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Hi my name is Y/n I am 19 years old and I live in la I am Mexican my best friend name is Valeria My best friend loves why don't we these past days she has been really sad because her boyfriend cheated on her with her sister so I saw that why don't we was coming to la I got her 2 ticket for me and her to see them I have not told her yet that I got these tickets wish me luck

Y/n: নমস্কার Valeria

Valeria: Hi Y/n

Y/n: So I got আপনি something

Valeria: What is it?


Valeria: OH MY GOD THANK আপনি SO MUCH!

Y/n: So what are আপনি going to wear to the concert?...
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posted by seaveyxdaddy
আপনি get a call from Jonah আপনি answer it and say

Y/n: নমস্কার Jonah what up

Jonah: নমস্কার y/n so I was wondering if আপনি want to hang out today?

You blush and say

Y/n: Sure do we meet up?

Jonah: I will come pick আপনি up be ready in 5

Y/n: Okay see আপনি outside

Jonah: Okay I will call you

You hang up and blush you're mom comes in and say

Your mom: Oooo look whos blushing

Y/n: MOM!

Your mom: What true

She sit down পরবর্তি to আপনি and say

Your mom: Spill the beans who do আপনি like!

Y/n: I really like Jonah

Your mom: Oooooo I have heard he is great kisser

Y/n: MOM

Your mom: What!

Y/n: Just get out I need to get ready Jonah is...
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One দিন আপনি are walking প্রথমপাতা back from you're frined house and are on your phone আপনি don't look where আপনি are walking but then আপনি bump into someone and আপনি say

y/n oh my gosh I'm so sorry I just to busy on my phone texting my mom i'm on my way back home.

Daniel: No It fine I was on my phone to anyways

y/n Im sorry again have a great দিন bye!

Daniel: আপনি too!

You start to walk back প্রথমপাতা and then আপনি open the house door

Mom: Oh great your back প্রথমপাতা can আপনি take care of your younger sister

y/n why?

Mom: Because I have to go to the store for ডিনার I will pay when I come back

y/n fine mom but hurry

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Why Don't We Come To Brazil
why don't we
come to brazil
Why Don't We অবিশ্বাস্য Official Video/Fully Clothed Version
why don't we
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Why Don't We অবিশ্বাস্য
why don't we
posted by 21blurryface
{Daniel Seavey}
"What do I wear?"
I only told you twelve times, the first dress that you put on is still your best find
We've been sittin' in this dressing room for hours
I need a break, baby
I don't have the brain power

{Zach Herron}
When you ask me my opinion
I'm always sure to be your minion
Girl, you're kinda like long division

{Jonah Marais}
Everything is difficult

Help me help you

{Logan Paul}
Girl, what you tryna do?
'Cause I don't got a clue
No, I ain't no scooby doo

Help me help you

{Logan Paul}
'Cause I'm hungrier than you
I just wanna get some food and you about to kill my mood

Help me...
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don't change
i don't belong in this club
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big plans
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Ever since Why Don't We started to travel

They're getting money like I get I trouble

Daniel be flipping his phone like a freak

He could buy a brand new phone every week

Been through some bad sh*t

I should be a sad b*tch

I am indeed but I'm also a broke b*tch

Corbyn be out here buying Yeezys

Getting Christina her পছন্দ things

The boys are stylish

Got Gucci just bought em

They make great hits

Their সঙ্গীত is poppin'

You like the band?

Don't blame you. Iconic

You see them

You like them

You hear them

You want them

Want Daniel? Ain't got him

Want Corbyn? Ain't got him

Want Jonah? Ain't got him

Want Jack? Ain't got...
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Why Don't We ~ Cold In LA
cold in la
posted by LimelightAvery
I stared into the mirror, internally groaning and cursing myself out. I really hated how I looked and right now was not helping in the slightest.

You see, I have dark brown hair, which tends to look really greasy easily. And me being the idiot I am, I fell asleep watching Netflix last night and forgot to wash my hair.

So here I was, glaring at myself in the mirror, trying to figure out what to do with this mess.

I sighed to myself, tugging my hoodie down over my leggings. I finally decided to just pull my hair up in a messy bun and blend in with the crowd as much as I possibly could. I walked...
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