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posted by NekoTheif
I looked around the cave deciding I was going to be a hero of some sorts. Walking back up stairs I pulled out what i needed. I decided quickly I was NOT dressing up like most heroes. Besides I didn't even know how to make stuff like that. So I got back to my room and hunted through my stuff. It wasn't hard really.

I pulled on a skin tight black shirt. A shinny black jacket. My hair was loose I pulled on black tight but extremely movable pants. Then I pulled on boots that ended at my ankle. I took out contacts and placed them in. My eyes looked blue now. I used them when I was sneaking out of the orphanage. I rummaged some আরো and pulled out box. My real mother had left it for me. I opened the lid and smiled. 2 long knives (not swords) were in the box. And they were perfect for my fighting style.

I pulled out a বেল্ট and looped it around my waist. Then I attacked the knives. I opened my window and climbed out. Dropping down to the ground I had to sprint across the manor and jump the fence. not easy at all.

Once I did get to gothem I had to work to সরানো around. All I had was my fighting and acrobatic skills and a pair of long fighting knives that were at my hips. So reasoning that because I didn't have the cool toys that might help with the Joker অথবা Black Mask I reasoned to stick with small crimes. Which weren't hard to find. I mean come on this is GOTHEM for crying out loud.

I gulped looking over the edge i was standing on. Robbers went in 2 মিনিট ago. Might have hostages. Jumping down from the ledge I stuck my hands out catching a electrical line. Moving across that dangling was not fun. when I was in an alley I dropped down and went the way the robbers did. I was half way through the hall when they opened fire.

I screamed a little and ducked for cover. They had guns. Of course they had guns! I tried to steady my breathing. "Over here boss!" someone yelled. Ok আপনি got this. I nodded as I pushed myself out from m hiding place. "It's just a kid" someone mocked. Stay cool I thought to my self. "Please don't shoot me" I whimpered. "A hostage?" one asked. "Yeah" they sheathed their বন্দুক and moved forward.

One got with in striking distance. "She's armed" he smirked. They looked at the glinting metal দ্বারা my hip. "So how stupid do আপনি think we are?" he raised his gun to my head. "Depends on a scale of 1-10?" I joked. "Your bluffing us. Nice try kid but I know all the tricks" he smirked. A crime boss. 'crap! Amelia your over your head!' i silently cursed to my self staring the guy down.

"I'm not bluffing" I growled.
"then what are আপনি doing?" he smirked. "I'm fighting" I smirked and grabbed my weapons going ape shit on the guys ass. I knocked the gun away and kicked him back. I ran and jumped onto a ডেস্ক kicking a shelf over. One grabbed me from behind and I head butted his jaw.
I whirled on another kicking his head on the side he stumbled and shot his partner in the leg. Turning I cut one in the chest deep enough to stun and hurt but not kill. He stumbled moaning in pain. Placed the knives on my বেল্ট again I jumped grabbing a pipe and nailed two in the face with my heel.

"nice moves girly" the crime boss smirked. "But not for long" he raised his gun and shot at me. I had to let go and run for cover. Then whirling I sliced his chest in a X fashion and he had a switchblade. Getting my arm I winced and ran as the cops showed. When i got to the roofs I paused.

Cleaning my blades I whimpered as I bled. I darted across the roof শীর্ষ when something landed on শীর্ষ of me. I groaned out as I tried to roll it off. I opened my eyes. Some guy who looked like Zack was sitting there. A stupid grin on his face. I hissed as I leaned on my injured arm. "hello there pretty" he grinned. I breathed in and out staring this guy down hard.

"Silent type huh I can live with that. After all you'll be silent anyways" he grinned (this guy ((also zack)) belong to BelovedRobin!). I rolled my eyes "great" i muttered standing up. Holding my weapons I glared. "Introductions first" he clucked at me. I raised an eyebrow. Was this guy like delusional? "Your name?" he smiled. "Falcon" I answered. "Ah las what a creative name! Be blown away দ্বারা Panda Hero!

"Uh that's your name?" I took a step back. "You don't like? then DIE!" he laughed. I rolled my eyes "Crazy ass" I dodged and went after him. Only to see him dive off the side of the building and not become a pancake. Messed up dude.

Checking my arm I was assured I would make it I crossed the distance and hauled my self over the fence. I ran through the ঘাস and climbed the বৃক্ষ দ্বারা my window. I had to leap 2 feet and throw my self through the open window. I landed on the carpet with a thump. Pulling my self up and walked to the bathroom and shed my জ্যাকেট and shirt. I bandaged my arm and sat on the sink swinging my legs.

The guy had gotten under my জ্যাকেট sleeve and stabbed me at an angle. it allowed আরো damage and heal time. Son of a bitch. Collecting my cloths I lay down.

