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posted by alicia386
What scandalous secrets can adults keep from their parents? I need ideas for a book I am currently writing. It is about how some secrets adults keep from us can actually save our lives. I hope to give আপনি a sneak প্রিভিউ of my book which is called The Deadly Truth. Can't wait for your opinions!

To know আরো about my book please post your প্রশ্ন on my wall. I will try my best to reply as fast and as soon as I can. If I don't then just know I did read them.

আপনি can believe the first chapter of my book will be পোষ্ট হয়েছে either this week অথবা পরবর্তি Friday.
posted by wolfclan121
The best part of being a mother is আপনি always know if something's wrong with your children. Even in death. Jannet was in trouble, but I don't know what with. Well, she has been hanging out with this boy, David. Strange boy, It's as if he can see me! When I watch them he stares at me with his cold, blue eyes. His eyes. They see things. See things others can't. Wittiness things others can't handle. Wittiness things from others nightmares. I fear for him. I fear for Jannet. Then, on that faithful Summer's day. I saw something. He saw something. No, please Jannet, no!
posted by yamiXyugi
The sky was growing dark when it all happened. I was strolling through the park, the same as any day. I was alone, all alone. i looked up to find not one মেঘ in the sky.
'Night already?' I thought. I looked at my watch. 3:00 pm it read. "That's odd," I said. I decided to go প্রথমপাতা then.
As I made my way home, things got weirder. There were no cars on the রাস্তা and no lights on in any of the apartment buildings.
I turned down an allyway, my usual way home, when I felt an unatural tugging sensation in my gut. I didn't know why, but i was suddenly walking in the complete opposite direction of my house.
It felt like my body was under someone else's control. I started jogging, then running.
"Stop it!" I yelled. I tried to force my legs to stop moving, but as soon as I tried, I felt a searing pain go from my forehead to the base of my spine. I screamed and everything went black.
posted by TeanRose424
 this is just somthing that describes me :)
this is just somthing that describes me :)
I could feel everything i could feel my muscels ripple. I could feel the warmth flooding around me. I could feel my joints streghthen. I could feel myself becoming a god. It feltjust as he had said. i couldnt beleive the plesure.

He looked at me then. His face looked concern. I had been moaning from the pleasure. I had been calling out for more. The pleasure was leaving me though i could feel it. It had been many days i could feel it. I was relunctent to have it leave me, i was relunctent to have the feeling of my life leave. It was unbelievable.

Zach looked at me in wonder. i stared back...
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Chapter Fourteen

It wasn’t the ডিনার that they didn’t had before. It was very different. It was a ডিনার of confusion especially for the two little girls.

During the ডিনার of steak, mashed potatoes, and peas, Mac and Izzie watched their Mama and Mr. Sean eat their ডিনার in silent even through Mac saw Sean giving her mother some glimpses of his grins to Jamie to tell her that this was a great ডিনার she served. Hoping that Mama saw those grins that Sean saw her, the only thing she saw that her mother was just eating her dinner, drinking her Iced Tea, and wiping the messes that was on Jake’s...
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In the years following the war the Ministry of Magic struggled to regain the public's trust whilst people struggled to find peace of mind in the uncertainty of Voldemort's disappearance. In 1985 letters start appearing with a very concerning অথবা very hopeful kind of message, depending on your point of view and personal beliefs. They are so anti-establishment, in parts so truthful, and thus potentially dangerous that the Ministry controlled Daily Prophet won't প্রকাশ them অথবা any talk about them on the Readers' Column.

The letters lay out a vision of future where the Ministry no longer exists...
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posted by EvanlovesAzula
Authors Note: A little something from my wandering mind tonight. I'll warn u this is a bit sad, but I think আপনি all will like this one very much. Enjoy.

He was angry. He was exhausted. His হৃদয় pounded against his chest with pulsating curses on her. On Olivia. James lept up from the hardwood floors and began to wipe his eyes.The vestige of tears still stung on his cheeks. What had he done wrong? What had he missed? How could he fix it? Those প্রশ্ন would soon be erased from his mind and replaced with the real question: Why didn't she ever say she loved him?

