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4 girls দ্বারা the name of Taylor,Jasmine,Aaliyah&Yn who are getting bullied,abused, and nearly killed দ্বারা there "So called" FRIENDS: Craig,Chresanto,Jacob&Raquan out of the the whole group Yn is the one who is getting hurt the most. Her brother is Craig and he knows that she is getting tormented but yet does nothing to stop it, As much as he says im sorry he still never does anything to stop this mess.

Readers will notice some emotion,cheating,lieing,and fightng. Rated R & PG13. We should stop bullying because of the fact it leads to suicide.Do NOT let ANYONE judge আপনি because u are diffrent অথবা ur not as pretty. Because u are.
I went back into the steamy kitchen. Chefs everywhere making different kinds of hamburgers. What am I doing in the hot kitchen? I'm grabbing plates of food. I'm a waitress at Reynolds Diner, a retro 50's diner. It's very popular, and always is busy. . . Like right now! It was hard getting this job, seeing as আপনি have to be people friendly, make sure not to spill the food, and having a good memory.
"Excuse me miss, can I have a refill of Coke?" A lady asked me. I nodded my head, and smiled at her.
It was nice working here, seeing as I get paid a nice amount of money, and see a celebrity অথবা a few....
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 Surviver of The Thing prequel that is till the end that was the beginning of The Thing 1984
Surviver of The Thing prequel that is till the end that was the beginning of The Thing 1984
How to survive a horror movie apocalypse. দ্বারা L.R.Talbot
This is a তালিকা of things to keep in mind in order to survive a horror movie. Note most of these can be used in a daily life as well.
1.If there's someone at the door never say whose there
2.never put your back against a door. আপনি never know if someone has enough strength to put a ছুরি through the door plus there's the mail slot to consider.
3.Try to be as quiet as possible especially if they(your attacker অথবা possible attacker) are near by
4.Find a weapon as soon as possible. In my opinion preferably something that could...
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Thanks to আপনি all who read the whole “Quarter Quell” series. I apologize for any grammar mistakes and I hope আপনি enjoy the last story in the “Quarter Quell” series “the diary of Iza Reffile. (Silenced)”

Part one
The little girl
How am I going to turn out, pshh who cares not any but me. It was বড়দিন morning and everyone was opening presents. I am now currently 5. When everyone handed me there presents I smiled big and slowly open the paper.
“It’s just paper.” My mother use to say.
“Yea sure if আপনি say so.” I ব্যক্ত I carefully take it off. When I see what I got my face...
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posted by Cries_Bloodlova
Chapter 1
The Alien
Holding this girl in my arms never felt so…wrong. The things I had to do so I could go back home.
The word never sounded any sweeter. I miss every it every day. It sucks to be stuck hear on this miserable plant in this miserable place. I no longer want to be here. But I must if I want to see the one I প্রণয় the most my precious darling Piea. He must be missing me ever so much. I miss him to. I let go of Eliza and look her in her bright blue eyes. I brush her bronze color hair. And চুম্বন her soft plush lips. She was everything I guy could want. Her hair, her lips, her eyes,...
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posted by fanfangirlfan
Hes looking at me wide-eyed now which I hope at least means he’s listening to me. I start to take my hands off his face because I realize that im probably really invading his personal space, but before I can put them back at my sides, he grabs them in his hands. His hands are so warm that it makes me realize mine are freezing cold and then im thinking oh great, he just listened to my probably stupid and useless rant with ice cold hands gripping his face like a vise! I think of how uncomfortable I might have just made him feel because after all were still practically strangers!!! But before...
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Rating: M

Summary: Kaname's enemies concoct a dark plot to get to the pureblood through Yuki and Zero, putting all three in grave danger. Zero is left half dead and Kaname in the hands of sadistic captors. Only Kaname can give Zero what he needs to stay alive, and perhaps only Zero can save the pureblood from a fate worse than death… if only both of them can keep from killing each other first.

Warnings: A fair amount of character whumping / torture. Non-consensual blood drinking. M/M relationships. Citrus.

Spoilers: Yes, for the whole Vampire Knight series, but especially for chapters 30-32....
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posted by ZekiYuro
The Japanese film director Hayao Miyazaki is one of the greatest animators in modern cimema.Films like Heidi,and Marco,3000 miles in খুঁজুন of mother have made him famous all over the world.

In 1971 Miyazaki left Toei Douga অ্যানিমেশন and worked with several other companies.He made Heidi,and Marco,3000 miles in খুঁজুন of mother wich were shown as TV series all over the world.

In 1952 they moved back to Tokyo.When Hayao was at secondary school he saw his first cartoon film,The Legend of The White Snake.He felt in প্রণয় with the heroine,Pai-nyan and cried all night.It was this film which started...
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posted by hgfan5602
Hope still blazes
Inside me.
I know I can do this.
It's possible,
And hope is entirely on
My side.

I believe I can do this.
I shall soar like an eagle
And touch the sky.
Reaching my dreams,
Achieving my goals.

While the war still blazes away
I have a dream
That one day,
There will be peace.

Everyone will live in harmony
That day,
Never before to be engaged
In the horrible shackles of war.

