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posted by Mermaidsea
Hair Ppllllllllllllllllllllllll! I am a mermaid অনুরাগী and wanna be a mermaid! But I wanna see if I'm actually a mermaid... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................................ we can find out together :) মতামত if I know a sight that tells us if I they a mermaid :)
I heard that I can have these signs:
1. U প্রণয় the ocean
2. The ocean is calling out for u
3. U don't like wearing pants
4. I r naive
5. I প্রণয় baths
6. I watch দিন little mermaid everyday. But the প্রশ্ন is are we mermaids? Do we have a psychic connection with the ocean?
Are we even humans?...
Pls we can help each other find out :)
posted by edencharles
Eden Brolin enacts an 18-year-old cruddy, somewhat unbalanced pixie, who along with her friends, turns out to be the target of a sorcerers’ cult. She doesn’t seem whom আপনি would call a strong woman and its refreshing we get this in horror movies. She seems পরবর্তি door normal unruly girl. Her character has no outstanding characteristic, the artist somehow gives her depth. We see it in her eyes and body language.
Blood Bound plot. No it is not cute, it’s not simple; it’s pessimist and frightful. The story is suggestive of Rosemary’s Baby, which does not seem accidental.
It is 2019, and we’re still exploring age-old subjects like Wicca, human sacrifice and sects. Somehow, those subgenres stand the test of time. Horror stories built around pregnancy never get old either, for obvious reasons. As saturated as these themes may be, in horror cinema these days, Blood Bound manages to impress and surprise. It’s its own thing.
posted by dragonrider
Still the first দিন - Athena's perspective

I smiled as I walked back to my বন্ধু and I's table. I sat down and looked at my friends.
"Where have আপনি been?" Erica asked "I need make up উপদেশ and আপনি know Emily isn't into that,"
Emily hardly looked up from her book "Make up is a complete waste of time," she said
"Not it is not. It attracts cute boys," Erica argued
Emily sighed "As I told আপনি before your personality attracts them," she said
I held up my hands "Girls please! আপনি want to know where I was অথবা not?" I asked
They both exchanged glances "Yes we do,"
I sighed "Alright. I was talking to...
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Rating: M

Summary: Kaname's enemies concoct a dark plot to get to the pureblood through Yuki and Zero, putting all three in grave danger. Zero is left half dead and Kaname in the hands of sadistic captors. Only Kaname can give Zero what he needs to stay alive, and perhaps only Zero can save the pureblood from a fate worse than death… if only both of them can keep from killing each other first.

Warnings: A fair amount of character whumping / torture. Non-consensual blood drinking. M/M relationships. Citrus.

Spoilers: Yes, for the whole Vampire Knight series, but especially for chapters 30-32....
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posted by fangs286
Jacob part 1

have আপনি ever had a secret? the answer is probably yes. but have আপনি ever had a secret that আপনি could never tell anyone?that if আপনি did, it would effect thousands,billions of people? no. আপনি haven't. that is the weight i carry on my shoulders. it is the weight carried দ্বারা people. Many people. across the world. i am one of many that are different then other people but yet the same.i wish to be what is around me. only a few are like me. i want to have a friend in this world that is like me. Someone who understands the pain and constant despair, even when i feel happy. আপনি are probably...
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posted by Drxmarxma_101
The doors have opened for all to come
The stage is darkened, all আপনি hear is a distant hum
When all have seated the center light turns on
There stood a man in a long over-sized robe
His hat, his beard, his tiny eyes
Scan the room as the back people rise
With a smirk, a loud pop is heard
A dark gray মেঘ of smoke fills the room

In the center of the ring five people align
One's bearded, one's horned
Another is broken, and the last two conjoined
Gasps and widened eyes light the room
Each unique human just stand there প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে no fear
A little child begins to clap
Followed দ্বারা others when the five creatures...
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posted by liviabutterfly
Chapter [#2]

Narrators POV

An old man in a ছদ্মবেশ walked into the neighborhood in which Olivia lived. Everyone stared at him as he walked around.

