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soooo much better than winx believix! :P
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It was a warm day, and Cornelia was walking with her best Will. Suddenly, it started to rain, " OH MY GOSH!!!!!!" Cornelia cried "My Hair!, why does everything hate me!?!?", but Will just frowned and said, " its not normal rain. Its way to hot to be............LOOK OUT!". Will pushed Cornelia down and ducked herself, a আগুন ball went flying past there heads. "Thanks Will, i Sooooooo owe আপনি one" Cornelia ব্যক্ত gratefully. Will just smiled and said, " no problem Corny, but we better transfrom, i got a bad feeling". Cornelia didnt have to be told twice, "EARTH!!!!!!" she cried. "QUINTESSENCE!!!!!!"...
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