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posted by Willow-Tara4eva
 They will always be together in our mind.
They will always be together in our mind.
নমস্কার all আপনি অনুরাগী of Willow and Tara.

If anyone says that Willow is a Lesbian, don't listen to them. The only propper time Willow was leso was with Kennedy and lets face it, NO ONE liked her.

Willow simply got attracted to Tara দ্বারা magic. One of my বন্ধু ব্যক্ত "But they still sleep together. That would make them Lesbian" and I simply told her "Stop dreamin. Just because they slept together, doesn't mean they are leso".
A couple days after that my friend came up to me and ব্যক্ত "You were right. I think Willow was drawn to her দ্বারা the magic they used".

I think that if Tara hadn't died in the 6th season they would have been together forever.
What do আপনি think?

From Willow-Tara4eva
 And Oz is now gone
And Oz is now gone