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posted by LostPB
Here are some facts আপনি may অথবা may not know about Wade Barrett.

1) Trained দ্বারা Jon Richie and Al Snow.

2) Made professional wrestling debut in June 2004.

3) In October 2007, Wade was signed to a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

4) পূর্ববর্তি ring names were Lawrence Knight, Stu Bennett, and Stu Sanders.

5) Born in Preston, England, but billed from Manchester, England.

6) Attended বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় of Liverpool from 1999-2002 and graduated with a degree in Marine Biology.

7) Moved to Wales at age 6.

8) Supporter of Preston North End FC.

9) Worked in a science laboratory while training...
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Wade Barrett was interviewed in the Baltimore Sun & Mentioned Jericho:

Speaking of learning from guys, Chris Jericho was your on-screen pro on NXT. Was there any real mentoring going on with Jericho and আপনি behind the scenes?

Yeah, definitely. I’d say to this দিন he’s probably my first point of contact if I’ve got any প্রশ্ন অথবা stuff that I want to know about in the company অথবা if I want critiques on anything that I’m doing. I’ve got a few people I would go to, including William Regal and Goldust as well – he’s been very helpful. But I’d say Chris Jericho is my No. 1 sort...
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posted by NikkiBarrett
We walk alone
In the unknown
We live to win another victory
We are the young
Dying sons
We live to change the face of history
so be afraid it's the price we pay
The only easy দিন was yesterday
So hear our voice,
We have a choice,
It's time to face it

We are one
We are one
We are one
We will stand together
Number one
Number one
The chosen ones
We are one
We are one
we will fight forever
we are one and we won't die young

We are the bold
United souls
We live to win another victory
Our sacred scars
Show who we are
And tell the story of our memories

Don't be afraid
It's the price we pay
The only easy দিন was yesterday
So hear...
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posted by LostPB
These facts are off of link

1)Wade doesn't like সারমেয় coz he doesn't trust them

2)For বড়দিন (2009) Wade Barrett got a week at the Bahamas and a signed Brett Favre jersey. He was (as he said) "a lucky boy"

3)Wade Barrett wears boxers.

4)Wade's পছন্দ bands include The Smiths, The Beatles, The Stereophonics,Manic রাস্তা Preachers, The Jam, The Stone Roses, and বন্দুক & Roses

5)Wade Barrett's পছন্দ place to travel to in the United States is Portland, Oregon.

6)Wade Barrett doesn't like to make bets, because he doesn't want to lose his money.

7)Wade's type of women that he usually goes for...
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posted by LostPB
Trained in bare-knuckle brawling on the mean streets of Manchester, England, Wade Barrett brings strength, arrogance and cunning to the ring in equal measure. He’s also imbued with confidence and eloquence, character traits that have propelled the cocky young Brit to the শীর্ষ ranks in WWE.

Since coming to ডবলুডবলুই prominence as the winner of ডবলুডবলুই NXT season one, Barrett has proven that he’s not content to merely share the spotlight with his fellow Superstars. He wants total control, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

After winning NXT, Barrett shocked the ডবলুডবলুই Universe দ্বারা forming...
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On Chris Jericho's twitter he had this to say about Wade Barrett and others.

"Congrats to @mikethemiz @TheRealMorrison @WadeBarrett @RandyOrton and Sheamus for great performances last night! The Torch has been passed.

As আপনি may know Chris Jericho was Wade Barrett's Pro on NXT Season 1.In an প্রবন্ধ Wade had this to say about Chris Jericho.

On working with Chris Jericho on NXT: "Look at the শীর্ষ stars, wrestlers like Randy Orton, John Cena and Chris Jericho. They've got the (microphone) skills, the appearance, the ring skills, even the facial expressions.

"One thing (Jericho) talked to me about...
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Wade Barrett was interviewed দ্বারা Sky Sports & mentioned Chris Jericho:

skysports.com: Are there any established ডবলুডবলুই Superstars আপনি turn to for advice?
WB: Yeah definitely. I was lucky enough on NXT to have Chris Jericho as my pro. He’s a six-time World Champion and somebody still to this day, even though he’s not in the ডবলুডবলুই at the moment, who gives me a lot of advice. We’re constantly texting and calling each other. It’s been great to have a guy like that. I’ve been a অনুরাগী of Chris since the mid-90s. He’s always been a great performer. To this day, when he’s around in the ডবলুডবলুই he’s one of the very শীর্ষ performers in the world. I’ve been very lucky to get a lot of উপদেশ from him. As soon as I do something right অথবা do something wrong, he’ll let me know pretty quickly. I’m hopeful that in some point in the future he’ll be back in the WWE.
Last week when Wade Barrett and other ডবলুডবলুই Superstars traveled to Fort Bragg for Tribute to the Troops, an প্রবন্ধ was written up on the official Army website about the WWE’s visit. Barrett is quoted numerous times in the article, including here where he speaks on the excitement of trying out combat skills -

“We are out here for our annual ‘Tribute to the Troops’ show,” ব্যক্ত Wade Barrett, a ডবলুডবলুই Superstar. “At the WWE, we like to support the U.S. troops in all our endeavors around the world.”

