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Real Name: Sekar Prakasita Pachirayya (It's hard to spell it right? My teachers, my friends, even my cousins says that my name is hard to spelled!) :D

(Nick)name: Sekar, Ayya, A-chan, Chicken (Why 'Chicken'? Because the Indonesian language of 'Chicken' is 'Ayam'. Isn't that almost similar to 'Ayya'? LOL. But please don't calling me like that, guys. I don't like it).

Personality: I'm shy in the new place, but actually I'm mischievous, clumsy, kinda lazy, a bit nerdy, friendly, not too tomboyish and not too feminine, and I really প্রণয় to eat! (But I'm not fat). I also had a phobia to blood, frogs,...
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