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Hi there! here is my official review and a few hot previews of winx club: the movie!
i live in england, so i couldn't see it at the cinema but i sawed it on ইউটিউব in english for free, thanks to dokienchantix. all আপনি need to do to get to it is write: winx club movie english part 1 of 9. and chose the option first up.
but what's it all about?:
Bloom is finally on the verge of finding her past, but taking a huge risk with all your fave winx girls.
so what type of film is it?:
it's a vareity film. it has a bit of romance, adventure and ফ্যান্টাসি with a girly twist!
is there a certain age group:
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posted by dragonwinxbloom
It's a brand new day
The sun is high up in the sky
One আরো adventure
We must be ready for the fight
Together we're stronger
And that's why we will always win
We'll face the danger
This time we're gonna save the world
And just like last time
We're gonna wipe away the dark
We gotta make it
No time to hesitate
But still...
Sometimes I look at myself
I wonder
Will I be strong enough?
And will I make it to the end?
My বন্ধু keep tellin' me

You're the one
Who can do the incredible things আপনি do?
You're the best
And baby আপনি deserve the gift আপনি have
(Can't আপনি see)
আপনি are strong
আপনি fight against the demons every day
You're a star
Remember where আপনি come from, who আপনি are
Come যোগদান us!
i dont own anything