Besides signing autographs and taking pictures, the Superstars and Divas also had a chance...
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When the announcement came down on last week's edition of World Wrestling Entertainment's flagship telecast that The Nexus were now under new leadership, in the form of "The Straight Edge Superstar" C.M. Punk, it was definitely a surprising turn of events.

However, it begged the প্রশ্ন of what exactly ডবলুডবলুই had planned for Wade Barrett, easily the most impressive newcomer on the Monday Night RAW roster this year.

Following the power struggle angle, and No. 1 contender's steel cage match, we were left with আরো প্রশ্ন than উত্তর surrounding the ডবলুডবলুই NXT Season One winner.

Many feared the possibility...
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Wade Barrett has looked as strong as any heel in the ডবলুডবলুই over the last few months, but nothing will get him over with the crowd like a win at the 2012 Royal Rumble.

Is Barrett a Main Eventer?
Yes, ডবলুডবলুই Loves His Size and Athleticism
90.9%No, He is a Dork
9.1%Total votes: 110
With Barrett’s English background, it will be easy for the ডবলুডবলুই to play him up as royalty after a win in the Royal Rumble, almost exactly how they did to Booker T after winning the King of the Ring.

I was never a huge Barrett fan, but he has always been a solid in-ring worker. The only thing that bothered me was his lack of...
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posted by NikkiBarrett
It is never the wisest of ideas to try and pin down one of the biggest men in the ডবলুডবলুই – but Wade Barrett will happily take a three-count if it means talking about Preston North End.

The wrestling superstar is a lifelong অনুরাগী of the Lilywhites having been born in nearby Penwortham and began his support for the club at the age of five when his dad started taking him to Deepdale.

And even though he joined the ডবলুডবলুই in 2007 Wade’s passion remains un-dimmed, even though he’s not had chance to get to a game for some time.

“It is difficult [to follow the games and news] because we are on the road a lot so I try to keep up to speed while travelling, and my dad keeps me updated too,” he told football-league.co.uk.

“Unfortunately we do not get enough time off as ডবলুডবলুই is on for 52 weeks of the বছর so it has been several years since I last got to a game.”

Credit: link
- ডবলুডবলুই Superstar Wade Barrett spoke with NaplesNews.com to promote WWE’s TLC pay-per-view. Here are some highlights:

Becoming ডবলুডবলুই Champion:
“I’ve dreamed about it since I was a kid. I realized, statistically, the chances of me getting to the ডবলুডবলুই and being very successful were very slim. I always hoped it would happen for me. I was very lucky to get the opportunity and I was going to make sure I was going to make the most of it. Wrestling was my first passion and something I wanted to do from a very young age.”

Going from main events to the mid-card:
“Wrestling is quite cyclical in its...
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"Wade Barrett, a tall, well-built Brit, brings a strong bareknuckle fighting background to WWE. Confident and eloquent, Barrett isn't afraid to speak whatever's on his mind. He's notably obsessed with supremacy and will do anything in order to achieve it.

Since coming to ডবলুডবলুই prominence as the winner of ডবলুডবলুই NXT season one, Barrett has worked tirelessly – not only to step into the limelight, but to dominate it – thrusting himself into infamous notoriety time and time again.

Whether as a prominent member of powerful groups of intimidation such as The Nexus and The Corre, প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে his championship...
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posted by NikkiBarrett
In my opinion, Wade Barrett has excelled hugely in the past year, as আপনি can tell from his সাম্প্রতিক শিরোনাম rein as the ডবলুডবলুই Intercontinetal Champion. Although he হারিয়ে গেছে his championship, in my view he still has bags of protenal. I think that Wade Barrett is under-rated and should be wrestling with some of the bigger stars in the WWE, such as Randy Orton, Christian and The Miz and not wrestlers such as Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara and Heath Slater. Although these ডবলুডবলুই superstars that where mentioned are good wrestlers, they are not as good, in my view, as Wade Barrett.

I have recently heard rumors that ডবলুডবলুই are considering giving Wade Barrett a manager, Although this would give him an extra boost in the ring, knowing that he has someone to impress, I think that he might get too distracted from his matches and would put him at greater risk of losing matches.

দ্বারা NikkiBarrett
Maybe Wade Barrett was always destined for a career putting both life and limb on the line.

The Preston-born wrestler, who lived in Penwortham until he was six-years-old, is one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s biggest box office stars and is a huge name in America – আরো famous than David Beckham!

Barrett has grappled in the ring with some of the world’s strongest men, including US mega stars John Cena and Randy Orton.

Perhaps his route to the ভালুক pit world of ডবলুডবলুই can be traced back to the দিন when Barrett’s father decided one দিন to take his young son to watch Preston North End at...
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