Olivia's POV

I smiled brightly as I dived into the ocean, "wait up!!!" Oliver laughed as my five brothers ran after me with surfboards, buggy boards, buckets for picking up sea shells, and dad brought out our special maid sandcastle buckets. They were big and made the best structures ever!!! Plus our family is known for our sand castles/structures. I smiled and dived down, feeling the salty cold water against my skin, it's the best feeling ever. When...
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posted by kpaw05
I don’t want to get up. Why would I even think about it, at four AM on a Saturday? I don’t know. Something just calls. Scorpio, it whispers, Come to me. Come to me, and আপনি will be free.
    Who are you? Where do I go? I call out sleepily. The shout is only in my head, but I feel it goes out into the darkness all the same.
    You will know, Scorpio. আপনি will know what to do. Go to the river, it beckons. So I teeter down the stairs, fully clothed, in a dreamlike state.
What kind of crazy person am I? I ask myself. Not an unreasonable question, considering...
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posted by zanhar1
It’s raining. Not like a hard rain অথবা anything. Parker makes his way downy the highway with determination and a degree of speed that might not be exactly legal. But he isn’t going alarmingly fast. He maneuvers his car–a rather stylish Dodge Viper–into the fast lane. It isn’t the latest model but he has it painted a sleek purple some shade in between light and dark. After successfully making his pass he get back into the right lane. He’s behind a Chrysler Pacifica with a collect of bumper and window stickers.

From this he deduces that the driver is probably a ফুটবল mom অথবা an unfortunate...
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posted by DisneyGirlFan0
Ever wonder what the ডিজনি princesses look like in real life? Well, now আপনি can! I looked through many pictures of women emulating ডিজনি princesses অথবা just ডিজনি females in general and found many that looked almost real! I picked from the ones I thought looked most like the character, and I was astonished at how well these people made themselves resemble those characters. So, be amazed at how much these women look like the character they are portraying and enjoy!
 Ariel from The Little Mermaid
Ariel from The Little Mermaid
 Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
 Belle from The Beauty And The Beast
Belle from The Beauty And The Beast
 সিন্ড্রেলা from সিন্ড্রেলা
Cinderella from Cinderella
 Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
 Jane from Tarzan
Jane from Tarzan
 জুঁই from আলাদীন
Jasmine from Aladdin
 Kida from Atlantis: The হারিয়ে গেছে Empire
Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire
 Megara from Hercules
Megara from Hercules
 Merida from ব্রেভ
Merida from Brave
 মুলান from মুলান
Mulan from Mulan
 মুলান as a Male
Mulan as a Male
 Nala from The Lion King
Nala from The Lion King
 Pocahontas from Pocahontas
Pocahontas from Pocahontas
 Rapunzel from Rapunzel
Rapunzel from Rapunzel
 Snow White from Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
Snow White from Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
 Tiana from The Princess And The Frog
Tiana from The Princess And The Frog
 টিংকারবেল from Peter Pan
Tinkerbell from Peter Pan
I looked at Chantal in a slight mixed feeling of confusion and fear. My confusion was towards everything that just happened about five মিনিট পূর্বে and the fear was also towards the fact that there is now emerald-green আগুন currently emerging throughout my entire body. I then asked Chantal for clarification. "What's going on here?" Chantal stood up, reached into a satchel, which I didn't notice she had with her until now, took out a spray bottle and sprayed the both of us with it. "Whoa! What are আপনি doing?" Chantal smiled at me and then responded to my question. "I sprayed both of us with...
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People down every turn
Pain inside their hearts
A girl with scars on her wrists
A boy with a ছুরি in his chest
She hides in the dark
Wondering when the pain with end
He stands up to fight in defense
Only to get knocked back down again
She fights with her parents
They don't wanna support the child
She's left to fend for herself in the cold
Alone with the child
Do we see what we are doing when we say the things we say?
Do we see who we are hurting with the actions that we're taking?
What we need
Are broken families reconciled
We need hearts to mend, scars to heal and battles to end
We. Need. Love
To stand up for the broken
We. Need. Hope
To give a hand to the hopeless
We need the world to care.
What are we doing with the words we are saying?
Who are we changing
And what effects are they having?
Lets be the change.
*total drama theme song plays*
cris:Hello everyone were back in the studios.
cris:this is another exiting season of total drama.
cris:a chance to win 1 grand here comes the contestestants
max: *waves*
julie:im gonna win this thing
james:what up people im winning this thing
selena:hello losers আপনি guys have no chance against muwah
tim:selfish little dadys girl >:(
june:hello everyone im ju- *justin shoves june* justin:woahhhhh
tim:*helps up june* নমস্কার im tim
june:hehe im june *shakes hand*
emma:oh hi peope im so happy to be here
tyler:hello *teeth shines*
Emma:wow ur hot :o
alex:hello *waves*
john: does...
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 Watch out guys for 21!
Watch out guys for 21!
By:Android_21 How there became a Mirai Android 21
Chapter I:The Androids Attack!!!
____________________Android 21's P.O.V.________________________
It was just like any normal day,except that I was made of metal
and an Android.I had cybernetics placed in my body when I
was 20 দ্বারা Dr.Gero,a crazy lunitic with issues.He did the same
to my brother and sister only I'm stronger and have special
abilities.I heard 17 laugh,18 sigh,and I just rolled my
eyes."Really bro.?Did আপনি have to kill him when I ব্যক্ত I would
spare his life?" I asked, and he just shrugged and laughed.18
sighed again,and...
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posted by darkwave
No sun--no moon!
No morn--no noon!
No dawn--no dusk--no proper time of day--
No sky--no earthly view--
No distance looking blue--

