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posted by DusanIvanovic
Ever wanted to cheat?So easy,there are a lot ways.
1.Prepare deck,and on turns আপনি have just a strong cards like Dark Magician,Blue Eyes White Dragon (i have it not deck of it) and many more!
2.Use a strongest card in one turn.
3.Never ever say that আপনি listened to this প্রবন্ধ cause,people will look at it and cheat against আপনি be careful.
4.Last turn,you have to choose a strongest card EVER to beat your opponent easy.
5.Drop all weak and useless cards.
Look at those cards,they are so easy to cheat with.
Hope আপনি enjoyed cheating.
If আপনি have some weak cards,you can go to ভান্দার tommorow অথবা today/tonight অথবা some another day.Then,drop every weak cards (they have like a 900 and less (1000 and আরো is stronger) like a Kuriboh haves less than that).
posted by InvaderEleanor
First name: Kari
Middle name: Nicole Rose
Last name: Moto
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation:None
Blood Type:A/B+
Financial Class (Upper-class, Lower-class, ect.):Middle class

Personality:Kind, weird, stubborn
Likes: waffles, tacos, powerful cards, Yugi, freinds
Dislikes: Kaiba, Pegasus
Hobbies:Dueling, sleeping, reading
Fears: Losing family
Weaknesses: CHOCOLATE

Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Person: Joey
Favorite Duel Monster: Summoned Skull
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite time of day:Noon

Least পছন্দ Food:Caviar
Least পছন্দ Person:Kaiba
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Another Child

{Thunder and wind. Camera passes some calmly grazeing horses; we open
on Seto's room.}

Asante sana
Squash banana
We we nugu
Mi mi apana!

{We see he is painting on his wall: a new child, with the
ceremonial mark across the forehead, next to the old drawing of Atem.}

Ahh, Mana...

{Wind blows Seto's hair wildly, signifying Aknamkanon's presence}

Ooh, Aknamkanon! Such a day this has been! Princess Mana's birth...
another Circle of Life is complete, and the Pride's future is once
again secure.

{Wind blows at the paintings, scattering some of the markings}

Aaah! Stop it, stop it,...
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After the whole situation with yugi and yami, I'd say that my life has been very happy. After 10 years, I'm happy with my job as a daycare teacher. I প্রণয় taking care of little children and making them smile. Joey and I aren't living in the same house anymore. After I turned 20, I moved into my own small condo close দ্বারা to my work. My job pays fairly and I'm able to be on time without stress. The only down side to living in my condo is that I don't live as close as I want to to my brother. But we still make time together.

My personal life has been very peaceful, but Duke and Tristan have been...
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আপনি sit there, sipping on your wine. Watching professors, researchers, scientists, and even psychologists receiving awards. Of course they would invite you. They could care less about your studies, lectures, and findings. They just thought আপনি were crazy; just like your grandfather. He was a great scientist, your role model. His theories, findings, discoveries were out of this planet. The whole town called him crazy, ব্যক্ত he believed in myths and that nothing was a fact. They laughed at him when he claimed that there was an eighth millennium item. She had read many journals about it after he...
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posted by Yugi-Game-King
 Sweet,and kind.
Sweet,and kind.
(with Yugi,and Mana in the floor...)
Yugi leaned away,and Mana,and him both couldn't help but blush tomoto red. "I-I...." Yugi was at a loss for words. "It-Its alright Yugi...." Mana said,and hugged him sitting up. "Mana?" "Yes Yugi?" "Would you....Go to Yami,and Tea's wedding with me....As m-my...." Yugi trailed off,and sat back away from Mana. "As your date?" Mana ask. Yugi looked down, sighed,and wispered. "Yes..." "Of chorse I'll go as your date!" Mana exclamed,and bounced onto Yugi,putting them laying back in the floor, with Mana ontop of Yugi this time. They both blushed,and Mana got...
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Inspired দ্বারা Peter's Evil Overlord তালিকা - a তালিকা of dos and don'ts for evil overlords based on classic mistakes দ্বারা such. I'm only লেখা down a few things that have been really bugging me, mostly Marik and Bakura centered, so feel free to add anything that's been annoying আপনি in your comments! Just follow the format আপনি see in the one I write.

#1: If I have two of my nemesis' best বন্ধু mind controlled, I'll have one of them get him alone and stab him. I will not make one challenge him to a children's card game.

#2: If my nemesis seems really anxious for me to do something that I think will...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(The story starts with Joey sleeping at his house with chips on his stomach, in a white শার্ট and underwear)

Mai: Unacceptable!