Though difficult,
I believe in myself.
I believe in my country.
I believe in the world.
I believe that we can do this.
Hope still blazes.
Yo, everyone. Chase here. আপনি know, Jake's been অভিনয় all strange lately like he's hiding something from me. And I don't like it. I don't see how anyone would. I thought we were a team. And I thought he ব্যক্ত that I was just as great as he was. Now, this proves that he was totally lying. What a fraud. Okay, I found out something today that might be useful to the two of us. Well, that is, if Jake even wants to work with me. I saw his light on yesterday night. Face it, he's probably researching something about the mutant serpent. Am I right? Well, yes, I thought so. আপনি know, I am telepathic....
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This is only the prologue of my ফ্যান্টাসি story. All about revenge, betrayal, love, hate and choices that change the course of the future. Three men competiting for the সিংহাসন of Asaia and a vengeful and ambitious lady out to avenge a death. Who will win?

Ashmore shifted in her sleep. She dreamt of a time when she soared through the skies, worshipped দ্বারা the weak two- legged species called humans. Every summer, tributes would be প্রদত্ত to her and her kin; for they were the firstborn on the earth; born from the volcanoes created and destroyed দ্বারা the seven gods themselves. Humans were merely an accident;...
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Night arrives once more. I notice that my hands and feet are tied up. As i look up there is a dark figure holding a gun to my head. I ask him what he wants and why he has me tied up, he উত্তর "I want the powers that আপনি posses inside of you. The abilities that your soul has. i would like to suggest that আপনি agree with me and hand over the powers." Confused about all of this i ask him about what he is talking about. he উত্তর "You have powers kid. The less আপনি know the better. Hand them over wilingly অথবা i will have no choice but to force আপনি to hand them over." With me replying no to cooperating...
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posted by r-pattz
A/N: Okay, well this is আরো of an idea than an actual story, but I just couldn't sleep one night, and having the strange mind I possess, this came out of my insomnia. If it's not too much trouble, some feedback would be sweet, mostly 'cause I'm curious to see what আপনি guys think of it. And as a disclaimer, no I don't actually believe in limbo, but it does interest me. ;)


She had no idea what exactly was happening, অথবা why it was happening to her, of all people.

Her head was spinning and her eyes couldn’t focus on any of the blurs of color than raced in and out of her line of sight. They...
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posted by ace1317
This is the first story i have ever let anybody read before. Some of my বন্ধু have told me it was good and i need to পোষ্ট হয়েছে it. so here it is i hope আপনি like it........

I was running through a pitch black tunnel, the cold wind whipping through my jacket. Then an evil voice said. “Run u pathetic, worthless, creature run!!!” then the voice would break out in evil laughter. Something grabbed my legs I fell face first on to the cold hard tile. The creature starting snaking up my body forcing the air from my lungs. I woke up screaming. I ran into the bathroom and splashed water on my face....
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(WARINING: The মতামত expressed in this প্রবন্ধ are of one person and on person alone's opinion, unless আরো readers agree, and I highly doubt that, please do not মতামত to harshly as this is JUST an Opinion.)

I'm a SHINee fan.

I'm aware that it's near close to impossible to be with one of them.

But I still প্রণয় them like any fangirl would.

And, I will admit, I'm selfish when it comes to the subject.

I প্রণয় them with all my heart, not that I'm quiet sure there was any to give অথবা to begin with for that matter. At first, I didn't like them, but as I got আরো and আরো into asian influenced things,...
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posted by HouseMindFreak
Chapter 19

Sitting on the porch in the late evening for BJ was her only time to get fresh air and some decent time away from Cayden. In the mid-summer it was warm and pleasant outside at night but tonight it was unusually chilly. BJ wrapped her arms around herself feeling a chill run through her body. The air felt thick but it wasn’t humid it was…tense. The sky was preparing for a storm. A rumble of thunder rattled around her making her jump. She couldn’t understand why she was so jumpy, storms never bothered her but there was just something she was sensing that wasn’t right. Another...
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posted by Insight357
    I was lying in my bed. Waiting for my being discharged. I was finally going প্রথমপাতা today, after four long years.
    The room I had been staying in was white. The walls, বিছানা sheets, equipment; everything. Except the big, brown door that lead into the hallway. I had mostly stayed in my room the past years. I’m a bit antisocial. I never was really interested in interacting with the other patients.
    I stood from the bed, and walked around the room. Looking at all the things I’d come to know here. I wouldn’t miss it.
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Of course, unlucky as she was, Lara Binks, reporter for the "Sunnydale News, got caught in a rainstorm.
And, since getting stuck in a rainstorm wasn't bad enough, it also happened when she was stuck on a rather revolting public bus, which had lint and dead bugs littering the stained carpet and torn chairs.
If that wasn't bad enough, she and the odd-looking passengers were travelling across a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.
Worse yet, Lara had to get a story into the office in three days, and there was no longer any way this was possible, since the bus driver had announced they were stopping...
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There once was a girl, an angel, name Star, she was loved দ্বারা everyone see met she loved them to.One দিন see met a boy,also an অ্যাঞ্জেল named Luke, she fell in প্রণয় when she looked into his deep brown eyes.He also fell in প্রণয় with her. They both were afraid to tell echother how they felt.

Luke wasn't going to give up untell he would finally tell her that he loved her.Star felt the same way.But they still ব্যক্ত nothing to echother.

The days were going দ্বারা fast,they only felt like years.Star and Luke's feelings became stronger.Luke finally got the nerve to tell তারকা how he felt.Star was ready to so...
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posted by juicyjossy9
1. Practice kindness and gratitude with everyone, including yourself, everywhere and every day, it's great for the soul!
2. The most important sex organ is the brain.
3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.
4. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
5. We all have been born. We all have to die. What's in between is up to us to create.
6. আপনি don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
7. Cry with someone. It's আরো healing than crying alone.
8. Stop listening to the words you've heard, no one but yourself will agree with আপনি more.
9. Save for retirement starting...
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