"Amelia!" someone hissed in my ear. "Meh 5 আরো minutes" I rolled away from the noise. "wake up" the voice was now poking my back.

"Go away sleeping" I mumbled into my pillow. "I'm sorry" it whispered and then I landed face first on the carpet with my বালিশ and blanket fallowing my decent. I sat up and peered over my bed. Dick was standing there staring at me. I rubbed my eyes and prayed i hadn't left the contacts in. peering into a mirror I was relieved to see black eyes.

"Bruce wants to see you" he tugged my arm. I hissed and he looked at the cut he handed me a pain killer which I accepted. "You shouldn't go out solo" he warned. "You know?" I blinked. 'He's ব্যাটম্যান what did আপনি think was going to happen" he answered. I shrugged and punched him in the arm. "What!" he gasped in mock shock. "that is for pushing me onto the floor" I grinned.


It clicked in my head that maybe I didn't need to be alone. I mean look at batman. the guy who works alone has a partner? And then another thing clicked. I was in trouble. Panic rose. Would Bruce send me back? I didn't wanna go back to the orphanage it was hell there. I didn't want to be alone. i wanted family.

I looked at my brother. "Dick?" I whispered. I had never felt this scared. Not since I was little. When I saw Joker for the first time. "Yeah?" he turned. "Will he send me back? Would he do that?" I shook my hand wrapped around his. "Nah I made mistakes to he never sent me back" he shrugged.

The answer got to me. "What do আপনি mean?" I blinked. "My parents were murdered when I was nine Bruce adopted me" he smiled. Dick was like me. He হারিয়ে গেছে his parents a বছর before mine had been killed. "Grayson" I muttered. Oh. Oh god he was Richard Grayson. The kid from the circus. Why didn't I remember.

I hugged him. "That is for everything else" and then I walked out my bedroom door. He trailed after me. Bruce was in the office I met him in. I gulped and shifted my weight "What were আপনি thinking?" he asked. It caught me off guard. I was expecting a lecture and being grounded. "Excuse me?" I blinked. "I want to know what was going through your mind" he narrowed his eyes.

"I uh um.." I stuttered. He waited for me to gather my thoughts. "Well I..." i paused. "I just wanted to help" I muttered. I wasn't really sure what I was thinking I just did it. He stared me down. "Come here" he leaned back in his chair. He opened a drawer and pulled out what looked like a first aid kit.

I walked over and sat on the edge of the desk. He undid my clumsy handy work and dabbed peroxide on the stab wound. "Ow!" I yelped. He ignored my out burst and continued fixing it. "Are আপনি mad?" I whispered. He paused and looked at me before ignoring my question.

When he re-bandaged it he answered me. "I'm proud of what আপনি try to do but your lucky this was your only wound and your lucky আপনি weren't killed" he paused finishing wrapping. "You'll be training and working with me and Robin for now" he said.

"But I did good I beat them!" I jumped. I left out 'Panda Hero' because I wasn't sure if he was a threat he didn't look armed and he was wearing রাস্তা cloths. "You didn't cover your eyes" he ব্যক্ত in a monotone voice. "I was wearing contacts they make my eyes look blue" I shrugged.

"Contacts won't protect your identity for very long" he through sometime at me. I caught it. It was a mask it kind of looked like Robin's. "It's a replica of mine" he paused. "Falcon" he grinned. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Copy cat" he poked his tongue out. "Falcons kill and eat Robins I hope আপনি know that" I grinned. He laughed and darted away. I pocketed the mask and grinned running after him.
 one of the twin long knives
one of the twin long knives
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"Win again!" Artemis cheered as she bet Wally at a game of chess. Wally sighed. Artemis gave him another punch.
"Your cheating!" Wally shouted. Artemis put her hands on her hips.
"Why would আপনি think that?" Wally pointed at Robin at far end of the room.
"Wally! Don't be so stupid!" Artemis replied. Wally angrily glared at Artemis.
"Stop helping her Robs!" Wally ব্যক্ত as he ran up to him. Robin looked up from his phone.
"I'm not helping her!" Wally snatched Robin's phone and held it up in the air.
"Hey!" Robin tried to grab his phone off Wally but he was too fast.
"I'm so close to beating my high...
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Chapter 4: Two Sides to Every Story

Robin sat crouched on a gargoyle of one of Gotham's many tall buildings. He stared down at the city with narrowed eyes, waiting for some sort of chaos to happen. Cars zoomed left and right on the streets and pedestrians shuffled on the sidewalks.

"Having fun?"

Robin pulled a ব্যাটম্যান and didn't even have to look to see who it was. He'd recognize that voice anywhere. "Batgirl," he ব্যক্ত curtly. "You shouldn't be out here."

Batgirl, standing on the ledge, leaned against the building wall. "Why should I let আপনি and the old Bat have all the fun?" She plopped...
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