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posted by AchillesYJ
So it isn't the best শিরোনাম in the world. Oh well...

Adrian sat on the rooftops, brooding over the girl he’d met a couple days ago... অথবা was it weeks? On the outside she was peppy, bubbly, and beautiful, but inside he had the feeling she was hiding something. Beneath that curtain of black hair and that domino mask was her secrets and real feelings. Anger and darkness was something she wanted to cover, and years of experience had প্রদত্ত Adrian a small hint as to what she was doing.
ব্যক্ত boy turned, the single blue strand dancing into his eyes once more. There she was, the girl they all knew as “Fin.” Her black hair settled perfect on her shoulders and there was a shining tint of another color in it that Adrian couldn’t quite recognize. A small breeze gusted past, making the cords on her sweater fly up. She walked over and sat down পরবর্তি to him, and suddenly Fin’s hair wasn’t the only thing fluttering. Adrian quickly looked away as he felt his cheeks warm. Damn her for making him feel this way. It wasn’t possible, he couldn’t be... could he? He turned back to her and saw that her glasses were partially cracked and were sliding off the bridge of her nose. He knew that if that identity slipped, everyone was in trouble. So he quickly pushed them back up, leaning a bit closer. She gasped and shyed away, and he suddenly realized his mistake. He moved further to the left, as she went to the right, and glanced away. “What do আপনি want?”
“We need to talk.”
“No kidding.”
“Adrian, I’m serious, I want to know if something’s up.”
”Fin, for two সেকেন্ড would আপনি just--”
“One one-thousand...” There was that ever-present humor. Something from her brother, in the genetic pool, because her younger sister had it as well.
“Please. Something’s bothering you.”
Her face didn’t move, nothing on her changed. How well trained. But now she looked out over the city and sighed. “Yeah, something’s bothering me.”
Adrian smiled slightly. “Knew it.”
Fin grinned. “Shut it, Mr. Invincible. I know your weakness.”
Adrian’s face contorted in confusion. “You do?”
“Your heel!”
Adrian started laughing and Fin watched him, smirking slyly. So he did have a small sense of humor. But both their smiles faded, and Fin was silent again. Adrian looked at her with a feeling of... what was this feeling?
“Look, I know আপনি want to know, but I’m not really willing to tell you...”
“That’s alright.”
Fin turned at the boy, whose tone had become quiet. “Now something’s bothering you, huh?” she asked.
He turned to her, both eyes having a spark. “Fin... can I... do something?” he questioned softly. She nodded cautiously and he stood up and walked toward her, getting closer, until he was in her face.
Then he leaned up to her and pressed his lips to hers, completely দ্বারা surprise. She stayed in shock for a couple seconds, but leaned into the kiss.
After what seemed an eternity, Fin’s eyes snapped open and she pushed away. Adrian looked down at her, confused, and received a মুষ্ট্যাঘাত in his face. “What...”
“Sorry! I’m really sorry!” She was running away. “I-I just can’t, Adrian... This doesn’t feel right.”
He watched her go with a heavy heart, then turned away and watched the sunset fade into another night.
posted by GlitterPuff
Name: Unknown

Alias: Shay Solomon

Height: 5’ 11”

Age: 16

Birthplace: New York City

Hair color/length/style: Black, long but shaggy, a little messy and emo/goth like

Eye Color: Dark blue-ish grey, sometimes with a little green

Race/Nationality: Jewish

Accent: None

Religion: Atheism

Marital Status: Single

Physical Attributes: Small scar under his hair, slim but muscular, defined facial features

Style of Dress: Casual, mostly dark colors, either jeans and a nice শার্ট অথবা skater clothes

Personality Traits: Goth, kind, honest, slightly depressed but tries not to প্রদর্শনী it

Power(s): Passing through solid objects...
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posted by MafiaYJ
Name: Original name is Mithia Scotts, but she is no longer Mithia unless the 3 bodies stop fighting over the control.

Age: 18

Status: Villain

ID: Triplette

Family:Anna - sister (deceased)
    Fauna - sister (deceased)
    Erica - Mother (deceased)
    Jonathan - Father (deceased)

Hair: Dark Purple
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5’5

Powers: She had Dissociative Identity Disorder and can বিভক্ত করা into 3 different bodies. Each of her personalities is different, but all have one similar trait - sadistic. She has a Flirtatiously sadistic side who calls herself...
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posted by SilverWings13
Following Mafia's example and creating a আরো YJ oriented OC~

Name: Fey
Meaning of name: fairy
Hero Name: Valkyrie
Eye Color: soft brown
Hair Style/Color: dirty blonde, curly
Age: 19
Special features: white wings that fold neatly under her clothes when in civvies
Abilities: flight (wings), fast healing, super strength and speed
Species: Amazonian
Birth place: Themyscira

Civvies: comfortable black leggings, grey converse, white socks, dark blue Gotham বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় sweatshirt, golden bracelet with green gems and matching earrings
Hero suit: see pic at right

Background: Fey was born...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Sorry for posting so much, but this is it for another two অথবা so weeks.

Ayo, so, I'm back.. Which আপনি probably gathered that.. Well, a few characters need to go, and I'll add a few, only because they're important. I wanna write this huge অনুরাগী fiction with many chapters, but idk how everyone would tie and just- ((Whitney.) nevermind. Here's the তালিকা of who stays, who is going. Anyone who isn't listed is terminated, unless I forgot someone who was meant to live.

•Fang (bio completed and updated)
•Jaime (updated, needs posted) Jaime's kids, Parker and Finnian are also staying, but do not...
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A special message that reveals the ugly truth about May the 4th, also known as তারকা Wars Day.
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Her head pounded as she slowly regain consciousness, the indigo-head strained her eyes open to a bright light in her face.
"You're up." Frostbite looks up noticing a woman with long midnight black hair. Though her head ached she manage to place a smile on her face. She looked around seeing that she was bonded in a chair in chains.
"I'm so happy that কুইন of the Beetle is here to greet me on my wakening."
"Its my pleasure," কুইন Beetle turned to Frostbite with a slight smile on her face in return Frostbite gave her a smile, "After all আপনি did give permission take the Hexagons."
"I only did it...
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