What Is WarriorCats?

Authored by PiggyLove

Some people out there dont know what warrior cats is! So this is the begginers guide to warrior cats! ((Well The First Series)) I will not include any spoilers...probably! 

What is it? A book series written by Erin Hunter

What Are The Clans? : ((Series One)) ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, StarClan, and Sometimes BloodClan. 

What Are The Clans? : ((Any others )) SkyClan

Kittpet : A house cat that you own

Rogues/Loners : Basically cats who aren't human pets or in clans

Twolegs : Humans

ThunderPath : A road

Monsters : Cars

Moonstone : A place cats go to get their nine lives when made leader

Ranks : Kit ((Not elegable to train yet)) App ((Warrior In training)) Med app ((Med in training)) Warrior ((A cat who went through training and is now a warrior basically )) Med ((The cat who heals everybody )) Elder ((A cat who has had apps before and is basically retired and done with life xD ))

The Most Common Prey : Squirrels, Crows, Rabbits, Vole, Mouse, fish , and anything you see in a forest. ((Sometimes rats

Predators : Anything a predator for a cat mainly Hawks ((Prey to Kits)) And Twolegs ((Humans))

ThunderClan : One of the clans

RiverClan : The only clan who swims besides SkyClan,StarClan, And BloodClan

WindClan: Another one of the clans

ShadowClan : Another clan mainly known for evil leaders

StarClan : Where clan cats go when they die

How Moonstone Works ((Leaders)) : You touch it and fall asleep then find yourself in StarClan. A dead cat you probably knew from your clan gives you a life. Each more painful than the last.

Mate : Basically a couple

LitterMates Or Kin : Friends And Siblings

Parents : Parents

Evil Cats : Cats who have evil plans who want to take over the forest, kill, kidnap kits, and break the warrior code etc

Warrior Code ((CANT REMEMBER FULL THING)) : You will trust and put the clan before your life and the clan must be fed first

Pelt Colors : White, Black, Grey, Orange, Tabby, Tortisque Shell, Albino , any fur colors