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posted by JellyPopper
The House I Cherish And Hate

~Chapter #1~

Marie and I প্রণয় to adventure. However this time we went overboard. I think this was our LAST adventure."Are we there yet!" Marie ব্যক্ত impatiently. "Yep its right here!" I ব্যক্ত exited. "You wanna um... walk in fist Marzia?" Marie asked. "Sure!" I ব্যক্ত starting to rethink this whole abandon house thing. I walked in slowly and held the door open for Marie. "Are আপনি sure আপনি wanna do this?" Marie said. "Of course, we will. Trust me" I ব্যক্ত trying to convince Marie not to leave. "Okay i'll look for খাবার and আপনি look for beds and stuff if we stay over night."...
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Danny wakes up around noon; he seems dizzy the moment his eyes open. I close the blinds swiftly. “Are আপনি okay?” I ask stupidly, already knowing the answer. Danny is in unimaginable pain on the inside. The infusion I gave him was quick, thus the change was slightly different than most. “Horrible.” He mutters, grabbing his head. I lean over to look at him. The change has affected him, I note, and there may be different after effects. After all, his transformation into a vampire was as I mentioned before, highly unusual. “Ashley.” He says, finally placing a name to...
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    “I’ve got it!” Shade squeaked.
    “Hurry!” পান্না barked, trying to keep up with him.
    “Corner it there, quick!” Kitmira barked.
    Shade turned the rabbit toward the thick thorn bushes. It was getting tired. Shade pounced; he landed perfectly on its back.
    “Bite it!” Neko commanded.
    Emerald lunged অগ্রবর্তী and sunk her teeth into its neck.
    “Good catch!” Mamma called.
    “Did we hunt...
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OCTOBER 27, 1995
It is five AM when I finally enter Crystal Falls. The sun has not yet appeared over the horizon. After entering the town, I spare no time searching for the apartment complex. I spot it after driving around the suburban area for about fifteen minutes. I park my car outside of the building I am looking for, and climb up two flights of stairs to unlock the door. Then, I race down the stairs and quickly grab all my things I packed and সরানো them into the apartment with ease. I switch on the news and find that another victim has been found near...
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This is a fiction story that I've been forming in my head for awhile and decided to post it.

This is a romance book but hopefully I succeed at making আপনি laugh here and their. The main girl (Ember) is like me from her hair to her odd habbits. Anywho, she's pretty great and she can get along with most anyone... expect Kadin Ski. He's the most annoying, prideful, ignorant, boy she has ever met. She hates him with a burning passion.

And then something happens...

Suddenly, during a dodge ball game, things start to change. Soon she feels venerable, her stomach does cartwheels, she sweats when she...
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This was take from a post on Tumblr that I found interesting and wanted to share! (And I did some of my own Googling and added to the list.) It just goes to প্রদর্শনী that someone telling আপনি that your লেখা isn't good doesn't mean anything. People just think differently from each other. ;P

Sylvia Plath: There certainly isn’t enough genuine talent for us to take notice.

Rudyard Kipling: I’m sorry Mr. Kipling, but আপনি just don’t know how to use the English language.

Emily Dickinson: [Your poems] are quite as remarkable for defects as for beauties and are generally devoid of true poetical qualities....
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"Shaun, wake up. আপনি need to go now." The words I heard a faint voice say. It sounded familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. Who was it? I just couldn't figure it out no matter how hard I tried. পরবর্তি was a sound. Blood spraying from a body. The drops hit the ground one দ্বারা one. The sound echoing through my head like bells going off simultaneously. My eyes open in an instance. The only color I see is red. I rub my eye and feel the blood i had heard. It was mine.

I fall back to the ground as my eyes start to close slowly. I can hear that voice again. "Get up! Please get up! I need you,...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Kalie's P.O.V

we saw the zombies coming our direction.we got our arrows ready. we were slowly walkinng when Anny falls on a coprse. we saw it was the scientist,. she screams in a high pitched. i wuickly cover her mouth. one zombie came দ্বারা the pale grey skin. peeled bloody patches. white grey eyes. the rotten meat odor. i shoot it wtih the bullet. the blood flying. we went runnig. so we were the only ones alive. thats why the testers wanted us. they thought we were effected. well we are clean. for now. we kept running the growling of zombies behind us. i trun and see one of them grab anny's neck. i shoot them and they fall guts going. i grab her and check her. luckily she was alright. i sigh in relief and carry her over my shoulder. we were runnig when their was a cliff. now what?
posted by Caleigh210
The feeling's unusual as I walk around
The sights are as strange as the sound
It's hard to believe that the beauty around me
Isn't beautiful in reality

How would আপনি feel if all আপনি know's a lie
That the truth is really hard to come by
When you're told that it's all alright
But all আপনি see is the darkness of the night

When আপনি realize
That the truth and the lies
Are separated দ্বারা one thin line

Where can I find home
Even though I'm all alone
How can I say the right words
When I can't even প্রদর্শনী the would
Who I am
Why I stand
That I'm completely হারিয়ে গেছে and I can't
Find my way
In this dreadful shade of grey

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On the first days,everything went alright.Kai phoned her every time and every where.He talked to her so much that she felt he was still at home.But sometimes she talked to him,and just realized that he was absent when she received no answers.
But until today,it was completely terrible.Yurin was bored,Kai had been going abroad for 1 week,and in her dictionary "1 week" didn't mean"a few days".No খাবার any আরো in the fridge,dirty clothes was full in the washing machine....and so many unconvenient things happened.Kai didn't phone her too.Despite of not wanting to say it,but Yurin had to admit that...
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posted by morganaforever
Full of excitement, Nicole and Ellie arrived at the fairground. They walked through the towering gates, expecting laughter and chatter – but everything remained quiet. No music, no noise, nothing! The place was deserted. A strong gust of wind blew, making them shiver. As they walked on, it began to get darker. Gradually, the sky turned from a bright blue to black. One দ্বারা one the lights of the fairground flickered on, illuminating the black sky. As they passed দ্বারা The Haunted Mine, it seemed to be inviting them to have a go. A man clad completely in black was waiting beside the entrance.

