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One দিন Cornelia was walking along the sidewalk when her phone rang. " who in the world could this be???" Cornelia asked herself, when she saw who it was she ignored the call quickly. Why is she calling me, we haven't talked in so long, i thought she forgot about me, Cornelia thought, oh well better face the music. Cornelia then called back the number. "Hello?"who somebody said, "hey Flora, it's me, Cornelia, sorry i didn't answer before remember we are suppose to not be talking to eack other" hearing the laughter brought back good memories. "Hahahahaha i remember, but i need your help. Something...
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Source: Image credits goes to Winxlove for finding the ছবি
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 taranee uses her আগুন versus musa
taranee uses her fire versus musa
-the WITCH girls were having a dancing party at school and they were having fun with their bfs
-then they heard a voice coming out from out side...
will:what was that?
irma:i think there is someone out there
haylin:why are we standing here lets go!
the girls walked til out side suddenly....
bloom:well,well,well look who is here the L.O.S.E.R.S
bloom:yes bloom is it hard to say
musa:they look like they saw ghost.. i think their powers are weak again!! ahahahah!!
taranee:no its not wait til i burn আপনি with my আগুন
musa:SHOW ME!! what did আপনি got! *puts a spell* SOUND WAVE!!
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Source: me and গুগুল for প্রতিমূর্তি
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flora:golden pollen
cornelia: earth ray
icy: icy ice
trix: is enchantix
flora: see cedric has captured bloom.
will: leave her alone.
cedric: hand over the হৃদয় of candracar i will leave her.
flora: will can talk to আপনি for a minute.
will: fine..
stella: flora blooms life is in danger what are আপনি doing.
flora: stella calm down.
flora:will প্রদর্শনী cedric the হৃদয় of candracar,but first demand for bloom.
will: OK
will: here আপনি go, but first let go of bloom.
[bloom is set free]
flora: plant rope
[ the trix and cedric are captured]
winx and w.i.t.c.h.: yeah
bloom: আপনি evil monsters go away
icy: fine


THE END.....


 Winx and W.i.t.c.h United [Image Credit: Zanhar1]
Winx and W.i.t.c.h United [Image Credit: Zanhar1]
OK! Listen up, I am sick and tired of all this fighting! Posting nasty pics, nasty pictures, stupid and rude প্রবন্ধ of the two groups fighting, and such. I praise those আপনি have been kind enough to not post such things! Thank you. But some people don't know when to stop! Please, stop! I have been tested on the last straw on this "War" and so, I make this প্রবন্ধ to slap all those rude people in the face.

Pain and Prejuidice:

Really? Fighting over two cartoons? OK, really, wars as some people call it, this is no war. Wars consist of fighting, death and lose. Wars are started due to segregation,...
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Source: Image credit goes to Winxlove for finding the ছবি
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