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So it is now 1:19 AM and I've been পাঠ করা some things link and I just thought I share some of my feelings and ideas about why people should rate.

I'll make a তালিকা because it's simpler and I'm a little sleepy:

Reason #1: Everyone likes to have the content they জমা করুন viewed and appreciated দ্বারা other fans. I, for once, like it a lot when people view what I've added, rate it and comment. Makes me feel like I've done my part in the ফ্যানপপ community and like I've pleased others (which I like);

Reason #2: I'm not exactly sure how it works but, from what I've read, rating plays a huge role in helping...
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Folks, we're deciding the future direction of Fanpop, and one of the প্রশ্ন is if we should bring back five-star ratings to replace the "fan of it" button.

VRSOF hasn't been active due, in part, to the lack of a downvoting system . The "fan of it" button was part of a larger Internet trend towards simplifying voting, but it's entirely possible that it turned it down too far.

Make your vote here!

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just really wish people could participate in rating contributions and just rate a hell lot more!

I just spent a good 20 মিনিট on three different fanclubs; Jacob Black, Bella Swan, and Edward Cullen and rated up well over 10 pages of unrated প্রতীকী on each of these damn clubs! আপনি know the award আপনি have for rating contributions that's on your profile? Well, over the last single week mine went up from being in the 7000's to know 8929, if not more! Because all week I was rating things that were left totally deserted, and I didn't want the posters to feel unappreciated so I rated them. All because...
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We have a serious issue
Here on Fanpop.
Such a serious issue
That must certainly stop.

Here are some poems that I wrote about the art of rating. They are not very good and they are not very creative, but they come from a deeply emotional place in the pit of my soul.


Rating: An Acrostic.


Rating: Another Acrostic.

Rating is

Rating, Rating.

Rating, rating,
It's so cool.
Rating, rating,
Makes me drool.
Rating, rating,
Brings me joy.
Rating, rating,
Like স্নেহ চুম্বন a boy.

Rate It!

Rating stuff is awfully fun.
It should be done দ্বারা everyone.
Whether it's...
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