No road--no street--
No "t'other side the way"--
No end to any Row--
No indications where the Crescents go--

No শীর্ষ to any steeple--
No recognitions of familiar people--
No courtesies for প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে 'em--
No knowing 'em!

No mail--no post--
No news from any foreign coast--
No park--no ring--no afternoon gentility--
No company--no nobility--

No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member--
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds,
posted by summerfrog
OK so i was walking down the street...all alone...in the rain...not happy but not sad ether...when suddenly I ran into a একপ্রকার ফুলের গাছ tree!I don't know how I didn't see it...or why it was in the middle of the road-but it was there and when I looked at it I saw it was the biggest একপ্রকার ফুলের গাছ I had ever seen;it was absolutely GINORMOUS!it to be at least as tall as a skyscraper. I couldn't even see the top.Now what is the easiest way to get past a tree? Go around it of course! but when i looked there was a wall!Two walls!on ether side of the বৃক্ষ that prevented me from passing(again,how didn't I see this before?)It was not an ordinary
দেওয়াল ether,and must have taken allot of work to build because it was as tall,or taller than the tree!so I was stuck with a একপ্রকার ফুলের গাছ and two walls
what was I to do?turn back?I had come too far!so knowing this,what do আপনি think I did?What would আপনি have done?

Hi. So yeah, from the শিরোনাম I think you've gathered this story is about .... well let's just say a problematic 19 বছর old struggling to find a meaning in life.

If you're a typical "Caucasian" you'll never understand the things we "brown people" have to face. Over-protective parents are just the start. The kinds of people are totally different. The type of "cheats", "betrayers", "heart-breakers".

Being born in a place 2% of the people worldwide knew is just the start of a slightly difficult life. For now, lemme just summarize my life for you. I'm a 19 বছর old girl living...
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Just something i wrote.... hope আপনি guys like it =)
Do আপনি believe in fate? Do আপনি believe in destiny? Our end already determined for us. So no matter what we do, no matter what choices we make, we always get that end. It never matters how hard we tried because in the end, we’ll have to cry, we’ll have to scream and beg to be let free. But hey, who cares? Your fate is already decided, like a candle fated to burn out, a ফুল fated to wither, a হৃদয় fated to break…… there’s nothing আপনি can do except sit and watch it play out before out. You’re a caged being. আপনি can strut around...
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posted by mrgoyal
I always wanted আপনি to ask me আরো about myself, just like I always asked about আপনি but আপনি never did that and I hated it

I always wanted আপনি to make up my mood whenever I get mad on আপনি but just one sorry that's what আপনি always ব্যক্ত and আপনি just always left after that and I hated it ( Do আপনি remember how many times I asked sorry and how many times I tried hard to make up your mood even if you're a little upset, I wasn't even able to sleep properly at nights when আপনি were upset )

I always wanted আপনি to ask me about my family and my বন্ধু just like I always asked about yours but আপনি never did...
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posted by wantadog
Chapter one

So here I was. Alone in a small Arizona town that up until today had housed a bustling community. I have no idea what happened either. I woke up to find everything the way it usually was. Hyperactive brother, overprotective father, working mother. A normal life for a normal girl. My name is Juliet Grim.

“Jules, wake up! Now!”
Juliet Grim woke up this morning like all the rest. With her father making a big fuss over her waking up and taking care of the animals. They could wait and ঘন্টা অথবা two, right? But according to him, “They are to be fed at six o’clock sharp...
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