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posted by ILoveWemma
Why they should be together:
-She loves him and he loves her too.
-They kissed.
-They are practically best friends.
-They eat lunch together.
-He was hurt when she told him she accepted Ken's proposal. They shared a stare across the hallway.
-He tells her secrets.
-She gets mustard off his chin in a sweet, cute way unlike Terri who tries to be sexy in a public place and make someone jealous.
-She gives him advice.
-They almost kissed during his night shift as the janitor.
-When she fell on শীর্ষ of him during "The ফালি Song" they seemed really cozy lying there together.
-How he looked at her in the bridal...
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Ok so on this website and YouTube people have done a thing called ten ways to annoy..... And the persons name which could be a character. I wanted to give it a try with will shuesters wife Terri from glee. PS the actress who plays her does a briliant job.
Ten ways to annoy Terri are:

1. Wear a badge saying team wemma and shout it out until she goes mad.

2. Get the স্বতস্ফূর্ত guys to sing a song about wemma and lock the door.

3. Put a massive montage of wemma picks on a big advertising board saying wemma forever. Terri never.

4. Make a video on YouTube about wemma and get lots of people including the glee...
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Because she was happy to see him.
Because she was glad that he cared about স্বতস্ফূর্ত and the kids.
Because he got the gum off her shoe for her.
Because she wanted to chaperone with him.
Because they shared a PB and J sandwich.
Because he went to the support meeting even though he did not want for her.
Because she did not want him to leave.
Because she was worried that he would take her wanting to know about his personal problems in his life the wrong way.
Because she loved how passionate স্বতস্ফূর্ত was to him.
Because he told her he would miss her.
Because she wanted to help him grade papers.
Because he called her...
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posted by Tarsh
i thought it was great that the creators of স্বতস্ফূর্ত realised that the Will/Emma thing was just too good to ignore. The ending was so amazing as he ran to her and kissed her, and i hope পরবর্তি season, অথবা if they continue this one(since its only 13 episodes long at the moment.), that they let emma and will be together,that would be great. i'm kind of sad that if emma and will get together, that it might mean the end of Terri's character, because she brings so much humour to the show, but i think emma and will are meant to be together, so if thats what it takes, then really i dont care!