Joey: Mai!

Mai: My বন্ধু will be here in 20 মিনিট for my slumber party and you're laying around in your tighty-no-longer-whities.

Joey: A man works hard all week to keep his pants off all weekend.

Mai: If আপনি trusted me আপনি would leave for the night.

Joey: (he laughs and ভূট্টা chips come out of his nose) আপনি make ভূট্টা Crunch come out my nose!

Mai: Joey!

Joey: Look, I'll stay upstairs in my room and not interrupt.

Mai: আপনি promise?

Joey: I promise.

Mai: Good night,...
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posted by safben
Chapter 8: A talk with the Pharaoh

Some few moments passed and Diaboundo's burst stream and Obelisk's fists were still pushing to attack the other. Marik and Bakura gave as much power as they could to the Kaa as Atem did to his own Kaa. The tension between them was high and the আরো power they gave, the আরো their bodies ached. Finally, the intertwining power of the burst stream and fists erupted causing both Kaas, the thieves, and Atem to fly backwards. All of them landing on the alabaster floor, leaving many scratches and holes.
“Impossible!” exclaimed Isis.
“They withstood the attack...
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posted by safben
Chapter 5: Work at dawn, celebration at dusk

The morning sun was rising upon the sandy horizon of Egypt, hitting the pyramids casting long shadows on their sides. As আরো beams of light sped across the sands, the light had finally reached the palace. The first beams to hit the palace was in Pharaoh Atem's room. Atem slowly opened his eyes only then to see his room flooded in the morning shine.
“Morning already?” he yawned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, put a cream colored kilt on, and placed the Sennen puzzle around his neck. Atem walked out to his balcony and saw the quiet and empty...
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posted by awesomedoers
``Ok awkard``said joey.``Come on man we`ve been used to this``said tristan.``Whatever says joey`` ``let`s duel``.``Well I play negative world``says negative joey ``when i win I win your body``.``The first turn is mine``says Joey! I play little winguard in attach mode and one card face down and end my turn``says joey.``How patheic`` says negative joey.``I play little truenade and i attack with চিতাবাঘ guard দ্বারা sacfiring adult dragon``says negative joey.``Hey that`s weird`` all the names of my monsters are the oppsite of yours and the atk and def are switched``says joey``.``That`s because I live...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Akiza: Up!
Akiza and Mai: Up!
Akiza, Mai, and Alexis: Up!
Akiza, Mai, Alexis, and Mina: Up!
Tristan: Sing!
Tristan and Joey: Sing!
Tristan, Joey, and Jack: Sing!
Tristan, Joey, Jack, and Kalin: Sing!
Girls: We're flying.
Boys: And singing.
All Except Tea, Yusei, Bakura, and Crow: We're flying and we're singing!
Mai: Come fly with us!
Mai and Joey: Come fly with us!
Carly: We've got a lot 'o crazy tunes to bust! Haha!
Akiza: Come fly with us!
Akiza and Mina: Come fly with us!
Alejandro: It's a pleasure, and an honor, and a must. (Akiza sighs in love)
Yusei: Guys, this is messed. You're গান গাওয়া in a plane.
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Tea: (While on the phone) No way! How?
Joey: How what?
Tea: Shhhhhhhh! Really? Oh my God that's so great!
Joey: What's great?
Tea: Shhhhhhhhhhh! So everyone? On the whole sub?
Joey: Everyone on the whole what?
Tea: Just stuff your chicken!
[After চা explains the beginning of an iTea webcast]
Joey: Why doesn´t Tristan say "in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1?
Tea: No one knows!
Tristan: I know!
Tea: No one cares!
(doing a Terrible Theatre segment)
Yugi: Might I also have some food, father?
Tristan: No! Floss my toes!
Yugi: (sobbing) Oh, Father!
Baby Joey: Get between Daddy's toes! MYEEHEHEHEH!
Yugi: Father, please, it smells like gorganzola!
Last time on Ishtar Manor:

Odion: Master Malik, can I have your permission to fall in প্রণয় with অস্থি boy?

Bones-Boy: BRAINS?!?!?

Malik: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm busy*Later*Malik: Wait a মিনিট WHAT!?!?!

Now :

Ishizu: OMG! Odion and অস্থি boy are like married now!

Marik & Malik: WHAT!

Ishizu: Yea, and they totally helped me pick out your costumes for the party!

Marik & Malik: What costumes?!?!?

link gi oh/Marik Ishtar/?action=view¤t=Mariks_navidad_n_n.jpg&jwidget_action=search

Ishizu: well, how do আপনি like them?

