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posted by ilovemygnome
নমস্কার guys! this is a little thingy on how to do a return to sender spell (well it's how i do it but it's differnet for everyone).
okay so this is what yoou need:
1. a loose incense ( i have some guides up for making your own)
2. a renewal incense (basicly ফুলেরডালি this should be in a stick) (if আপনি live in boone আপনি can get ti fro 20cents at dancing moon)
3. a candle of a color that symbolizes protection for YOU
4. a picture of a protection deity
5. large plate অথবা bowl
okay here's what আপনি do:
1. in the candle carve the words RETURN TO SENDER
2. call the corners (i actually call the elements but whatever)
3. light your incense stick
4. place your candle in the middle of your plate
5. sprinkle your loose incense as আপনি chant what your intentions
wait for your candle to burn all the way down অথবা go out
well that's it. hope আপনি enjoyed it and blessed be!
p.s: i'll post other stuff soon
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