging noises, like a body being pulled down the stairs, thump, thump, thump. Lighting flashed, creating strange shadows on the walls that looked like they were laughing and dancing to the loud crashing thunder. It was only দ্বারা the sudden flashes of the lighting could আপনি see sixteen বছর old Alice Summers putting supplies into her black backpack. Sandwiches, three bottles of water, and a map, all the materials necessary to make it out of here, the place she was suppose to call home, to where she was suppose to feel warm and safe. But it wasn’t,...
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posted by animegurl23
Chapter 1 -A Fierce Princess-
Once upon a time there was a kingdom. A wise king who built the kingdom in his lifetime was taken with illness and a কুইন of the sweet voice, who was his wife, ruled the land instead of him. She governed for the betterment of people, rather better than him, and the kingdom enjoyed prosperity. Although her reign continued after his death, she suffered from the same affliction and passed away. The one left behind was her "only daughter", who was brought up in comfort, having great-flamboyant furniture, a beautiful and fine horse, and a servant who looked like her...
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This review is based on my personal opinion. It is in no way meant to offend anyone. আপনি are free to agree অথবা disagree with it.

Yuuma (or Yuma) is an official Vocaloid developed and distributed দ্বারা Bplats, Inc. His voice provider is unrevealed. VY2 is an abbreviation for "Vocaloid Yamaha 2." His item is the Wakizashi and he is avatar-less, although many concepts have been thought up for him, especially the one in the picture.

His voice is amazing. It's not too deep, like Kaito's voice. It works with almost any song and is compatible with a lot of the other Vocaloids. I feel like he's under-appreciated...
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posted by nejiten2
There's going to be a newcomer vocaloid that is coming out soon, Their name is Shelly~ Chan Kanin and Shelden~Kun Kanin

Names Pronounce:
Shelly~ Chan Kanin (Shell~ee Cha-nn Ka-nean)
Shelden~ Kun Kanin (Shell-den Kuun Ka-Nean)

Shelly- Female
Shelden- Male

Shelly ~ 11 Years Old
Shelden ~ 16 years Old

They are also Twins like Rin and Len. When Miku saw them both she was a little scared, cause they can Trick around like Rin and Len do. Plus they do প্রণয় to be joking around and doing tricks.

About Them~
Shelly Chan Kanin~~~
Shelly,the little sister of the Kanin Family, she loves to laugh and...
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