James had been waiting for eight...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Catherine Orr is 19 and is a non-identical twin.She tells us about her relationship with her sister,Michelle.

How do আপনি think it is different being a twin?
'I think it's very different.We've been through exactly the same things:the same birthdays,the same parties,the same first দিন at school,the same evil maths teacher.'

Do আপনি think আপনি and Michelle are আরো similar than ordinary sisters?
'Definitely.If I don't like a film,then neither does she.We pick up the phone at the same time to call each other.If I get ill,so does she.'

Do আপনি get on well with Michelle now?
'Yes,I see her about once a week,although...
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posted by MickCayla133
Logan was walking through palmwoods looking for Carlos, he saw him দ্বারা the pool with Jennifer's so he walked towards them, he ব্যক্ত Hi". The Jennifer's ব্যক্ত নমস্কার Logan. Carlos had ব্যক্ত নমস্কার logan, what are আপনি doing. Logan says I am good, I am trying to get away from Camille she gets on my last nerves. Camille says নমস্কার logie want to go out with me saturday night for চুম্বন and tell. Logan says no i can't maybe i will ask someone else okay. *camille had left*. Carlos says i better find a girl to go with me at চুম্বন and Tell. Jennifer 2 says i wanna go with আপনি *She had smiled*. Jennifer 1 says No,...
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posted by mitchie19
What's the first thing on your mind when আপনি hear the word love? A child might say Hearts, many people will say, two people in love.

For me, প্রণয় makes the world go around. I don't know what that means but, it does. A lot of people say it. Wherever আপনি go, whatever place you've been, there's always love.
It's also not just feelings but emotions. Your emotions draws আপনি to that person, and sometimes we hope that that person likes us back too right?

Love is hard. We always want love. I don't know why a lot of people want প্রণয় so much. When I see a couple somewhere, I get jealous. I tell myself:...
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posted by Authorfiction
link" alt=" link" width="235" height="300" />
Chapter 1

    In the land of Mayfair, lived a king দ্বারা the name of Alfred and his wife, কুইন Jasline. King Alfred and কুইন Jasline had two children, the oldest Prince Harry and his younger sister, Princess Cilla.
    Prince Harry was a very happy little prince because আপনি see Harry was very spoiled and rotten. Nobody, absolutely nobody was allowed to say ‘no’ to Prince Harry when he wanted something, অথবা to punish him when he did something wrong অথবা even to criticize him. Whatever Harry wanted to have, Harry had and whatever Harry wanted...
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posted by harold
The লেখক considered. Then the লেখক wrote:

Two opposites sat on a park bench

The লেখক deleted

eating their curds and whey

as soon as it was typed, and replaced it with

and one wanted the other to leave.

The critic noted "That's really not very specific, is it? Two 'opposites'? Come on, you're going to have to be আরো specific than that."

The লেখক considered. Then the লেখক wrote:

The Republican sat down পরবর্তি to the Democrat on the park bench

and nodded, satisfied. The critic clucked his tongue. "Welll...it's not exactly original, is it? And how different are they, really? Honestly, আপনি couldn't...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Daniela Nardini,actor,star of the BBC series This Life.Interview দ্বারা Leila Farrah.

1.Where did আপনি go to school?
St Mary's Primary School in Largs,a small Scottish town.Then Largs Academy,the local secondary school.

2.Did আপনি ever get into trouble?
No,my school reports usually used to say 'friendly and well-behaved'.I don't think I was rebellious,in fact I used to be quite shy.I became আরো of a rebel in secondary school.I stayed until I was eighteen,but I was quite lazy and uninterested and I didn't use to do very much work.