Marik: It's very fesitive, no, it's perfect for the holidays!

Malik: I hate it >:|...
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posted by safben
Chapter 7: Battle in the palace

All of the priests and Atem raised their left arms and a strange device was seen on their arms. The boys noticed these devices and turned to Nefertiri.
“What are those things?” Yugi asked.
“Those are Dia Dianks,” she answered her brown eyes still facing the defending priests and Pharaoh.
“'Dia' what?” Yugi asked again, still confused.
“I'm sorry guys. I don't know much about a Dia Diank, except that is what the priests and the Pharaoh use to summon their Kaas,” Nefertiri said.
“Shh we can't let them see us,” Nefertiri whispered.
Yugi turned...
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posted by malandcar
A large knock at the the door awoke Yugi. The knock was at the front door. I’d better go see who’s at the door, a sleepy Yugi thought. He walked down to the door and opened it. There he found a girl. She was wet, as it was raining outside.
“May I spend the night here? It’s raining and I can’t find anywhere else to stay,” the girl said.
    “Ummmm, I’ll be right back,” Yugi replied as he went to ask his grandfather.
    “Grandpa, grandpa, wake up!” Yugi said, waking his grandfather.
    “What, what? Oh, it’s...
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posted by Mana-Princess
Okay, i'v decided to make a lion king অনুরাগী fiction, and before I post the real thing..... Just wanted to say, "I do not own YU-Gi-Oh, অথবা The Lion King!"

I would also like to introduce the cast. ^^ Here we go.

Aknamkanon- Mufasa

Okay, I hope আপনি will enjoy this. Comment, tell me what আপনি think.... :/
So i'd also like to point out I tried to make it as human like as possible..... If I failed a little, i'm sorry..... :/ I think you'll enjoy it though, I worked very hard on this.......
Bakura: *looks out the window at the snow outside* "Huh?"

Ryo: "I said, what were your past Christmas' like?

Bakura: "Well..."


*Bakura steals toys from kids. kids scream and cry*

Bakura: "I had a swell time with all of the presents that I uh, received." *attempts a sheepish smile, it turns out looking like a scowl*

Ryo: *looks at his shoe-less feet*

Bakura: "Ryo, why don't আপনি just go to the Pharoah's party?"

Ryo: "It's Yugi's party. Anyway, that party's for main characters only. আপনি obviously know that I'm no main character."

Bakura: "...You've got a point. But can't the 'main characters'...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Monsters x25

Umbral Horror Ghoul x2
Umrbal Horror Unform x2
Umbral Horror Will o' the Wisp x3
Malicevorous Spoon x2
Malicevorous Fork x3
Malicevorous ছুরি x3
Gil Garth x2
Legendary Fiend x1
Dark Jeroid x2
Bowganian x2
Drillage x2
Sangan x1

Spells x15

Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force x3
Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force x2
Xyz Unit x2
Ego Boost x2
Shrink x3
Rush Recklessly x3

Traps x15

Reverse Glasses x2
Spikeshield with Chain x3
Number দেওয়াল x2
Utopian Aura x2
Magic Cylinder x2
Draining Shield x3
Xyz Effect x1

Extra Deck x

Number 96: Dark Mist x2
Number C96: Dark Storm x1
Number 65: Djinn Buster x2
Number C65: Judge Doom the Adjudicutter King x1
Number 66: Master Key Beetle x3
Number 104: মাস্ককুরেড x2
Number C104: Umbral Horror মাস্ককুরেড x1
Seto: *reads newspaper in his chair in the living room*

Mokuba: "Hey Seto! Aren't আপনি excited for Christmas?!?!"

Seto: "No."

Mokuba: "But Why?!?!"

Seto: "Do I need a reason?"

Mokuba: "OF COURSE আপনি DO!!!! I thought we were going to Yugi's বড়দিন Party tomorrow."

Seto: "That's my answer."

Mokuba: "Huh?"

Seto: *stands up দ্বারা the বড়দিন tree.*

Seto: "I don't want to go to Moto's party. I don't want anything to do with him."

Mokuba: *makes কুকুরছানা dog face* "Please Seto! For me, please?!?!"

Seto: *sighs* "Fine, but don't expect to stay long."

Mokuba: *hugs Seto* "Thanks! You're the best bro ever!"

Seto: *hugs Mokuba back* "I know. আপনি should be heading to বিছানা now if আপনি want to go,"

Mokuba: "OK, Seto!" *runs to his room after saying good night*

Seto: *sighs, what am I going to do with that kid?, shakes head*