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InfoChan: Epic Rap Battles of Akademi! YandereChan VS YandereKun. Begin.

YanChan: Trying to steal MY Senpai, who do আপনি think you're dealing with? If আপনি try to take him, just know: i have a ছুরি at প্রথমপাতা with your name on it. I'm the hero of this story, you're the fanboy wannabe. but if আপনি really want a fight, then please TRY and beat me. There are many things that i can do that আপনি would never dare. I doubt আপনি have the courage to take and claim Senpai's underwear. অথবা tie a rival to chair and make her wish she was never born. So drop the act and leave, i bet your missing some freaky cable...
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