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I walk swiftly through the forest হারিয়ে গেছে in thought. So much has happened after the Dark Forest Battle. Firestar and Hollyleaf died, Squirrelflight became deputy, and Brambleclaw, now Bramblestar, became leader. And to শীর্ষ that off, Cinderheart had announced to the clan four moons পূর্বে that she was expecting my kits. I needed a break from my clan. What was I going to do next?
You might have known that I'm Lionblaze. My mate is Cinderheart and she is going to have my kits.
I soon found myself at the lake. The sun was just setting over RiverClan territory, right at the perfect place to stare at for...
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Fierstra and Scourge are battling to see who will stay in the forest.(WARNING!!!!!!! If আপনি have not read the 6th Warriors book, this may be a huge spoiler!!)
I did not make this, SSS Warrior মার্জার Studios made it.
Scorchclaw slowly walked back to the RiverClan warrior's den. She saw her three kits Littlescar, Hawkflight, and Silverheart sleeping soundly in their nests. Eaglekit,Bearkit,Starkit,and Flamekit should be here, Scorchclaw thought sadly as she sunk into her own nest and fell into a sleep sleep full of memories.

Chapter 1
Scorchkit awoke surrounded দ্বারা her brother,sister, and mother. Starkit and Flamekit and their mother Ice. She saw her father walking over to them with a মাউস in his jaws. Scorchkit's father was a dark tabby tom with amber eyes a v shaped nick in his ear and a slash...
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When the four new warriors were done watching over the camp they went hunting and Spottedleaf and Firestar were talking about clan matters.
" Spottedleaf, we need to have a medicine cat can আপনি train a medicine মার্জার when our kits are apprentices?" Firestar asked.
" Yes, but আপনি have to go to the moonstone to see if StarClan will give আপনি a sign" Spottedleaf said.
Firestar dipped his head " Of course Spottedleaf".
Firestar was getting prepared for the long trip to the Moonstone but then Starkit came up behind him and ব্যক্ত " Firestar StarClan has chosen me as medicine cat."
Firestar was shocked his...
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"What!?" all the leaders ব্যক্ত at once.
"What do আপনি mean Fireheart, I mean Firestar?" Bluestar ব্যক্ত with astonishment.
" I have made my own clan SunClan are StarClan has প্রদত্ত my nine-lives, so that makes me a leader" he replied smoothly.
"All right, let the gathering begin!" Bluestar announce.
" I will go First" Firestar said", Hunting has been great in our territory, and Sandstorm, Graystripe who is my deputy, Dustpelt,Swiftbreeze, Brackenpaw, Cinderpaw, Ashpaw, and Fernpaw have joined our clan,and my mate had 6 kits: Starkit, Sunkit, Shadowkit, Windkit, Thunderkit, and Riverkit. My mate is Spottedleaf"...
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Firestar raced প্রথমপাতা over the hills, not only did he need to get back to his clan Spottedleaf shoud have kitted দ্বারা now!
He walked into camp as slow as he could, but then he heard Spottedleaf shout "Firestar!" in extreme pain. He ran as fast as his legs would let him, when he got there six beautiful kits were suckling দুধ from Spottedleaf.
" Let us name them Firestar" Spottedleaf ব্যক্ত in a calm voice.
"Of course" Firestar replied.
They decided the names of the kits, the siver one with white speckles was Starkit, the pure black kit was Shadowkit, the kit with gray-blue পশম was Riverkit, the kit with...
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This is all I have so far-

                Chapter 1
    Moonpaw was bored with having to look after Bloodfur and Foxblaze. The two মার্জার had greencough. She wished she could be out in the forest hunting and training with her brother, Pebblepaw. Just as she finished giving Bloodfur the rest of his catmint, she heard Bluestar’s familiar call, “Let all মার্জার old enough to catch their own prey gather here below Highledge.”
    As she crept out of the medicine গর্ত she glanced...
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Me: Lightningstar, formerly Lightningstrike, son of Lionblaze, Leader of LightningClan, a satellite Clan of ThunderClan. In battle, his claws সরানো like lightning, and he can summon lightning and then electrify his claws.

Also me (technically) Firefang, deputy of LightningClan, Lightninghstar’s littermate, can জোতা আগুন in the same way as Lightningstar

Rainfall: Lightningstar’s sister. Can জোতা water, medicine cat

These are the three main character in my পরবর্তি লেখা project, along with some others, but here’s a brief summary:

Once, there was one Clan, then two, then five. One was lost,...
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