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My only escape
Where for once my arms that are too pale and scrawny bend perfectly
Where I feel perfect
This is where my spirit will stay
When my body turns grey and dies away

Where my legs that are too chubby অথবা fat kick so strong
I feel perfect
This is the place my spirit will stay
When my body turns grey and dies away

Where pain only makes me only go faster

Where my face that's not pretty in never seen
Hidden in waves that make me feel free
This is the place my spirit will stay
When my body turns grey and dies away

When I used to stab myself with needles
And let the blood bleed out
Suddenly is the last thing on my mind
And when I do spill blood
It's only on the days my mom says I can't go
To the water
Where my spirit will stay
When my body grows old and dies away
 Lee Sanchez
Lee Sanchez
I like to sing. No, scratch that. I love to sing. Just... not in front of people. It's not really my cup of চা performing for everyone who wants to hear me. How would I be able to sing when people are screaming my name?


What a nightmare that'd be.

When I'm alone I can hum a sweet tune to myself, but never when there are a couple of people around. Someday, I'm gonna get over my stage-fright and when I do, I'll be able to sing in front of millions of people as I become a তারকা around the world. Unfortunately, I believe my phobia of the spotlight will keep me from getting to my goal....
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Third Person POV

Sadao walked up to God and asked him if he was eligible to be in Heaven. God just simply nodded his head. Sadao walked through the large golden gates and found himself walking through his town he lived in when he was alive. He found his way to his house, and swung open the door. Everything was how it was before. He started crying, remembering the memories he had with Kat here. He heard crying coming from his room, so he opened the door and saw a blonde girl curled up in the corner of his room, sobbing.

"K-K-Kat?" he managed to stutter out. The blonde looked...
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"Aw, it's pretty close." Tyler McCarthy and Shawn Detham were standing side দ্বারা side. Both held a gun in a head, but Shawn also held a machete. My hand flew up to my mouth to try to hold back a scream as I realized that the blade was dripping with blood. What if it was a friend of my অথবা Nick's, what if it was a teacher? I buried my face in Nick's back trying hard not to picture it.

"Tyler . . . Shawn, what the hell are আপনি guys doing." Both of them had grown up with Nick; they use to play together in there neighborhood. They had, at one point, all been inseparable, but high school hit and like...
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Dejé mi corazón abierto. Pero tú no entendiste. No viste lo que en realidad ha sucedido. Quise explicártelo pero sabía que no entenderías. Me considerarías demente, loca, pensarías que he perdido la cabeza. Que la he perdido por ti.

No puedo decir que la perdí completamente, pero puedo contarte lo que he perdido por ti. Ahora soy normal y detesto ser de esta forma. No puedo volar si soy esto, sólo estoy encadenada a ti, por un vínculo que ni tú ni yo hemos podido decidir.

Pero no voy a quejarme de estar ligada a ti. He aprendido a aceptarlo. He aprendido a vivir. Todo gracias a ti....
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posted by problematic124
***Please don't copy***
Chapter 6
Death Targets
"From the Predator to the Prey"Aurora questioned পাঠ করা the note.
As soon as I read this I called them all to my house I also told them about the (bio) dad situation.
"So that's the same the person who turned off the power at Tweety's house" Ariel asked
"Had to be"Fable nodded "who else could it be"
"Should we tell the police"Owen asked
"It's like Gregg ব্যক্ত we need hard cold facts this can also be counted as a joke"Tweety reminded us
"And it's like the note says he's never been caught before"Gregg told us
"We should fight back"Aurora ব্যক্ত suddenly
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posted by DxCFan123
I came back to reality when she mentioned coming home. "N-N-No it's fine, I can go প্রথমপাতা দ্বারা myself" I ব্যক্ত to her
"Come on! It's OK with me!" she ব্যক্ত and pulled me out of the hospital and forced me to tell her the way home. I told her to stop when we arrived in the cemetary. "My house it just down there" I said, pointing down the রাস্তা to some houses.
"No one has lived in that house for years, Sam. They're still all for sale, too." she said, glaring at me through her slit eyes. She turned around and pushed me through the large gates causing me to almost fall over a headstone. Suprisingly, I...
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posted by lovepop
Everyone was লেখা it down on their calenders as alerts of it popped up on the news, internet, and in big bold letters, on a newspaper! The time has come for it to be known to mankind and liked! The movie, Brenda and Luci's Night, was premiering on that weekend, the 25th of November.Everyone wanted to see it! There had been commercials of it since August, and the stars had been anxious. Speaking of the "stars" Whose names were Hillisia Jones, and Ponya Kricketiz. They were bff's since the kindergarten, and now they were in 7th grade. They auditioned for the movie without the other knowing! They were astounded when they learned they were auditioning for the same movie. They were mad, but when Ponya got the letter she was Brenda, and Hillisia was Luci, they were overjoyed, and began screaming with cheers! Now they were in New York being filmed for the movie... wait for more!
        Beginning of Prologue
I opened my eyes to the bright sun shining in through my window. It was too bright that I had to squint. I rolled out of বিছানা lazily and went to my closet to grab my clothes for today. I rubbed my eyes and looked into the mirror and saw my messy hair, it looked as if it were medusas hair. There was a knock on the door and the familiar voice called out my name like honey. “Jamie? Are আপনি awake yet?” Nick asked through the door. Quickly, I ran to my bedroom door and flung it open and collapsed into...
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