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Number 101: Silent Honors Ark Knight

Number C101: Silent Honors Dark Knight

Number 102: তারকা Seraph Sentry

Number C102: Fallen তারকা Seraph - Noble Archfiend

Number 103: Ragna Zero

Number C103: Ragna Infinity

Number 104: মাস্ককুরেড

Number C104: Umbral Horror মাস্ককুরেড

Number 105: Battlin' মুষ্টিযোদ্ধা তারকা Cestus

Number C105: Battlin' মুষ্টিযোদ্ধা Comet Cestus

Number 106: Giant Hand

Number C106: Giant Red Hand

Number 107: Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon

Number C107: Neo Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon

Number 108: Sludgeman Golem

Number C108: Deathman Golem

Number 109: Dragon Emperor - Blood

Number C109: Dragon Emperor - Blood Crimson

Number 110: Exo-Suit Slick Dusk

Number C110: এক্সো Suit Grime Night
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Small Piece Golem
Medium Piece Golem
Large Piece Golem
Sinister চক্রদন্ত
Dark Resonator
Twin Shield Defender
Mad Archfiend
Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode
Trap Eater
Twin Sword Marauder
Dark Tinker
Strong Wind Dragon
Ogre of the Scarlet Shadow
Battle Fader
Power Supplier
Magic Hole Golem
Power Invader
Dark Bug
Sword Master
Archfiend Interceptor
Dread Dragon
Trust Guardian
Power Giant
Vice Berserker
Lance Archfiend
Power Breaker
Flare Resonator
Synchro Magnet
Barrier Resonator
Force Resonator
Clock Resonator

Synchro Monsters:

Red Dragon Archfiend
Exploder Dragonwing
Majestic Red Dragon
Chaos King Archfiend
Dark Highlander
Sirius the Blue Dog Star

Fusion Monsters:

Multiple Piece Golem
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