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posted by cmdress2015
China young female stature than Western young women, generally আরো slender, beautiful and beautiful curve,clean lines and smooth style, simple and elegant cheongsam, its biggest advantage is that it can প্রদর্শনী the beautiful curve to a proper extent this China female bodies. It is in line with the China young women's aesthetic needs at the same time, because the production labor and material saving, the advantages of dress and very convenient, প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে vigorous vitality.
So, this is how full of vitality and development to the cheongsam?
The name derives from Nur Ha Che cheongsam, establishment of the Eight Banners system, known as the"Manchu Banner man", their dress is called "cheongsam". The basic styles of the earliest cheongsam is a roundcollar, narrow sleeves, twist to the right lapel. Hem four slits, বেল্ট buckle, belt." The seasons of the বছর on this one style, only boucau different points. The men and women are wearing his clothing, because of the narrow oil outlet, is connected with a cutoff short half moon cuff, shaped like a horseshoe, so called "horseshoe sleeves",also called "jianxiu". Usually
One up, put down for winter cat fights, to cover the back of the hand, can keep warm and does not affect the bow. Surrounded দ্বারা the slits s for the horse up and down. It can increase the waist, a warmth lying two; hunting,the other in front; three carry knives, spoons, chopsticks and set আগুন to Janus, sickle, flint, tinder small pocket sand leather tobacco pouch, can be hung on a belt.
In 1644 the Central Plains after the Manchu, swim into pig farming, to be with the Han culture as the leading oil and the exchange of national culture, as the original image characteristics of cheongsam, is changing. Such as:not suitable for farming the narrow sleeve oil becomes horseshoe sleeves, sleeve; often, riding four slitschange to two slits, even not slits; cheongsam became straight sleeved পোশাক style big. The material is changed.Before the capital of northeast দ্বারা Shengjing, to hold mainly into skin with cotton cloth, then, not only still usecotton, satin more. The man in blue, black dress was two colors, but the reader has a great number of people wearing white, red, purple. As for yellow, because it is the color of various royal, if it will be beheaded, and are frequent, so, people is taboo.
The great change in women's dress, such as round মণ্ডল with one inch high stand system is much আরো sophisticated, not only in the neckline, cuffs and tuck the lapel plus a few bright colored জরি অথবা middleman, and that the আরো beautiful. At the end of the Qing ডাইন্যাস্টি in Beijing area was also in "Eighteen set" (i.e. with eighteen lace), materials varieties is আরো diverse, though still Kuan pao big sleeves, but lower than men's cheongsam (after the development of a long robe) is pretty much.
The cheongsam Xin Hai after the revolution, especially after five four until the 30's, the girls often wear a bluedress, style and great changes: loose straight into the tight waist; shorter length; both sides of the slits of varying lengths. 30 years later, the cheongsam collar, sleeves and much change, sometimes, sometimes low,sometimes high necked মণ্ডল মণ্ডল and sleeve sleeved দ্বারা eliminating, sleeve length can sometimes be narrowed, and the wrist, sometimes short arm full nudity. The tight waist stick to প্রদর্শনী the advantages of beautiful curves has been preserved. Plus hem recovery, length and ankle, it is very comfortable fit. As for thestraight men's robes, to 40 years, has gradually been replaced new fashion.
Since the 80's, this can প্রদর্শনী the Hu people female curve and beauty in style, with both financial Hu in one culture, but also pay attention to the absorption of foreign খাবার people cheongsam, it further increased the heat. The slit is very high, the new dress up to the thigh, with women walking light shift, the open and close a robe, thigh hidden, dynamic beauty and elegant leisurely shows a restrained and open. With the further win support among the people cannot do without the modernization of traditional culture in China, the clothing in the garden of a hundred ফুলেরডালি contend in beauty, dress this gorgeous flowers, will spit fragrance.