3.What subjects were আপনি good at?
I used to প্রণয় English and art,but I wasn't...
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posted by Firewriter
This is a new book I've been working on to help channel my PTSD. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Chapter One

"Get back up to South Sector now!" A man's gruff voice boomed from the walkie-talkies clipped to the belts of the grey and জলপাই green camouflage uniforms of the handful of guards. The harsh command reverberated in the deathly silent area as an individual stealthily crept through the heap of lifeless corpses which gazed emptily at him as he reached for one guard's static walkie-talkie. Sighing heavily in exhaustion from the fight he had to put up, he kicked at...
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As I gasp for breath while I drown the pain in morphine
While my হৃদয় beats in tune with the rolling static hills on the metal screen
I lay on my deathbed reflecting on my life
I can say I had a good one although it was filled to the brim with tidal waves of hurt
I laughed in delight while running through the golden fields embracing the open skies and wearing a halo of warm sunshine
I climbed trees and swam in the salty পান্না sea
But Moma was always working hard at the ভোজনকারী filling out orders for sugary milkshakes and greasy fries
And brother Tim was always out too late fixing old radios who sang...
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posted by mermaidsofpeace
First get a cup of water and fill it half way then take your পছন্দ নেকলেস অথবা bracelet and dip it in the water the add some salt and stir it with the jewelry in it once it has dissolved add your পছন্দ lotion only 3 squirts then dip your finger in and say the spell below

Creatures of the sea give me a (color) tail with a শীর্ষ to go with it give me the powers of freezing heating and shaping water please let my dream come true and make me into the mermaid I wish to be

Side affects:
Itchy legs
Legs crossed
Rash on legs
Wanna swim a lot
Sing a lot
If i get enough মতামত i will extend it.

It was damp, smelled of earth and pine, I heard leaves rustle, twigs snap as জন্তু জানোয়ার scurried in the বৃক্ষ tops. I wasn't supposed to be here, this wasn't my room, my bed. I was supposed to me in দ্বারা cottage on eagle lake. I was supposed to be asleep, শীর্ষ bunk with my younger brother Elliot on the bottom. I was supposed to be smelling fabric softener and hear the soft snore from little Elli, feel the heat of my cat sleeping on my chest. I opened my eyes and I could see the sky, black with soft twinkle of a million তারকা and the florescent glow of the moon....
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Radio প্রদর্শনী gone wrong!
“Well here we are again with Hillary and Hannah with their 5th season how exciting is that girls tell us about it” ব্যক্ত Betty.”We are very exciting indeed we work so hard and put our moneys effort into it” the girls ব্যক্ত strongly.”Ok let’s get back to the callers lets sees who’s there”. As all the girls wait to get the excited caller, Nancy on the other line calls shocked that she’s the first pick “Nancy আপনি there hello”!?!
“Yea I’m here” Nancy ব্যক্ত shyly.”Tells what আপনি liked about one of the shows” Hillary and Hannah ব্যক্ত calmly.”...
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Let my confessions take আপনি for a ride...

3 o'clock. My attention shifted from the - what seemed to be - hundreds of plaques and awards, degrees and certificates scattered across each oak দেওয়াল of the office. Of course, the office was meant to feel আরো like a lounge. A living room perhaps, but I knew exactly what it was. The tick... tock... tick... tock of the সেকেন্ড hand grew increasing louder as it passed each number, irritating me. I contemplated grabbing my shit and heading for the door, but I couldn't. I was bound to be here, to sit here, and wait for Dr. Thomas. My body grew exhausted...
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posted by CullenProperty
I wake up with a feeling that something has been taken from me, but in a good way. I lay in my warm, comfortable, বালিশ surrounded বিছানা for a little while longer before I decide to get up. I go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. The warm water that penetrates my body feels so good and after my thoughts wander to Nick, the water feels even warmer. I মোড়ানো a towel around my body when I'm done and quietly tip toe into my room where I see Nick's hoodie lying on my office chair, where I put it last night. I pick it up and take in his essence, smells exactly like Nick. An aroma I can't explain...
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